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My Wifes A Psycho

Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Relationship

Im 26yrs old I have a girlfriend of 7yrs who hates my guts and we have a beautiful 4.5month old son. Though ive changed before he was born I fucked my life up by being addicted to heroin for ten years(Im clean for 1.5yrs. now) and being in and out of jail alot of the time. Ive grown up since but that isnt the issue. Things were going good for a while this last year or so I had a good job I liked, was doing everything right with my parole, me and her loved each other and Feb. 1st we had the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Her and I have had a rocky relationship in the past but we were doing good since I cleaned up. But ever since she had the baby more and more every day she tells me what a worthless peice of shit i am, how I do nothing for the family, how I dont care about my family, and other untrue, unfair bullshit. It started out as little disputes here and there and is now to the point that we cant be together anymore, much less do we still sleep in the same bed or show each other any kind of warmth or affection. Ive tried to make it work but she cant stop arguing long enough to try. on top of all that about 2mos. ago I all of a sudden got bouts of barely being able to breath for days at a time due to a type of asthma brought on by the BP oil spill(I live right on the gulf coast), Which caused me to lose my job a few days ago, and when my parole officer finds out im unemployed shell probably take me away from my son for the next 5 years or so, which would kill me as hes my reason for living. I dont know what to do anymore. Im not looking for a shoulder to cry on I just really need some advice. Anyone who wants to tell me that im a drug addict loser or that im whining dont bother, fuck you in advance, you know your only tough on the internet anyway. Thank you to anyone with some good feedback.


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By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 12:31

Sounds like you're trying to get your life together, even if I don't know exactly why she still doesn't like you. Maybe it's the history of your relationship? But then I saw that you were living that particular lifestyle for about 3 years before your relationship started.

Maybe if you each took some time away from each other to calm down and work on yourselves individually before going back things might get better. 7 years is a long time, and you are young (so am I, I'm 24) so maybe it's just time to grow a little bit without being in each other's faces all day every day. And this is coming from someone who just lost a 4 1/2 year relationship and wishes she could have it back everyday.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:14

It gets better over time, trust me. Thanx for the input.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 15:02

Congrats on kicking the habit. No advice I have none.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:13

Thank you
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:40 Fold Up

it aint easy.

By at 04,Jul,10 15:52

your doing good but women are weird me and my wife fight daily ive beeen wanting to give up but i fight threw everyday cause of my little boy just smile and do whatever you have to for your kid he is all that matters
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:40

He is all that matters, it just breaks my heart to peices though when i know hes sad and crying because me and her are going at it screaming, it makes me feel like the whole staying together for his sake is backfiring and blowing up in my face. Its just not worth it if it costs his happiness.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 23:55

It is possible that your girl friend has postpartum depression and that is the cause of her personality change. Hormones suck! She may not even realize the changes. She may need an anti depressant for a little while. I'm sure your both under a lot of stress with the new baby, illness, and job loss, so maybe you may need it too.

Also, maybe you can talk to your PO about the job loss. I'm sure they would rather hear it from you than find out any other way. You didn't cause the oil spill or choose to get the asthma. I would think that they would be more lenient due to the reason you lost your job.

Stay strong, your worth it!
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:36

Your right hormones do suck, I remember, and both her and I agreed, that she was a lot different emotianally during her pregnancy. Ive never thought about it but maybe your right, after pregnancy a womans hormones are supposed to drop off dramatically, that could help me to be more understanding of her mood swings. And yes Im depressed as hell. As far as my PO I still dont know whats gonna happen, The one I have now will be my 6th since im on paper, the other 5 were cool cause I do what im supposed to, this one in particular is known for revoking people regardless. Im currently looking for a legal route i can take to somehow make her not my PO, like some sort of conflict of interest, i dunno but im doing my research. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, id never really thought about the whole postpardum thing before you mentioned it!

By anonymous at 05,Jul,10 00:17

you should offer your parole officer some heroin. you never know you might get lucky!
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:15

You should be a comedian.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:17 Fold Up

You should suck my dick.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:25 Fold Up

You should also, rather than posting a hilarious comment like that Anonymously, leave a name, adress, maybe even a phone number, so rather than being a pussy who talks tough then hides behind a mask, me and you could maybe meet up and i could let you know how much i appreciate your humor! I bet then youd be the soft spoken little bitch that I can see through your computer screen!
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:30

go smoke some more heroin and kill and eat your kid, then get arrested and you'll have lots of inmates to play with. fuckin waste of humanity. your gf is right you are a worthless piece of shit. hope you od real soon so there is one less junkie in the world.

By anonymous at 05,Jul,10 17:52

Have you thought about moving away from the gulf coast area, maybe to the westcoast? Oregon, Washington? A new beginning in a new place?
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:16

Yes, but Ive gotta finish my paper down here first.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:27 Fold Up

Trust me, I dont live in New Orleans cause its that awesome. I cant wait to be able to travel again.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 05:50

Theres someone on here that said I should give my parole officer heroin. Please everyone dont post dumb ass comments like this on my shit, this websites not for that silly bullshit, its to provide feedback to people that need it. And you dont score any points for doing it, since no one knows who you are even, you basically just made yourself look like a coward hiding behind an anonymous post. That makes you a giant pussy.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:39

guy is probably full of shit

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:39

i agree

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:42

the kid is not even his its some other junkies. stupid people making kids to burden the taxpayers even more with foodstamps and welfare. DRUG ADDICTS WEAR CONDOMS PLEASE!!

By anonymous at 29,Jul,10 00:10

Well, if your being unemployed will be an issue with your PO then you are best to get in touch with her and initiate the discussion. If you take the innitiative to approach her with your unemployment problem it may win you points. If she put up with you and your shit for 7 years while you were using, there is a good chance the relationship is unhealthy in other ways. Part of your new life may need to involve severing that relationship and building something new for yourself. Good luck, man! Keep your head up, and being direct and trying to coopoerate with your PO I think will do you better than skirting around her and the problems.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 16:43

You have a couple of choices:

1. Go to counseling with your wife and try to save the relationship

2. Get a job, then divorce the wife and file for custody of your son.

3. Stay there and be miserable.

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