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My life is meaningless

Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 June  Meaninglessness

At first glance, you'd think my life wouldn't suck at all. I've had a good childhood, I've been to great schools and I'm one year away from finishing my university degree. I'm not at all unattractive. I'm also healthy and fit. I'm currently 24 years old and will turn 25 in a month.

I, however, absolutely hate my life. It has no meaning at all. The very thought of working in a boring job for no worthwhile reason until retirement deeply depresses me. Every time I wake up, I wish I could just go back to sleep forever. I have nothing to wake up for, I have nothing to live for. I feel so empty all the time. Even my hobbies don't bring me any joy anymore. On top of that, I've been single all my life and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Everywhere I look, people seem to be happy or optimistic, which only makes me feel worse. People tell me to wait and to look forward to the future. Never know what could happen, right? Well, what future do I have to look forward to? None that I can see, other than boredom and emptiness. I don't want to wait, I'm sick of waiting.

I wish some car could hit me and end it all. My life is unhappy, hollow and without meaning.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Oct,10 15:02

I truly believe that life is shit and we're here just waste fucking time. Just plod on and work a brain dead job and hope that maybe one day you'll get a holiday.
By anonymous at 10,Mar,11 13:50

Life is chaos. Whether through intelligent design or by chance, the universe started in a moment of chaos and gave way to life by way of that same chaos. Everything we experience around us and internally is in some way connected to that chaos. Being creatures with intellect, what we essentially have done is to create a semblance of order and mildness in the midst of endless and natural fierceness.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 23:09

heh guys life is more important than all it wants. You find the purpose and direction from the map of life[Holy Bible] by the power of the Holy spirit in Christ Jesus. Then you'll discover how beatifull your each day will look like.
By Tomas at 31,Mar,13 00:49

Religion can't bring a clear minded, rational person any meaning or purpose. I am 20 years old, believe in God and have found inner peace. It feels like silence and clarity, with a big case of "what's the point?". Definetly nothing I would recommend.

Anyhow, I see religion as something man-made. God does not live in your churches, he is not how you want him to be, he does not perform miracles and the bible is not holy. It is if anything, unholy. It has brought so much death and injustice to this world, that I refuse it. History is filled with bloody and directly blashpemic incidents, such as commonly known "whitchburnings", Crusades, ect...
oh, so much ect, so little time...
Our God, mankinds God, is a silent one, if he exist at all.

One can wonder. Every priest from every religion will when confronted, point with their fingers at the centerpiece of their religion and claim it proof of divinity. The bible, the Koran, but there is nothing divine about them. They were written by man, found by man and translated by man, then controlled by man.

For Christsakes, the bible consists of paper, ink and glue! Man-made materials, in a man-made world with a man-made religion. God is not here and even if he was, no one would know but he.

No, religion is only a tool for men or women to abuse. Just now, as I was searching for a way to escape mankind, I came across a website where they claimed that God hates emos. I didn't know that we had the right to put words in the mouth of God, hatefull and decieving words as well.

We don't need God and God don't need us. If we just behave untill we die, then shurely no one can punish us for that?

And isn't that why we have religion in the first place? To teach each other compassion and respect, the difference between right and wrong? To teach each other tolerance!

All I see are people and ignorance walking hand in hand. No matter who they are, or what the topic is about, death, religion, ethics, moral, right and wrong, education, life: They are ignorant and flawed in so many ways and their ignorance cause pain for all, us and them!

Now this is what is going to happen:
People will read this and they will judge me in many different and ignorant ways, without knowing who I am or if i'm speaking the truth, even though I did a lot of editing to make shure that all I said was sound and logical. Many will be provoked, some intentionally just to make a fuzz, some will try to prove their religion by pointing at a rock and asking: Who made that if not God!? Some may aprove even agree, but mostly I will be yelled at, called names of which does not fit the description, I'm shure people will find ways to try and mock me. That's why I won't be back to check "the comments".

Thank you and have a good night!

PS: The bible is not where you would want to search for purpose and direction. Only you know how to manipulate your destiny, only you can forge it and only you know where it can take you.

By anonymous at 06,Apr,11 08:32

I'm past 50 and I've accomplished zero in life. I had a rotten childhood, followed by rotten teen years, an unsatisfying marriage, a dead end job, and now my body is giving out. I was once told that I was old, had lived my life and had nothing to look forward to but the grave. And the person that told me that was right.
By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 18:55

Comes to all of us eventually, and usually it is a release.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 21:38 Fold Up

The person that told you that was an asshole.

By anonymous at 22,Jul,11 10:45

Every now an then, there are moments when we should look over our life. It's these moments when we should be able to behold the good&bad experiences that has been our greatest teachers. I have found that only God came fill in the void that's missing in our life. Learning more about him, helps us to learn more about ourselves, and why were here at this time. When we share this message of hope to those who are clueless about life somehow renew a sense of hope for another, who is presently walking down the same path we once did.
By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 21:59

OMG shut up with your arrogant god crap! Talk about not having answers.
By Applauding at 31,Mar,13 00:50

Jolly good, sir! Jolly good! :D

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 20:49

I think you're depressed, pal. Go get some

Best wishes for your life to not suck as much

By anonymous at 10,Sep,12 17:39

I'm smartest person in my town.I have 141 IC and my life is meaningless and nonsense i'm alone in the world, everyone laughs at me and I don't understand why,I think they are angry because i'm better in sports and smarter than they so they treat me bad to make me feel so. I'm in the high school and I think that all its gonna get better because i'm going to study a good career and have a lot of money but I will be alone and incomplete. To feel better and feel important. I have do too many things, i'm straight edge, not to feel better but it always makes me feel good. I don't find any improvements with drugs, I have not try them and i'm not going to do it. My love life sucks and I swear that I will never love anyone that's not the girl that I love now. I'm not a will less person so I will maintain my honour and don't break the straight edge and that. According to wikipedia i'm depressed and I don't know what to say. I'm sixteen and you will try to make feel good with bewail words
By anonymous at 10,Sep,12 17:41

Beautiful words but I want something productive. Sorry I have Swype and I fail writing. Sorry and goodbye.

By IMAWASTEBITCH at 30,Oct,12 17:30

my life is worse than yours...ive been abused sexually, physically, mentally...ive been in 7 mental hospitals for suicidal tendencies, bipolar, depression, borderline personality disorder, cutting, hallucinations, abandonment issues, a fucked up mom, anger...abuse,abuse,abuse...yep, thats my fucking life...i just wanna end it all, but i dont have the goddamn guts to REALLY do it...besides-ive already fucked up my family's lives beyond any possibility of lucid or illucid please, find a purpose and dont be a fucking waste of life, time, space, & oxygen like me...ima waste >_>

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By DBK 5Vs at 16,Mar,13 03:03

I know how you feel. Precisely. I experience it everyday. Everyday it gets harder just to live, to eat, to force myself to sleep, even just to perform basic hygiene. I don't give a shit what the rest of the world says I know I'm smarter than them, but I am still subjected to their stupidity and expectations. I HATE THIS I HATE THE WORLD I KNOW THE REPLIES THE RESPONSES SUGGESTIONS GUIDANCE AND ADVICE AND IT ONLY PROVES THOSE WHO GIVE SAID INPUT ARE JUST AS MORONIC AND BROKEN AS THE SOCIETY I HATE. How in the hell am I supposed to live?

By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 03:16

Worse, I'm forbidden from dieing. Oh god how I would like to slip quietly into oblivion. To rest in peace, understanding, love, and devotion. Saddly the world is deviod of these qualities. Everyone, and I mean Everyone, is selfish, condescending, selfabsorbed, selfserving, and totally and utterly abortive.... "Jobs aren't so boring." Til you spend 5 months 8 hours a day flipping FUCKING HAMBURGERS AT MCDONALDS!!!!! ASSHOLES. If you haven't suffered at a job your input is not relevant. They do not hand out jobs building Satellites! I've had a bachelors degree for 2 years with 2 minors and graduated cum laude and there are not jobs like that for the VAST majority of people. I truly hate this world and my life. But I will leave the world with a sliver of hope....
However depressing all this is just remember Einstein was a patent clerk and was flunked from highschool and had hist Doctoral dissertation rejected, for a few years anyways...
By DBK at 16,Mar,13 03:17

I won't be around to reply to replies.

By Aimlessly at 30,Jul,13 19:06

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, what matters today, it will not in a year!
So.. you can do everything you want, everything! if you fight for it, if you stay still you can always enjoy the dark side, we see better when we're down, depressive, bored. because we see how things really are. In a general way and in a particular way, everything is a god damn mess. We have to deal with it, or live in madness forever.
All this to say, if you don't like the way your life is going, go ask for help, leave, runaway, come back, don't come back. work, get some money, travel, meat new people, whatever.. you got nothing important in your life right? so got nothing to lose!
I'm passing a boredom phase in my life right now, i'm sedated, sad, out of love, whatever.. so i found this website, and some how the comments, made me realize that i'm just like this because i want to. and i am! tomorrow i'll change my attitude, hope if you see this, change yours too. It's all about attitude!
About love life, man/woman.. your soul mate doesn't have to be somebody, it can be the sky, the sea, a whale, a cat, a dog, a friend, a brother, a tree.. whatever.. piss on that, about sex, well you can always use your hands ahahaha
cheer up!

Wish you the best from Portugal.

P.S.: Stop feeling sorry for your self.

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