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socially cut off

Posted by tanya at April 29, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Sociopathy

since i was young,i have been seeing people from my family,school,friend circle,neighbors just hurting my feelings in different has been so many years of my life and it hasnt changed at all.i am 27 now.i have finally decided to live life in my own terms,i completely cut ties with society.i dont talk about myself to anybody other than my best friend and my mom.i am single and have been hurt by men many times in my life.all of my boyfriends left me for another women.sometimes it seems that guys always meet the best women after dating life sucks.i dont mix with anybody,i dont have any friends.i just work and come back home.i dont live with my parents-thanks God-bcoz i want to be independent .i hope i can live this life like a loner and be the person i want to be without getting hurt by anybody,whether my boyfriends,friends,parents,siblings,or anybody.i want to be somebody but i dont want to be with anybody anymore.i am happy being single and on my own,but to some people it might seem that my life is not a life.thats why i posted


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New Comment

By Cursed at 29,Apr,12 15:06

Dear Tanya-
I commend you for being so independent! But I am worried that if you completely cut yourself off from people who do care and love you, that you will become very, very, isolated and lonely. It may seem like it helps to shut people out, but as humans, we are social creatures- and deep down inside, we don't enjoy being alone. When happy things or bad things happen in our lives, we want to tell people about it... But, I guess if you think that you're better off not getting close to anyone and sharing your feelings, that is your perogative. However, I would reconsider that decision-

By anonymous at 29,Apr,12 17:12

Tanya sometimes you had to stand up really tall and look around....... and you will see that you life is not so bad. just because yesterday sucked doesnt mean today will. GOD bless CT Charlotte NC

By anonymous at 29,Apr,12 23:43

You and I are similar in some ways. I am a loner and have only co-workers as friends. Outside of work I do things on my own: hobbies, movies, etc... Not the average person I know but that's me. I can relate to what you're going through. When people get personal with me I don't reveal much about myself but remain polite. I'm 45 yrs old and decided years ago to not get married. I didn't feel comfortable burdening someone for a lifetime with my problems, so I just endure them alone. I have satisfaction knowing no one has to suffer because of me. If you decide to live your life alone, you just have to find some level of comfort with yourself and not be too concerned with how others see you. That's the only way I've been able to do it.

By Blondy at 15,May,17 01:17

Your answer shows real inegclietnle.

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