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Life never seems to like me

Posted by anonymous at April 30, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Juvenile problems

Where do I begin. Well since no one knows me on here I'll keep it simple and trust me it still may be confusing! When I was a kid my father cheated on my mom.. Okay sad day, not a big surprise the way people are today. Well a whole lot of shit went down from when I was 7 till today where I'm 17! Now onto the real fun part. My single mother has a decent job but for some reason the bills just don't like to see people having food on the table. As my mom is trying to raise two kids on her own she can't handle it, soo her mom moves in! Yeah cool for the first two minutes! She is simplily a terrible women. My uncle moves in because he is stupid and lost his job so we took him in. Well a year later and Yupp you guessed it, he is a heroin addict! Please hold the applause it gets better. Throughout the next couple of years after him we had my Aunt and a cousin move in(separate times) now currently I have another cousin living with us an yes my nana still lives here too! Well he has a STUPID wife with three kids! So on the weekends, I yes I get the babysit (unpaid) three kids! Ages 6, 4, and 2! And wait theres more !! You ready? I bet none of you are expecting this.. His wife alcoholic has 'mummy ' issues! She is living with her mom though. Her mom says no drinking, she says screw you. She goes out leaves her kids at home and when she comes home at 2 in the morning locks are changed! She goes off in her car crashes and now is parylized from the neck down! That was a lovely phone call we got! So now I have the three kids living full time in my house. Oh wait there is STILL more! I hope I'm not boring you! My grandfather died the other day! We knew it was coming but it doesn't prepare you that much. I loved him he was a father figure to me and a great man. Oh and the last thing we have four cats. Okay your thinking no problem just cats.. Well all three girls are kinda allergic. And when I say kinda I mean really bad. So there's the simple story and trust me there is more than anyone would ever care to here! Thank you and have a great day!


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By mercy at 30,Apr,12 09:10

good day jamrag, Might I suggest that you move to westfordshire, find a midget and have your way with her! Then grab some crumpets, and have a nice cup of tea. that will make everything better. You might also try seeing the MAN U AND MAN CITY game today. Agood soccer match will do the trick. heed my advice, it will help. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By seaweed at 30,Apr,12 09:46

Just always remember that none of this was ur doing or ur fault, and u have ur life ahead to make ur choices. Im in about the same situation as u but im like ur mum. I have my mum move in and she's nasty to my kid. My brother is hopeless and his missus has mental health probs , and they have to innocent little ones. As adults we try to make decisions based on helping family out, when it goes wrong its our fault , not urs. Talk to her , she just might want to talk to u too.

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 10:28

Wow, must be a bad time when everything happens all at once like that, but it will soon pass. Just wait for it

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 19:35

I'm speechless...oh my God i'm gonna pray for you...oh my god.....i'm so flippin' sorry.....oh my god.....(virtual hug) it'll get better, I PROMISE1 You're going to be granted something huge! I swear. Just hold in there

By anonymous at 01,May,12 06:20

There are more disfunctional famillies out there than this. The good news for you, your whole life is ahead of you. Learn from your various relatives mistakes and when you become an adult do the best you can to avoid the same decisions.

Be patient, keep your motivation & keep your sanity as you will need these when its your time to head out in the big bad world.

I know it seems like there is no end to this situation, but there is.

By ollie22 at 01,May,12 06:43

Well for one as cliche as this may sound youth is still on your side.It is hard to make this observation by reading your story but you sound intelligent and wise beyond your tender age of 17.I mean no disrespect to your mom but boy did she put you in a very dysfunctional situation(silly movie called grown ups where i thing rob schneider says kids pay)this really is true.I must say though just by reading your story and words of course easier said then done accept situation for time being then do yout best in life and fuck the rest which i mean in the kindest of ways.I wish you much peace and happiness along your journey.

By Psychologist, PhD at 01,May,12 17:15

This is true advice from a highly paid psychologist. I'm not trying to impress you, but to impress upon you that this advice is legit. I'm trying to get you to pay attention. I've posted this to many of you, so don't let that lessen the value of these proven techniques.

I'll cut to the chase. The secret to happiness: What you focus on is your reality.

Try this -- Focus on being grateful -- and I don't mean this like a lecturing parent. I say this as a PROVEN THERAPY STRATEGY for souls in pain.

When you feel gratitude, you can't feel anything bad -- it's one of the most pure, happy emotions humans have.

Try this. This sounds really silly, but it WORKS!

Go on you tube and look up Refugee Camps. Watch those videos. In a blink, your troubles are put into perspective.

Then take a moment and just be grateful for everything you have that those pour souls do not. If you focus only on gratitude, watch what happens!

Being grateful is a choice.

No matter what is happening, you can find something to be grateful about. That is the TRUE POWER you have. That is the SECRET TO HAPPINESS.

Try this. Get yourself super grateful, let that feeling take you over -- then go be with people. See what happens. Try this with strangers. See what happens.

Remember, people are like mirrors, they REFLECT what you are projecting. So if you hate yourself, they will pick up that vibe and bounce it back at you. If you project gratitude, that pure beautiful universal emotion will bounce back at you!

Always remember for anything in life -- spend 20% of your energy on the problem, and 80% of your energy on the solution. Stick to this and watch what happens to your life.

Always ask yourself -- "What is my next action?" Your brain will search for a solution.

Your brain's job is to answer your questions. So if you ask your brain a rhetorical question like "Why me?!" The only answer will be "You are worthless, you are cursed!" -- because that was the answer you were looking for -- yes?

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON IS YOUR REALITY. Your brain has no idea what is real or imagined. So if you get hurt once but think about it 1,000 times, your brain suffers it 1,000 times.

I'll prove it to you. Think of the juiciest LEMON you've ever seen. You slice the lemon. It oozes juice. You take the lemon slice and you BITE into it.

What happened? Did you salivate? Because you IMAGINED a lemon in your brain, your BODY REACTED as if it were real. So there is your proof that what you imagine is real.

So thinking about this? If you imagine something horrible happening to you, wouldn't your body think it's real? If you relived a painful situation, wouldn't your body think it's happening again?

Now... if you relive a WONDERFUL MEMORY, wouldn't your mind think you're having another beautiful moment?

So now that you know this, and you still find yourself dwelling on the bad emotions -- it's evidence that you are conditioned to suffering -- because now you have a choice.

This means you have to do some soul searching.

It's time to investigate, face your issues, whatever they maybe. Focusing on wanting friendships, relationships, problems, etc.. is your unconscious need for a distraction from dealing with your repressed pain. People you are with feel the vibe, it's like a radio signal that you can't hide.

It's likely deep seeded self-esteem issues (we all have them).

Be honest with yourself. Read books, or articles online, if seeking therapy is too scary. Self help books on self-esteem.

Focus on the solution, don't dwell on the problem. Burning your energy on the problem will only lead to addiction to depression.

Deal with yourself first, and your true energy will attract the life, the people, the relationship, the things, the love you deserve.

By lilly at 02,May,12 08:44

so true , very wise words

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