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If it's just life, why does it have to suck so much

Posted by anonymous at May 1, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Relationship

My husband of 25 years dumped me in an email while I was working out of state trying to save our home from foreclosure because he stopped working 3 years ago. While I was working, he had an online affair and handed me divorce documents the minute I pulled in the driveway after a 3 day drive from across the county. All the money I had sent home to pay the mortgage was used to pay off his personal credit cards and debts. Then he refused to leave the house for two months because he was saving money to move to where his online affair lived, during this time my Dad passed away suddenly, which basically put me where you are now, then my daughters shitbag boyfriend gave her amphetimines and she overdosed and almost died. I came home tonight to them screaming at me and telling me to get out of an apartment that I pay the rent on, I did in fact lose my house and have to file for bankruptcy thanks to my 'nightmare from hell' ex. The only thing I have going for me right now is a steady job and the fact that I am still breathing. I pretty much hate the world right now and would just as soon be done with it, except for the nagging and delusional notion that it may somehow get better and if I just hang on a little longer I will get back to being myself again. Plus if I off myself that bastard will have taken everything from me, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction.


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By at 02,May,12 08:07

Good day old girl, Forget about that dirty wanker!!! Kick your daughter out of that flat, and get on with your life. You can make it, you are proving it now. Good luck to you may God help you, and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 03,May,12 03:33

wow mercy you said something nice this time!
By at 03,May,12 07:35

I do say old chap, I had a moment of weakness, remeber, i understand her situation because my jamrag wife left me for a midget. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By anonymous at 02,May,12 08:29

Yep... it sucks... your're right. Move out, move on... start over... you don't need them. They (husband, daughter) they are dragging you down and you can't save them from themselves... if something happens to your daughter, it is not your fault unless you didn't do the best you could bringing her up and you don't sound like that kind of person. She is an adult, let her be the adult she chooses to be... if she OD's then mourn and be sad... and know it's not your fault. If she survives she'll be stronger for it. All is not lost with her, if she survives, and she will because she will no longer count on you rescuing her from her poor behavior, you can reestablish an adult relationship with her later if you want to. Maybe it won't be the Mother-Daughter relationship you wanted but that's not happening anyway. Please take care of yourself first, for you can help no one if you don't. Go forth, be productive, grant yourself permission to be successful and then do it! (Yes I know it's harder than it sounds... but you are not a quitter.)

By anonymous at 02,May,12 08:55

Seriously has an internet affair ever worked??? It aint real , more fool him.Idiot. Your life is a blank canvas that u can now do anything u want to do for YOURSELF. Let the anger, hurt , frustration, and hate go , It only weighs down ur wings.The best revenge is being happy, not reacting to their drama or letting it get to u anymore . The only way is up , isnt it :)

By anonymous at 02,May,12 18:28

He is a fucking idiot. The fucktard did you a favor by having an affair. How long would you have stayed with that loser if you hadn't have found out. My own fucktard husband left me 3 weeks ago. After every penny of my inheritence was gone, because he quit his job and wouldn't look for another one. I count myself lucky that some white trash loser took him off my hands... Think of all the things you've wanted to do but haven't because of him. Good luck.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 18:58

Seriously, this is the saddest story I've read. I am so sorry you aegoing through this. My husband and I are going throug some tought times ourselves (he's an American Airline's pilot) but we would never desert each other, we've been cruel and hurtful to each other but through it all we have been there and woken up and got up and held each other up. As far as our kids... after the first paycut 10 years ago we gave EVERYTHING to them. And as a result one daughter is premed (and even through all her depression and anxiety, is RULING) and one daughter is the leads in all the high school plays and is going into theater in college (can you imagine our diliemma with THAT?) but seriously I feel better. advice is be there for your daughter..YOU RULE...YOU ARE get your daughter TO BE STRONG...and tell her to dump the twit...and be there with her through all this crap. It will get better (I hope--for you.) I've almost given up on my daughter many times but in the end all we have is our daughters..just take her away from HIM and get to her to see there is so much good out there!

By anonymous at 02,May,12 19:36

Make money at home. Become a hooker part time. Feel better about yourself.
By anonymous at 02,May,12 20:12

Become a hooker part time? What the fuck is the shit head.

By at 03,May,12 00:40


It will get better. You have a steady job and a firm head on your shoulders. You're going to make it, you're a survivor.

A former post is spot-on. Online affairs -never- work. One of them will be cheating on the other soon enough, mark my words.

You're in a bad spot now, there is no denying that. Don't think of it as a defeat, but a obstacle to overcome. As for your daughter...that's something you'll have to deal with on your own.

Focus on yourself. Take one day at a time, but don't burn yourself out either. You're free now (for the most part) and it sounds like you gained more than you lost. Take strength in that.

Carpe Diem

By anonymous at 03,May,12 01:30

i have to agree with some of these comments and your daughter is adult no matter what she will always do what she wants...i hope she has a she can start supporting herself...and as for you just take care of you...write a letter on a peace of paper of what happen and how you feel and then rip it up or burn it and throw it in the toilet/sink

By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:51

DO what I'm about to do because I'm leaving my fiance' of 8 years and her son after dealing with their bullshit and life-sucking. Sell what you don't need, keep what you do and get your own place. Grow weed. Make money, get high and have some laughs. I hope you have someone you can talk to, if not I'd be glad to chat anytime and cheer you up - life is too short for it to suck and I hate to see people getting burned the way I have been repeatedly.

By anonymous at 03,May,12 03:31

you show that bastard, what a good woman he left behind!

By haggy at 03,May,12 05:27

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By missu at 05,Sep,12 21:25

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By anonymous at 19,Oct,12 16:37

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