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life sucks

Posted by anonymous at May 1, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 May  Unemployment

First of all, before telling everyone my problems, Id like to say that I have read a lot of stories on here. Some are very sad & terrible. I am sorry about what many of you are going through, especially those who have lost just about everything, (are about to be or are homeless) and are contemplating suicide. Those are some of the saddest kind of stories I have read.

However, some of the posts on this site are ridiculous. I am tired of seeing stories of dumb young teenagers complaining about a girl or a guy at their school that they like not liking them back. Grow the hell up, you dont know what real problems are. That shit isnt even worth reading. Wait until you get older and have real problems. If you like some one, fucking ask them out or shut up about it! If you get rejected move on to some one else. As for everyone with real problems, I wish there was something I could do to help.

Ok here is what is going on with me, it may not be as bad as some other people's issues but it still sucks. I am a nearly 30 year old man, got laid off last year from a job I had for years, I have struggled with work ever since. I barely make anything, and as a result I had to move back in with my mom in a poor shitty ass apartment. I have no room, forced to sleep in the living room where my privacy & personal space is never respected at all. My mom is very mentally abusive, paranoid and is a hoarder. The place is a filthy mess with piles of useless junk she compulsively collects and wont throw away. She constantly talks down to me, treats me as a loser. Bosses me around as if I'm 12, when I am a full grown man (nearly 30). She prefers my sister over me and practically worships her, when my sister is a total bitch that treats everyone like shit. My car recently broke down, forcing me to borrow my mom's ancient piece of shit car whenever I need to get anywhere (half the time she wont let me use it). I used to be very good looking and had no problem getting a girlfriend, now because of all my problems, I got extremely depressed and very overweight, single, no one loves me, not like I can be with anyone at this point anyway because my life is shit. I have no independence. I hate my life. Everything just feels worthless. I'm in debt with student loans, because I got a degree, then the economy tanked and the field I graduated in totally got screwed.

I feel like the people who run this country dont care about anyone in it, all they care about is their own wealth and power. Nothing seems to change for the better. It seems like the world just continues to get worse. I feel like unless we are rich, we are basically all slaves, forced to work our asses off for barely enough to get by. Forced to PAY to live on a planet that we were born on. It just plain sucks and its unfair.


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New Comment

By at 02,May,12 08:03

Good day old chap, all I can really say to you is I think that you should take alot of gin and pills, then have a threesome with your sister AND mother.....Try it bloke, you might like it and it is better than wanking over your dear mums panties. Are you a midget? I know where you can get a job if you are, Down at Dowtons on bridgeport. They need stockers. Good luck you fucking jamrag. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 02,May,12 09:27

wtf? whts up with the stupid yellow teeth fuck?
By anonymous at 02,May,12 15:46 Fold Up

dont worry man thare are a lot of trolls so fuck them you may have a bad time now but i will wish you the best of luck and take care
By anonymous at 05,May,12 04:57

Hey mercy, coming from the guy who posted this story, your malicious troll comment actually just made me laugh my ass off. Thanks for cheering me up for a minute, that was funny.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 14:43

You can try to learn a new skill. It may help get a new job and slowly get back to where you were.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 19:35

Save your money. Buy a hooker for a few hours. Problems solved.

By The Anti-Mercy at 03,May,12 00:17

So, a boy or girl that fawns over a person in school isn't a real problem...but yours is? or, rather, your problems take precedence over theirs?

I think you need to take a step back and look at what you wrote. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

A defeatist attitude does nothing but keep you exactly where you're at. Want to lose weight? walk 5 miles a day, every day. Want to get out of your mom's house? Work two jobs.

The recession has hurt everyone, there is no shame in getting assistance until you get back on your feet.
By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:26

its not a real problem, or a major one. People in high school who are whining about stupid high school sh*t that is bullsh*t... other things are real problems...seriously
By The Anti-Mercy at 03,May,12 12:21

It's not bullshit to them. Dismissing someone else's problems because you think yours is more important is just selfish, not to mention hypocritical since you worried about the -exact- same thing when you were their age.

Time to grow up and realize that your issues are no more or less important than anybody else.

By anonymous at 03,May,12 01:09

at least you have experience working and graduated and got a should get off your ass take responsibility and stop blaming the get a paper and write a few goals that you be able to reach your goals...ex. start caring for you health walk or run every morning anything that helps you take your mind off your problems

By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:25

oh yeah im 12 years old and ive never had a boyfriend, boohoo..this guy deosnt' like me back. My mom just works all the time and like, I can't pass algebra...omg someone help me...thwap..
By The Anti-Mercy at 03,May,12 12:26

And all you did was show that you're more childish than the people posting about high school. Smooth.

By anonymous at 03,May,12 05:03

awww.. that does suck.. Im sorry you are going throught this.. I hope you will be able to find a better way.. u need to first work on your self esteem issue before anything else, lose your weight, if youre not working, start walking running ,, working out get yourself back to feeling good so you will be more confident about finding a new job or going back to school to explore a new career path, the car, home and love life will surely follow

By anonymous at 05,May,12 01:38

Your situation sucks no doubt, but you lack empathy for teenagers, whose brains are firing hormones on all cylinders, which makes any bad situation that much worse. Well I for one remember my first broken heart. When my first girlfriend broke up with me, it was like the whole world had collapsed upon my chest, a sensation completely new to me at the time. Sure it seems trivial in retrospect but it certainly didn't "feel" trivial at the time--I was tormented by the ordeal for months. You say you used to be good looking and had no problem getting a girlfriend before. Maybe your glory days were in high school? It sounds like you have no idea what kind of emotional anguish some teenagers go through (or are put through).

By anonymous at 10,May,12 15:40

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