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LIFE SUCKS : 2010 December

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    the worlds unfair and sucks bigtime!

    Posted by lonelycrazyhatefulangry at December 27, 2010
    Tags: Appearance   Independent circumstances   2010 December

    My life was a joke. I was born with some special conditions that made me a weakling, my body is abnormal and i look like a f**king retard. I can't even have a normal life. Its almost 30 years now and i am still single.

    Normal and happy peoples used to said that there is a reason god made u this way, god have a plan for everyone. Well i said f**k u and your god. I don't like this joke that god is trying to play with me.

    SO, the almighty god can have all the fun playing jokes on me, but it won't be long, till i will be seeing him. I think it will probably be another few more years for god to made amend and fix what f**king shit he have done to me. if not, by the time i am seeing him in heaven, i am so pissed, i probably clubbed the damm god with whatever thing that i can grab on. it will either be in heaven or hell, i dun care..!

    my life is hell afterall

    THAT IS, IF GOD EXISTS!!! if not, then hallelujah, by the time i am dead, i am probably free from this pathetic thing call LIFE

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    My Stupidity

    Posted by Mr. enthusiamic at December 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Poverty   Racial   School

    I am a sophmore in college and I may have just failed out of Umich. It sucks because this is a really good ass school and my parents will be greatly dissapointed. In school the only friends I made were asian even though I am a black guy. I even ended up joining an asian frat.... I told everyone I was gonna become an aerospace engineer but I have just been teh suck at the physics and calc classes. Its not even like I cant do the work, its just I have no motivation to do it. My family is poor and i live in Detroit. Some times I even starve at home, and my dad is taking out loans just for me to go to school. How am I going to explain this to my family and friends. Without college I am nothing but another black guy in Detroit. I dont feel anything but disappointment; I try to drown it out but it only works so long. I probably lost the best girl that has ever happend to me and I have to live in the shitty house that is falling apart. for another year before I can come back to university. I'm so FUCKED. I'm just waiting for the mail to come saying i failed.....shit. seppuku

    My parents dont love each other anymore, my dad almost died of a heart attack recently, I never have any feelings, and when I do it is short lived, I suck at school.... GAHHH I cant end up like other worse stories on this site.

    Comments: 7   Votes:



    Posted by stasharra at December 27, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 December   Juvenile problems

    im dead im nomb inside i feel nothing im dead and the beast part is all i want to do is kill. im in 7th grade. i know what your thinking wow shes so fucked up whats wrong with her. and you know what theres nothing wrong with me im healthy the last time i checked, but insanaty spreds fast. I dont look like i would listin to heavy meatle but i do it actully scared one of my friends .Want one thing and that is to break to finaly blow up and have all the people get what they disurve i dont want to sleep now becouse i know ill have one of thoughs happy dreams that make you have fals hope.Im 12 and i already hate kids i dont even like my own cousns i hate my famly i would have left by now if i wernt twelve so my plan was to leave once i have a car and just live my life on the road but i know i have to moor rashanal. But were im at i cant do want to do most ... die... and fight thats it i wouldnt fight for my country they meen nothing to me.. how many people realy care honsetly, oh but they all say they care if they do that to you just look them strait in the eyes and say no you dont i know that for a fact. And when i say i want to fight i dont meen i want to througha punch or two i want to kill the person in the proses thats when you win.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    my life is falling apart

    Posted by stasharra at December 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Family   Juvenile problems

    yeah my life sucks i hate being the way i am , i hate the life i live #1 my school fucking sucks #2 my own father is playing nice with my mom becouse he wants to make her andry my parents are getting davorced by the way. and hes complaining how we never call and that he dosnt need to try moor becouse he alwase trys (he dosnt).#3 my sistere and my mother are thinking about moving to albearta sundre yeah we life on vancuver island.and are now bribing me to just leave evry thing iv ever had i only have ONE friend she is the only reason im still alive i would have killed myself if it wernt for her alwase being there and now i have to leave her... i dont think i can do that then i will be dead your never fully dead untill you just give up.. stoptrying stop eating and stop talking im half way through that im not eating anymoor and im not trying i hate two teachers for trying to * help * me one likes to get up in my face and the other acts like she knows me... they dont know any thing about me they dont know how i look at things the way i see life is dapressing... im not going to sit here and take every blow the throw at me... eather i will end it for myself or ill go insane... and if any one saw my thoughts they would be scared of me . to be perfectly honest i wouldnt find it unsettling to kill a person. I have nothing but hate and saddness in me i honestly dont know wy im still sane.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Forgotten101 at December 26, 2010
    Static LinkTags: 2010 December   Family   Juvenile problems

    Im 17 years old. My life completely sucks.. i regret being born. It all started when my dad cheated on my stepmom with my mom.. that's how i came into this damn world, can you believe that?

    I dont think i was wanted by either of my parents. I was raised by my grandmother the first few years of my life then moved back in with my mother.

    I have 2 stepbrothers and 2 stepsisters. they act like they care about me sometimes.. i only love my 9 year old step sister. i think i am still living because of her and because maybe there's a little hope..

    I havent had a real boyfriend. never. i think i never will either im a horrible looking thing... i graduated from high school and im a freshman in college. My dream is to become an OB/GYN.. ='(

    I suck at everything though.. im reeeally bad at math.
    i forgot to mention i was molested by a stranger when i was about 9 years old.. no one knows this.. i never even told my mom.

    i live with my dad. i have a stepmom. i believe i currently suffer from depression. it all started when i met my dad and his wife. since he never was in my life when i was a kid i hated him. my stepmom was nice to me for the first two months when i came here but then it all was hell. she hated me and my guts. i didnt eat for days, i couldnt sleep at night.. i cried too much.. and still do.

    thank God things have gotten better with my stepmom and my dad. i am really sad all the time though. i miss my mother.. i dont know what to do with my life. i tried swallowing half a bottle of advil pills. that was unsuccessful. my gastritis just got worse thats all.

    i wish i had someone to talk to. tell someone how i feel. i wish i had someone that cared. i pray frequently. i just dont know what to do anymore. i have all these thoughts in my head. all i want to do is end this. i dont think ill ever make it to what i dream. so what's the point? ive been through too much and enough. ='(

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Who is the problem, me or my boyfriend?

    Posted by Silvie at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Relationship

    I think i should break off my relationship, but i'm trying my best to be patient and really understanding because these are two things i'm not good at. I like my boyfriend David, and he's the only guy i've given a second chance to. Four years ago we dated but i ended it with him for the following reasons.
    *He's very jealous and insecure (but he claims he's not), but acts like it all the time for no reason at all.
    *He can't focus and acts like someone that has ADD, but doesn't beleive he does ( yet he has all the signs of someone with ADD or ADHD)
    *When he drinks (usually just on weekend) regardless of the amount, he acts very foolish, totally out-of-control. He's loud and acts stupid, but completely forgets his behavior when he's sober and always says he will not drink again but come next weekend he drinks and acts the same.
    *When we talk about things that are very important he forgets the next time i bring it up. this is annoying and frustrating.
    *He always has to have all the TV, radio, computer on at all time and all at the same time, i'm the opposite.
    *He's up all night, but sleeps during the day when he's off from work.

    Ok, so now that to me are more than enough reason to make me leave, but these are just the things that i don't like about him, but there are so much greatness about him that i think if i giving up on him i'd give up on a great man. David is older than me, but he doens't look his age, he's a responsible man, someth...

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    I've lost all hope, I wish i was dead.

    Posted by anonymous at December 26, 2010
    Tags: Death   2010 December   Tragic Events

    About 2 years ago, I had a normal (average) life. I had a good job, lots of friends, big happy family, etc. And althought I was stressed out a lot, I was happy expecting my first child. The pregnancy was going normal (or so the doctors thought), but the week i reached six months my baby died inside the womb. The moment my life was over, all the dreams and plans i had for me and my baby boy died too. Giving birth to a baby that i could never hear crying, or smiling is the most painful experience and i don't wish that on the worse person. I'm someone who always beleive in God, and always been there for anyone who needed my help and i give anything to make others happy. How could this happen to me? As if losing my son wasn't enough, his father tried to commit suicide, i never saw him after that day in the hospital. He called once to apologize for not being 'stonng' enough. I had to plan our baby's funeral alone, I've been dealing with all the emotions of grief imaginable. Now 18 months later it isn't any better. Each day i feel worse than the day before, sometimes i'm hopeful but that feeling doesn't last long. Most days i think about ending my life, but i know i won't because it would cause my mother too much pain. Before this i was very social, i was the one everyone called for help, advice, or just about anything, but i've been so distant from eveyone including close friends and especially my family. I no longer attend any gathering, to make me feel worse, it seems eveyd...

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    Comments: 34   Votes:


    Dead inside

    Posted by Tom at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Family   Relationship

    It feels like I am already dead in a way. Like something is broken in me. When ever I have a girl in my life that does means anything to me. It always feel like I am the guy shes with until she gets someone better or til shes just tired of me. And I cant shake that feeling. Maybe it all started since I lost my mom three years ago. My family i broken since. I didnt realize that this could kill me inside like it does. I miss my mom so much. When she died. Something in me went along with her.

    Yesterday, after alot of back an forth. I lost a girl that I love very, very much. She doesnt love me. And I finally got it. And now I know that my life will suck for a long period of time to come. I am afraid of the empitness I feel. And I am afraid of seing her with another guy. Just the thought terrifies me.

    I want to die. But I cant killmyself. It would destroy my family along with it. So Ill keep breathing and suffering.

    The worst part of it all is that every single day I feel like the best days of my life is already over.

    I miss mom, I miss E****, and I miss myself.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Very Unhappy

    Posted by Lonely Girl at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Family

    My life sucks and I am not sure what to do about it. I have a step child and husband and ever since we got married a year ago all we did was for that child but three months into the marriage,she started acting up and I got the brunt of it, My husband did not believe me when I told him something was wrong and she need counseling now it has gotten so bad that I just want to disappear...She drives me crazy, she is manipulative and destructive..My husband not sure why but does nothing,,,he thinks talking to her will do the trick but she is only getting bolder with her lies...he has caught her so many times in her lies and still nothing...I am about to walk away from the marriage not because me and my husband are not fitted for each other but because of this child who keeps getting away with doing things and saying things that she is doing clearly delibrately..Even in counseling, she lies or tells half truths...I get so mad when she does her stuff but all my husband concentrates on it how mad I get...I have been dealing with this as of march and I cant take anymore...I am ready to surrender my life instead of living like this...I dont want to just leave cause she will get satisfaction I want her and him to live the rest of their life thinking of how fucked up this whole this was to the point I would rather die

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    My Story

    Posted by anonymous at December 26, 2010
    Tags: Appearance   2010 December   Family   Loneliness   School   Society

    My story...Well, I would say some people are much worse off than I am but, my situation is mentally draining, I suppose I should be happy with my life but I'm not...It's depressing.

    The day I was born I was skinny as sh*t, I grew up skinny as sh*t, I grew up with my mother, very bad mother...No money, Job, Drunk all the time...Yells, Doesn't take responsibility for anything...Her boyfriends always tried to beat me, when I was around five I should even get up and take a piss in the middle of the night without getting slapped the hell out of, She would burn my hand on the stove whenever I'd do something "wrong" , I'd walk to school everyday happy I was leaving home, until I saw my grandmother out there looking at me crying...I stood at one corner of the street looking at her and she would look at me and I would whisper I can't talk to you, and that was because my mother wouldn't let me,I'd go to school, walk home and lock myself in my room for the rest of the day. that happened every day, I was fairly popular in school, everyone was to much of a wuss to stand against me, but of course, that was elementary. Couple years pass, same old routine...Walk to school, See my grandmother, Lie about the bruises to teachers, go home...No food, Starve. Another couple years pass, My mother dates a cop. Sounds like it'd be good right? I thanked god. He caught her with a knife to my neck one night pinned against the wall. Ahh, the relief I got. She was sent to jail for a couple we...

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    Bad Luck And Crap Like That...

    Posted by anonymous at December 26, 2010
    Tags: Anger   Attitude   2010 December   Loneliness

    Well I like to go by the name Lioheart (no, i didnt forget the "N", it really is Lioheart.) so yeah. Here I am... now if I could just GTFO.... Nevermind that! I'm here to tell you a story about "how messed up and crappy life is" like that am I right? Yeah, I got the dealio.
    Well, my depression started in 5th grade when I finally realized that NOTHING could really make me well... cheerful again. I was kind of putting on a fake little show for everyone, pretending to be happy, giving fake smiles to everyone. I felt like some pathetic puppet, saying what everyone wanted to hear. Really though, I was dying inside.
    I have anger management problems. Not normal ones though. Their quite strange. Sometimes I get so mad that I just sit there-- shaking, saying in my mind "God kill me now dammit!". No lies. Other times (I even do this without realizing it too) I kind of scratch myself with my own fingernails on a certain part of my hand. I'm VERY sensitive to pain but I don't even feel that(well mostly not)! I have journal *cough* diary *cough cough* that I write in, but I normally just end up reading it over and over, getting more stressed out and angry. I often remember small fights (talking- not physical, I don't wanna kill anyone... well I do but think of the consequences dammit!) I had with random people and I get so upset, and maybe even suicidal. I also tend to get really jealous of people sometimes. I admit it, I have serious issues.
    Mainly, its stupid peop...

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    I think I am not that bad in the big picture.

    Posted by anonymous at December 26, 2010
    Tags:   2010 December

    After reading the stories here, I can see I am not that fucked up. Compared to the peeps here, I am fine. Think I will get on my knees to thank God.....

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by Phoenix at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Meaninglessness   Philosophical

    I know that all of you who are on this site and reading my post and maybe a few others are having trouble with life right now?!! Why else would we type Fucked up life in a search machine?
    Yes life can be shit and yes "our life" is probably the worst right now but what does it matter? No one thinks about others, everyone is after ones happiness.
    I have had an disgusting, fucked up life too and it still continues..
    Day for day i do wake up and day for day my feelings change.
    When i was twelve i hated every human being around me, i was so sick of their lies and promises.. I was so sick of seeing their faces and fucked up minds.
    Nothing made sense, no one made sense. Years passed by and i moved around the world searching for something i didnt know of.Searching for the answer of why the hell i am alive.What difference would it make if i wouldn't be here?
    None!! Exactly none! No one cares about others.Friends?Friends are just people you share time with, may that be a week or even years it does not make a difference at all.They still are just friends and when the time comes where they need to make a decision its for sure not going to be for your good!!
    I am 24 now, life in London since a few years and my mind has still not changed and i did still not find any answers.But there is one good thing that i did learn which keeps me going.. What it is? Its life itself!!The challenge of being able to survive, its the sunrise every morning and the sunset every...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    prayed i wouldnt wake up today

    Posted by justagurl at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Relationship

    i found this place by coincidence,i never seen any of this coming,my man,best friend of twelve years running out on a whim,my fkn heart hurts so bad that im begging 4 absolution,if i call him about our child i must first speak to his new woman,im sick at my stomach at all this and i dont want to do it anym0re

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    my sad sorry tale

    Posted by justagurl at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Relationship

    ive been with the same man for ten years,our autistic daughter is 2,hes decided he no longer wants a life with us,so he gets another woman pregnant an me and mine are left out in the wide blue nowhere,yea,life fkn sux...he gives me days to adjust and expects me to just go away,but i dont know how,hes all i know,i do the best i can but even as i type and the tears fall,i kn0w i will n0t be okay.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    And now I am a rapist

    Posted by KAKAKAKA at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Friendship

    I gloat a lot. I'm trying to change that, but so far no good and most of my friends always talk about me being richer and having money and that pisses me off. But I guess I dug my own grave because I gloat too much. Anyways, thats not the point. Point is, I'm sharing an apartment with a very good friend and a few nights ago he brought this girl from a first date. So I sat with them in the living room and kinda flirted with the girl. At the beginning I didn't even notice but after a while she started doing shit like whispering me all kinds of crap and pinching my arms and even told me "lets fuck" in Russian. Anyways, I tried my best to ignore that, but my best sucks so I stayed. I should have just left to my room. We watched a movie (all three of us) and then she fell asleep and then my friend got tired and went to sleep and then I got horny and tried to wake her up. Alas, she did not wake up, so being the retard I am, I gave her boobs a wiggle. Apparently she was wide awake and pretending to be asleep (because god knows I tried to wake her up). Anyways, she told my friend I touched her at night and when he asked me I simply said its true, leaving out the rest of the details. So my friend said we're cool and everything is alright but I can't help but feel that I should just run away and never talk to any of my friends again. Maybe life doesn't suck, maybe its just that I suck.

    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by Nose13 at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Juvenile problems

    I'm a 10grader in high school yea ihav most of the things that any teen will wanna hav my parents are together but I'm the shy fukn girl in skol shat everyone feels sorry for ihave never had a a boufriend Ihad a good friend and he ask me out im in tottal. Fuckin love wit him but isaid no cuz he was going oit wit one of my good friends ...cuz of that he doesn't talk to me no more ibecome even more. Shy guys try to talk to me like friends an there not ugly at all but they stoped saying hi after they relized how boring I'm I'm the total opposite of my older sister she's pretty has lots of friends and she's outgoing I'm always told that ishoild be more like her lately ibeen having thoughts about ending my life I'm depresed like fuk ibeen always shy to Dixon talk to many guys since forever and this bothers me Iwish could be skynni I'm not smart or anything noting in special I always have to fuckn fuck up my friendship wit ppl my "friends" only use me web they need help wit something an ugh everytinq just souks ass ihave no purpose in life I'm the total opposite of wat any teen should feel like wen I go to party's I never get ask to dance just stand there like a fuckn loner which I'd one of the reasons stopped going to party's just need some one out there to talk to about this things is that too much to ask for??!im a fuken loser wit no life Icry myself to sleep almost every night my parents ar always too tired to liesent to
    me fml

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Life Will Never Get Better

    Posted by Whipping Post at December 26, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 December   Family   Relationship

    I have had a hellish life. My childhood was a horror of abuse daily by a drunkard father. He called me a dumb fucking bastard dozens of times a day since I can remember. My loving mother sat there and did nothing. I tried to find love with 5 failed marriages. I picked any loser who would have me. After getting cancer, my bastard ex husband took my 15 yr old son and made me pay child support. He also got the judge to make me pay $1500 in his lawyer fees. After being healed from cancer, I attempted to go to nursing school. After 5 years of being lead on by a community college, they failed me on some stupid paperwork. My grades were in the 90s, but they didn't like my paperwork. That was the last straw for me. I am always the idiot, always the asshole, I have come to accept it. My job in life is to lay there and let everyone and everything kick me around. It will never get better, it never has- it never will. I am tired of playing this pretend game that it will change. I'm ok with taking my beatings of what life has to offer. I used to wonder why my asshole ex husband was being blessed with money, a good marriage, etc. Now I get it. Certain people (very few) are the chosen ones in life to get beaten down everyday. You have to take it. There is no choice. Thanks for listening. From, Given up for good since this last knock down

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Girl Problems...

    Posted by worstluckever... at December 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Relationship   Religion

    im not the best guy when it comes to dealing with women, like i was recently in 10 month or so slump between girlfriends, and over the last 4 months or so, i've been practically in love with a girl i cant have... not because she doesnt like me back, which she does.. not because of my job, cuz she doesnt even have one, and not because of her personality, cuz she is just like the reason she cant be my girlfriend is because of religion. I'm a catholic, and she's some form of protestant? i dont even fucking know.

    the real bitch of it? it's the fact that i knew i couldnt date her, and i let myself fall in love with her anyway. for a while, i didnt think there was a God... now i know there is, and im pretty sure he hates me.

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    Life of crime is not good

    Posted by Sara at December 25, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 December   Justice

    I am Sara. I stole cars I would joy ride i taken car like Mercades Lexus BMW and sevral oher high end luxury cars I recked the Lexus. that how I was cuaght I hit a cop car. I was arested and chrged with reckles driving and grand auot theft and i was alo linked to 21 other car thefts and destruction of personal property. Before they put me in jail I was strip searched. the woman gaurd after she closes the door I would half to strip and put my clothes and ligerie in he brown bag. I was then searched and given clothes and I was I would need to wear all three pairs panties socks and bras. they told to take shower and wet my hair then They took on a long walk. to a cell to make sure i di have have sesdease of some kind and you are there for two weeks. I never wen to JV. i soent 10 years in prsion. That was on of the scarey places to be for that many years. The fear of being raped pu tin the hole solitary confinment. I got beat up once by 2 women for no reason. guess who they said sarted i did solitary confinment i was told to strip tom my socks bra and panties before I was in a room by myself. I was cold in there I was for 2 days. Strip searched again a couple becuae of a shake down. do ever got to a life if crime it si ot worth it. Nothing ever comes of it so don't do it.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


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