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LIFE SUCKS : January 2010

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    why after all these years

    Posted by anonymous at January 21, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Relationship

    I have a job. I have a house. I have a car. My problem is after almost twenty years I feel that my wife and I R done. I do not want it to end but I feel that she does but she just wont say it. I know this is not nearly has bad as a lot of the post but I have felt like crap for several weeks, it is eating me alive putting up a front to the outside world. I hope things start to turn around for everyone.

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    sooner or later were all gonna die

    Posted by jesus at January 20, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Philosophical

    Life is a bitch
    So am I,
    Sooner or later
    We're all gonna die.
    Effort thrown to the wind
    keep wondering why
    I still bother to try.
    gettting older but nothing but pain under my belt
    sadness and misery is all that ive felt
    keep getting scammed, and ass rammed didnt sign up for this shit
    keep getting beaten down
    and unlike me, they never quit.
    Fuck when does this shit end?
    Fuck when does the pain relent
    when will I ever find more than another assholes two cents.

    When can i leave when can i be free?
    when will motherfuckers stop patronizing and insulting me
    When do i win the hypothetical lottery?

    Comments: 44   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
    Tags: Drugs   Health   January 2010   Justice


    My dad got taken away by the police cuz hes a drunk, and overdosed the first time I went to see him.

    My sister is badly bipolar, has panic attacks and just recently got out of a Psyche Hospital.

    My brother is never here.

    My friends house is getting evicted, so I may never see him again.

    Im bipolar and have terrible anxiety, and have attacks during school all the time, and get made fun of cuz im seen crying. I cut my wrists and tried to kill myself. My meds dont help.

    My Mom is in really bad debt, and wastes all her money on cigarettes.

    I know its not as bad as some, but the depression makes it feel so much worse.

    Comments: 28   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
    Static LinkTags: Bad Luck   January 2010   Money

    Alright, reading all these stories makes me realize that i shouldn't be complaining, but it helps just to get it out there. Well...i am a sophmore in college, and basically life can be tough. For starters, i am going in to debt hard core. Way more than i wanted too. I tried to apply for scholarships, but my family is right at middle class. Enough to make it, but not nearly enough to help pay for college. Hello student loans. Now, after this year, i dont even know if i will be able to get another one, which then what? Drop out?? Who knows. Then i can just go back and get some crappy middle type job and try to pay off the 20 or so thousand of debt i have already built up.

    I am also on probation, for countless mips (one possession charge), like 5 altogether. Which suspended my license. This isn't a huge problem,but yesterday, some dumb bitch backed up at a stoplight (??) and fucked my shit up. I am just waiting to get pulled over because of it. Which will be another violation of probation. That would pretty much give me jail time....ruin college, etc. Me and my girl have an apt. together, and, we love each other (i guess...)but shit has been getting stressful, like she wants to take a break, which is fine.... i just really need someone there for me. I just want a hug. Well thats why my life sucks.... i know, not that bad, just money and legal troubles mostly, and i guess my gf issues too. Life just gets depressing sometimes.... Thanks for listening.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    The shit part of my WONDERFUL life

    Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Philosophical

    Why my life is awesome

    Im 13
    Parents r together
    I have a home
    I have a boyfriend
    Im a christian
    I have a dog
    I have a older and younger brother
    Im a girl
    I have friends
    I dont look at the bad shitty stuff
    My family loves me
    My friends love me
    God loves me
    I am alive
    I dont have any problems
    Im not sick
    I am happy

    What sucks about my life

    Knowing all you ever think about is all the shit in your life. Maybe your parents are seperated, maybe one is dead. I know its hard, my life isnt perfect. I know that, but just because bad things happen doesnt mean your life sucks. I mean, some people have it way worse. You should be thankful. I dont know what your life is really like, but if you keep focusing on the shit, you not getting anywhere.

    Thats what I put before and all I got was shit for trying to help people. So here is the shitty part of my wornderful life.

    My parents are in debt over their heads.

    7 people (including me) live in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house.(me, mom, dad, older brother, younger brother, aunt, cousin.)

    My dad is an alcholic.

    Mom needs a liver transplant because tylonal poison.

    Sister ran away when I was 7. (she was 14)

    I had to get my last dog put down because he bit somebody. (And yeah, if you hit your neighbors dog, its gonna retaliate and bite you.)

    Mom is suicidal.

    Mom gambled away mine and my brothers collage money away.

    No money.

    Only one car for 5 people that can drive.

    Hospital bills to pay.

    I keep it all bottled up inside.

    I'm not good enough for anyone.

    Boyfriend dumped me after 4 1/2 months.

    So if your gonna leave me shit for comments, don't bother. I don't need it. All I did was do something I thought you might apperciate. I guess I was wrong.

    Comments: 10   Votes:



    Posted by m at January 18, 2010
    Tags: General   January 2010   Juvenile problems

    My life sucks. I literaly have no friends. My mom is dead. My dad wants to kill himself. Ugh i feel like running away.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    Nathing goin right

    Posted by Patrick at January 18, 2010
    Tags: Bad Luck   General   January 2010

    The year start was wid a years eve sucked and now had been trying my hands on getting admission in a automobile designing course bt the freaking fees is around 45000 USD which means a lot for a upper middle class family..god knows where my destiny wil lie..realli depressed and the gal whom i love more dan myself jus takes me as a gud frnd thats basically everything is goin wrong around me....

    Comments: 2   Votes:



    Posted by calvin at January 17, 2010
    Tags: Addictions   January 2010   Money   Relationship

    i have struggled with heaving drinking and drug use for the last 25 years, had a lot of good times but it became a dependence that I 'default' just out of sheer habit and boredom. So, keep in mind, that problem remains throughout my story. I fell passionately in love/lust with my wife in '96, we were extremely attracted to each other for about the 'usual' 1.5 -2 years. Then her accusations of my involvement with employees (female) started. She loved me, or she was obsessed with me, maybe a combination of both. We got married, had one child, built a business and had a lot of money, or so we thought. I knew 'things' weren't always connected between the two of us. Two years ago she turned into a teenager again at the age of 35, she spent tons of money and simultaneously quit paying the bills and became involved with an 18year-old employee. She bought a dog that pissed all over our furniture and carpet, costs us thousands. She had our home remodeled after the dog damage and we spent 25 thousand dollars. She didn't pay payroll taxes and the IRS demanded 40 thousand dollars, she moved out. The house is still unfinished. I had to sell the business just to break even with the debt where she did not pay the bills. I lost my business. I lost my wife (at the time to an 18 year old moron), my son went with her, I am stuck with two years back taxes to pay, and her business that she opened on the side and emotionally talked me into co-signing the note that she cannot pay:40 more thousand. I finally got 2007 taxes done, owe 13 thousand on that.About 4 months ago she was kind enough to give me "some lovin" if u know what i mean, then she borrowed my credit card to fill up the gas tank, 4 thousand dollars later, she claims I was not communicating with her,(she mentioned nothing of her credit card use). Life still sucks.

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    new years eve (11:30) what a great start!

    Posted by anonymous at January 17, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Philosophical

    The world is cheering and partying for another year to start and to stay alive another year, they’re happy to enjoy another year of they’re life’s… while I’m crying and wondering why I have to live…
    In the bathroom under the hot water running… the tears following after the drops of water…
    Laying apart in thousand peaces on the cold ground without feeling anything…
    I’m breathing but I feel more dead than dead…
    Tears stream down my face like a waterfall…
    Everything‘s black… my eyes are wide open but the world is so dark…
    On floor…the water running…
    The heavy drops of water falling on my skin… its like water’s trying to hurt me too…
    I can’t think of anything… I can’t feel anything…
    It hurts like it never did before… I’m screaming… but it’s so quiet…
    My heart’s bleeding but I don’t see the blood…
    There’s no one that could hold my cold hand or bring me a cloth to put on my heart so it stops bleeding…
    There’s nothing good now…
    I look up… I see the square small white roof…
    I hardly move my arms up…slowly open my fist’s…whispering:” dear god… what did I do? … Please dear god tell me what did I do that I deserve this? … Whatever it was, was it so bad that I deserved this? …”
    I cry…I cry…
    The tears don’t stop…
    They come and come… its like my hearts uncolored blood is bleeding out from my eye’s…
    It couldn’t hurt any worse…
    I can’t feel any worse…

    When is this going to end?

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    I broke once...never again

    Posted by alice at January 17, 2010
    Tags: General   January 2010

    Ok my life sucks but im trying to look more for the good side of the life and try to stay positive...sometimes is pretty hard ... problems with my family, the money (yeah who hasnt problem with that?) , friends, boyfriends and girlfriends...
    I never broke just one time and im promise to my self never again...
    but it still hurts me inside...
    few months ago i fight with my best friend.... never spoke again.... it was so hard realising that he didnt worth it... that so many times i was there for him he never was with me... and then i broke up with my bf... that was a big deal... i was in love with him and he treated me like shit... i know i made mistakes and now im better and i dont think about him anymore but it stills hurts becouse i didnt do anything to 'fight' back... i always was the good girl... who does averything... i wish i could go back with who I am now... i feel so damn bad becouse he thinks we won again...he hurt me bad... damn and thats killing me...
    i hope u understand...
    see u guys around...
    if u fall
    get up...

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    i love some person who doesnt love me back...

    Posted by kim at January 16, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Relationship

    i am in love with my best friend.... we have been very good friends i am always there for him and he is always there for me. He has a girlfriend they both love each other and want to get married. I am so madly in love with him that i cant get him off my mind and i really wanted to see him happy bt i knw that he will be happy only with that girl. so i have decided that i will never tell him. Sometimes feelings are so unbearable and it feels like hell ...
    i wont be able to love nyone after this because nothng is left ... i can wait for u till i die and even after that.. if u are my best friend why cant u see it in my eyes...i knw i am nt good enough for u bt no one can love u as much as i do ... IT HURTS...
    i will love you till my death.....

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Best Life EVER

    Posted by anonymous at January 15, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Philosophical

    Why my life is awesome

    Im 13
    Parents r together
    I have a home
    I have a boyfriend
    Im a christian
    I have a dog
    I have a older and younger brother
    Im a girl
    I have friends
    I dont look at the bad shitty stuff
    My family loves me
    My friends love me
    God loves me
    I am alive
    I dont have any problems
    Im not sick
    I am happy

    What sucks about my life

    Knowing all you ever think about is all the shit in your life. Maybe your parents are seperated, maybe one is dead. I know its hard, my life isnt perfect. I know that, but just because bad things happen doesnt mean your life sucks. I mean, some people have it way worse. You should be thankful. I dont know what your life is really like, but if you keep focusing on the shit, you not getting anywhere.

    Comments: 11   Votes:



    Posted by Sam. at January 14, 2010
    Tags: Appearance   January 2010   Juvenile problems

    my story is not that badbut here it 13 years old and im as ugly as shit. my bestfriends are beautiful . they get boyfriends , i get treated like shit . i cant find any boy that dont judge girls by looks or shape. im the only one of my friends to have never been kissed. ihatemylife.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    is that possible

    Posted by maria at January 13, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Relationship

    How is f.... possible to be still hurt???
    We broke up with this guy and 3 months later , I moved on and I m even with some other boy and I have many others to hitting on me... but still im thinking of him, even when im with my bf... he broke my heart so many times... i dont even count anymore.... but 3 months is that possible??
    Why I cant get over him??? i want so much to forget everything about him... He doesnt deserve to have any girl in his life.... why i fell in love with him? how can I forget him once and for all???

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Your Typical Problems!

    Posted by anonymous at January 13, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Juvenile problems

    What I am about to write is pretty typical but just because it happens often doesn't mean it sucks any less!
    To start of I have always been a pretty average person, now I would be ok with that if I wasn't surrounded by above average people. I have had an inferiority complex since I could talk and the cause of it can be summed up in one phrase-my big brother! I love him and I want him to succeed but then I hate him because he keeps pointing out what I loser I am. I am 17 with no talents and mediocre grades-the chances of me succeeding a next to nothing but where does he get of reminding me of that whenever I see him!
    And then my parents expect me to be wonder woman especially my mom-'you have to get as good grades as your brother even though I admit you are not as smart as him' (YEAH SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT,EXACT QUOTE)'...and while your doing that you have to do everything I say and learn to be the perfect daughter and future wife and mother'.
    I mean all my life I get told I can be anything I want and when I finally get to the stage that I can try to do that BAM! They spring this whole 'your a woman first,person later' deal on me. What's the point of letting me dream if your gonna yank it out from under me anyways?
    I want to be an Archeologist and I want to study in UK but I can't cause it's not a suitable profession for girls and it's not safe for ME to be on your own. I have dreamt about it and worked for it since I was 8 but now I don't even get to try! So overall my life MAY BE pretty peachy compared to a lot of other people but it still sucks!!!!

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    2 weeks from homeless

    Posted by anonymous at January 12, 2010
    Tags: Bad Luck   January 2010

    I am Dustin aka twitch i am 21 my dad died infront of me four days after i turned 12, my mom cant see eye to eye with me shed rather cuss me out call me a freak and beat me up. i moved out n have been couch hopin since before i graduated highschool. im talented yet stuck in a town where its pretty much useless. im in the process of enlisting in the army because no matter how hard i bust my ass i cant come up with a job newhere else, im stereotyped. i was recently asked to move out at the end of the month because i am an inconvenient expense yet again, only this time i got nowhere to go its in the 20s at night here ive been told my life aint that bad id rather be starving in africa then be freezing starving and homless in california. my life sucks most of the time i just wana die

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    till death gives us peace

    Posted by Real Rogue at January 12, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Anger   Family   January 2010

    Hi people of the the trying times .... I wish I knew where to begin ....I guess the beginning?
    Born second child of one fucked up dysfunctional Granddad started sexual abusing my sis and I while we were infants. Worse then that my police detective father was aware of it all. And what apiece of work that man was. His sadism knew no limits the pain ninflicted on mysister and my self was heinous to say the least. I don't believe I can put it into word ...I shake and tremble at sharing those depravities. needless to say Life spent hating and living in contemp of yourself can be quiet the story. But how to tell it how to put into print all that evil, hate, injustis I want to just throw up right now . can we righht more later here ??

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    I Try

    Posted by Lovely Hope at January 12, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Family   January 2010   Juvenile problems   Money

    Well heres why my life sucks...

    Parents are divorsed
    Little brother commited suicide
    Mom has type 2 diabetes
    Dad is a drunk
    I have a child of rape
    High school drop out so I could watch my son
    I was abused by my father
    Older sister does drugs
    Boyfriend of 3 years dumps me for a girl he met online
    All grandparents are dead
    No money
    Laid off work Saturday
    I have ADD and ADHD
    I am only 17
    No real home
    Scars from my father

    Im not saying I have the worst life in the world but its not the best

    Comments: 15   Votes:



    Posted by Chr9st9 at January 11, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Relationship

    well heres the deal... i was dating a guy...we were really good together but as the song says ''all good things comes to an end'' we finally broke up.... i was really sad and many times i was having a depression...after 3 months i get over it and tryed to continue my life...
    now the same guy comes to me and says things like i was calling him and bothered him at the night and even i put my friends to call him and insult him... i tried to explain to him that i DONT EVEN HAVE HIS F... NUMBER ANYMORE....
    and then he says that he has made his life even he is engaged...
    i mean is this stupid or not??? the only thing he wanted is to tell me that he is engaged... to hurt me again...
    I mean if YOU guys ever had a close relationship with someone and u wanted to engaged or something like that, WOULD YOU gonna tell your ex about that???

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at January 11, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   Bad Luck   Health   January 2010

    Well, I'm 30 years old and all my life I've been taken advantage of.... I was born with ADD(attention deficit disorder ) so I lose concentration very easy...whether I'm deep into a conversation or fringe a car, I'm always distracted.. I have always been overweight. .. growing up I wasn't rich by any means, but through what I've seen I know I wasn't poor either. All my life I've tried to help everyone I could whether it was a family member or a complete stranger in a broken down car...I was a mechanic raght out of high school and was shit on every day I worked...I was promised eases never got them always picked on and made fun of... until I finally lost my cool, I blew up on my boss and was fired... cars were always my hobby, but that job was the start of the downfall for that... I have only been in 4relationships my whole life, and have been cheated on in everyone of them... after that job I went to work for my father who never took taxes out on me which hurt me in the long run... in 2004 I was involved in an auto accident which nearly killed me, but did take the life of a woman who left behind 2 young kids.. I broke my back in five places along with almost every bone on my left side and Mr right wrist.. through the years I have gained a lot of friends... most of which are not true friends, but more just people who know someone popular... I call my self popular because I attract people everywhere I go... I've never met anyone who has told me I'm a bad person... I've done...

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