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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 June

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    how to be alone

    Posted by phuku at June 26, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness   Philosophical   Society

    Here I am 28 fukin yrs old never thought I'd be at this point at this age. I'm in college still got 2yrs left. I've got no real friends, no girlfriend. I can handle it most of the time but sometimes it gets to me. I feel like I'm going 2 fukin explode but that would be meaningless so I don't. I just keep all this bottled up. I don't like american culture, people in america are all a bunch of brain washed pussies. The media dictates how they think. Its so pathetic and disheartening that ppl are all so stupid. I don't want to die I just want my life to be good for once. I feel like a meaningless leaf getting blown around in the wind.I've been chasin my dream my whole life. Yet I'm always poor and alone. I live like a fukin gypsy my whole life. I'm tired of this sht. I wish someone just give me a sht load of money for no apparent reason. I just want to travel and explore the world. Fuk american values. I don't want to work for some rich prick in my life. Bustin my ass to make him rich.I have no outlet for my anger. Its just inside...killin me.all these rich happy people make me sick. I jus wanna walk by and knock em out one by one. I feel like an animal in captivity sometimes. I'm just a piece to the puzzle that just doesn't fit. All I ever wanted was just a good chic and live in a place with fresh air trees mountains etc. I never cared about being rich or having a lot of material stuff and I still don't. However I can't seem to attract women anymore. I'm nice work out etc but I'm broke haha. I'm not the best lookin guy either. Probably mediocre. I. Feel like I was supposed to be somethin special in my life and I aint sht.all I ever wanted was the simple things in life. All I've ever been handed are problems. I jus don't understand this anymore.

    Comments: 18   Votes:


    Crap Life

    Posted by LostInSpace at June 26, 2011
    Tags:   2011 June

    Crap childhood cold parents no confidence at all forced into permenant seclusion for decades on end now 43 empty boring painful existence cannot work cannot socialise I'm really in hell.

    Comments: 3   Votes:



    Posted by idunno at June 26, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June   Loneliness   Relationship

    i am drunk, i will probably regret this. i think i will always be alone. i would love to have a wonderful girlfriend. i feel like i need to feel good about myself before i get a girl. i feel shit because of money problems and i have a poorly paid job (i am grateful though to have a job), i have always lacked confidence and even now at 38 can't see that changing, though i want to.
    i have no drive in me, i get easily stressed. i need a woman, but i feel shit about myself. i have moved back in with my dad for the last three years cos i don't earn any good money. i feel like a child compared to other people my age. they have done so much more are braver, smarter. iv'e been on a few dates lately but have not worked out. the women iv'e dated have there own places, good jobs and are on good money, even though ive got on with them i feel rubbish about myself, i cant believe i could ever be in their situation. i have never had a good sexual relationship with a woman, i want a woman, relationship etc. the little sexual experience iv'e had has been pretty rubbish. im not gay, i definetly know i like women. i regret so much, i wanna forget and move on but it just comes back.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by waldorf3899 at June 26, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Attitude   2011 June   Relationship

    This is my first time writing about my troubles, so excuse me if this sounds like im rambling. I have a lot on my mind. Brief background, im in my late 20s and i still consider a shy person which sucks. My main struggle is getting over an ex girlfriend. We dated for almost 5yrs. And unfortunately she moved to another city, ultimately i couldn't handle the long distance relationship style, which caused the breakup. I constantly blame myself for not making it work. This was my first serious relationship and i was 23 when it started (i know its sad). Since we broke up, I have yet to date another female. I recently found out from a mutual friend that my ex is engaged to be married. After we broke up she quickly dated another guy from her job (who she is going to marry). Although I wish she was as miserable as I was at time, I tried to stay positive about the whole situation. My main thought process that if she is happy , that is what matters. She was my first true love. Most people my age have gone thru plenty of relationships. And have no problem jumping into next one. Me on the other hand, It took me 23yrs to find a girlfriend. And since we broke up I have i not found another girl. Some where in my development i never learned how to talk and converse with females. Now that im at that age where most of my friends are settling down to start families, I on the other hand am extremely lonely and staring to believe I will never find another girl. This among other things, have lead me to believe that i would be better of dead. Not so much killing my self but dying. Therefore I can myself and my parents the embarrassment of a son who cannot talk to girls and will probably live the rest of his life alone.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at June 26, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Attitude   2011 June

    I am 20 years old, i have no friends, no money, no girlfriend, no job. When i was in middle school and high school i would get beat up from the other kids. I came with my family here in USA before two years and a half. My dad has two bachelors degree one masters degree and works with min. wage in a supermarket during the third shift, my mom before comming in USA used to work in a bank, now has a part time job in a book store. I have a younger brother who is doing good with grades but like me has no absolutly no friends,back home he used to had a lot,now i guess noone wants to approach him cuz he speaks with an accent and plus he secluded himself. My so called friedns from college never call me and i'm usualy who calls them.I am very kind to everybody,if u ask me for something i do it for u. In fact i would do many stuff for my friend in college even giving money and food to them,but I feel they just used me. My mom talled me that she feels sorry for me,since i am 20 and i have nothing comapered to my friends, who are taller than me, have girlfriends, money, they get to spend their summer around different places of the world. My only friend is ciggaretes, even though i buy them once in a while when my dad gives me some money or a friend of him. I have no interst about anything except reading jappanese manga. My mood changes often one day i am happy one day i feel like a piece of shit. But now things start to change, i just finished my first summer course and i got an A(h...

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    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Bad Luck   Childhood   Family   2011 June   Money

    I grew up under horrible circumstances, born to two alcoholic and drug addict parents. My father molested my older half brother and sister for many years. Parents divorced when I was 12 and my mother moved in with a drug dealer. She took my younger brother with her and abandoned my younger sister and I. We were left alone, sometimes to be looked after by our older alcoholic bi-polar brother. When I was 14 we were evicted and my mother moved us in with her boyfriend. There was never any food in the house and I couldn't even eat anything that required a spoon because they were all blackened from drug use. When I was 16 the state took us away and we went to live with our older sister. It was a godsend. I graduated high school with straight A's and art honors.

    I dated a deadbeat alcoholic for five years and I finally had had enough this past December and kicked him out. I was promoted at work and so happy that I would be able to finally have extra money to save. It turned out that the promotion wasn't a good thing. My hours were cut by more than 12 a week and I can barely afford my rent now. My car broke down in March and because I barely get any hours at work I haven't been able to get it fixed. I depend on friends for rides as I have no family with a car. I work at 5a almost everyday and haven't slept in months. I've lived in my apartment for two years and it's literally falling in. The people upstairs have flooded my bedroom half a dozen times and there's mold growing everywhere. The pantry room off my kitchen has a busted pipe and leaks sewage down the walls from the upstairs apartment. My landlord worked on it for a couple days, but hasn't been back in months to finish. It smells horrid and I fear for my health. I have no health insurance and haven't been to a doctor since 2005. I've lived on my own and supported myself since I was 18 and it's terrifying knowing that I have no one to depend on if I needed it.

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    I am depressed

    Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2011
    Tags: Family   Job   2011 June   Money

    I'm not sure whether if life sucks for me. I'm going on 30 later this year and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything in life yet. Recently, my father told me that I ruined my family's restaurant business with my poor judgement. Hearing that from my old man, it took a huge beating out of my soul. Initially, I lashed out in anger wondering, why the hell he was blaming this all on to me. But after gathering things into perspective, I now know I am a failure.
    I've been working for my family since I was 14 years old in High School and all I know about anything in the world was our family business. I thought I dedicated all my life into our family's business but I guess I wasn't doing my job right. I fucked up. My family is down under and about to lose the house that my father bought for me and my late brother.
    I live in the same house that my brother died about 6 years ago. I still remember the day when I went upstairs to wake him up, opening door to finding him lifeless from his suicide.
    I'm not sure if I miss my brother or daughter more? My baby daughter lives 6 hours away in another state with her mother. I haven't seen her in over a year now and I feel like I have failed her too as well. Daddy was suppose to make a lot money for both her and mommy this year, but now I have to make a career change to make this all happen. GOD please watch out after my daughter, her mother, and my parents.
    Lord make me stronger and help me make wise deci...

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    Had It All Now Have Nothing

    Posted by MonkeyMan at June 25, 2011
    Tags: Failure   2011 June

    Life sucks like a sucker. I had it all, a good IT job, loads of money, a beautiful wife, a small child. Now it has all gone basically. I have a shit job, cant pay mortgage and need to move out, wife has left me and taken kid, I lost all my money in failed business. Life sucks. It really does. It's ok when you start with nothing, but when you have it all and lose it all you are screwed. Sucks.

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    why m i so lonely

    Posted by Vs at June 25, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness

    Damm I am 24 , working fine in pune, with lots of people around me, but still i feel lonely, no doubt i have a good personality , still no GF , i dont know why, in weekends no one to hang out with , coz all frndz have there loved one , with whome they are glued forever , lol,,,,,,but her i am sitting and doing nothing,

    earlier i used to think , that will love only one girl , the special one with whome i will marry, but now as the day's goes by that feeling is changing coz, i am feeling so lonely and depressed, and even more i cant explain my feelings also.

    what i do is just sit , smoke , drink and

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    My pathtic Life

    Posted by anonymous at June 25, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 June

    Well my life sucks because I have a very little pee pee. Itís only a 2 incher erect! No woman will date me because I am not very good looking and I never had a girlfriend in my life. What sucks is even when I pay for sex with a hooker which was only a few times, they laughed and could not help but have a smirk on their face about my tiny blue pee pee. I want to run away and hide because I am ugly and pathetic.

    Comments: 34   Votes:


    shoot me

    Posted by SM at June 24, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness

    I'm 29 and haven't had girl in 5 years. I have a major crush on a girl at work and have to listen to how great her loser boyfriend is everyday. I don't fucking care.I signed up for Eharmony and none replies. I'm getting fatter everyday from depressing eating make me more depressed. I have no friends and spend every day doing the same thing, eat, watch tv, get sad, eat, eat somemore, go to sleep. I fucking hate my life and won't get off my lazy ass to change it.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2011
    Static LinkTags: 2011 June   Money

    I have a good job, make decent money and have a wife and three kids. The problem i am having is my wife is a compulsive shopper. I cant let her have any money or she spends it like crazy. We are three months behind in rent and are being threatened with eviction, three months behind on our car payment, and i have to hide from the repo guys. I am sick of this shit! I am loosing ground fast here and she isnt helping!

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    another wack story

    Posted by nunya at June 24, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Loneliness

    my life sucks. i do have two great kids, but i'm all alone when it comes to having anyone to help me or us! i'm so lonely because there's only so much you can discuss with preschoolers. plus, i changed my religion and stopped drinking alcohol or hanging out at clubs and stuff- and it seems like that's all people my age do, so i end up alone. my kid threw my phone in the toilet. i still have service, but no phone- can't talk to anyone. lost my job because one son had such a bad asthma problem that i had to miss a lot of work, coincidentally right after my husband left us which also forced me to drop out of college. at the same time, my younger son wasn't allowed in the hospital because of a swine flu outbreak, so i had to leave the other one alone at night. now unemployment ran out. i have a boyfriend who lives with me now and keeps suckering me out of money, is totally mentally abusive and has been physically. don't judge me, i don't know how to get away. oh yeah, and he gave me herpes. he didn't know about it before he gave it to me, but nonetheless, it's something i have to live with forever that makes me feel trapped and like i no longer have the opportunity to date whomever i want. it's so bad that i have to take suppressive meds. in the last year, my hair has started turning white. i have foot pain that never goes away. now, i've become totally shut down emotionally, which is the suckiest part of this really, because i am such a loving, giving person. i just pretend nothing is going on around me, basically. my mother, who was the one i learned how to do anything from, is now hooked on prescription opiates and almost died not too long ago. there's more, but typing this doesn't really make anything better, does it?

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    i wish i had a good life..

    Posted by Lisa at June 24, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 June   Juvenile problems

    Okay im a girl who is 14 years old..
    and believe it or not my teeth are going to fall off!! due to gum disease!!
    i wish this wasn't happening. i think it's going to ruin my life and going to be hard on trying to find a guy. i dont want fake teeth. im fine the the teeth i have. i cant afford fake teeth. i pray for my teeth no to fall off. I'd do anything just to keep my teeth!!:( will a guy want me with fake teeth?! and plus its like my younger sis gets away with everything my parents dont get pissed for the things shes not suppose to. and shes a year younger than me. i hate how she wants to be like me, dress like me , and she says she doesn't but i know she does. i cant trust her no more i wish we were close but it just cant happen. i hate her. and i hate when my mom makes fun of me being skinny and being lazy. i wish i can gain weight . but i cant it just doesnt happen! its weird cuz im the nicest person in the house and my sis is stupid and loud. i guess my smart mouth got in the way idont. I just wish good things for me and everyone. it makes me cry for why me, i floss and brush still...

    Comments: 178   Votes:


    U can

    Posted by anonymous at June 24, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Life Story

    My life someday I really hated it and one day my grandma past away This girl who keeps things bottle up and not tell anyone if I cry I make sure no one see me crying, if Iím scared I do NOT run to my parents I just try my best to ignore it. My life is not that bad to most people but to me I wish I was 21 and could move far away. As a young kid I grew up with NF which is a learning disable and I had a hard time in school. I was in the specials class I always had a hard time learning new things and I was bullied and never told a sole as a kid. My family always made fun of me when I did something wrong they would call me the R world and that really hurt deep inside, but I proved them wrong a couple of years later I have a great best friend who help me in high school and I graded it was a great day for me. A few days after I graded I would wait to hear my parents say we are proud of you or my younger brother. I never heard them say it so far. A few years back I had to get brain surgery and I don't remember much of that day all I do is I had a bad headache in the morning. But my life was hard for me I never understand much in school, my family always called me the R world but there is one bright side Iím a graduated from high school and I have a great best friend who will always be there for me no matter what happens in life and I always watch Extremes makeovers to see that gang of people can make a different so why can't I. I am now studying in collaged to become a specials needs teacher so I know that maybe one day when I have a class or even kids of mine own maybe just maybe I can make a difernts to in there lifeís. This is my life

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    Lifes so fucked i dont know where to start!!!

    Posted by jo at June 23, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 June

    My lifes so fucked i dont know where to start....abuse? abortions? mum dying on me? having a kid so young? drug addiction???? fucked!!!!

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    i hate myself

    Posted by anonymous at June 23, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Juvenile problems   Sexuality

    i'm a 14yo girl from oz i'm gay and my life is bad my firend are always fighting their never stop none of my firends understand me i'm fat and ugly i can't get a girlfirend but i like this chick but i don't know if she like me my dad and mum tell me to tell her but i can't

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Life sucks

    Posted by Suede at June 23, 2011
    Tags: Job   2011 June   Mistakes

    I am currently a state employee. A promotion came up and my supervisor who i was friendly told me that I was a shoe in for the spot. The position requrired me to travel a bit further as part of my duties. So I purchased another vehicle with better gas mileage than my 8 cylinder jeep. Well today my supervisor tells me that they gave the position to another person. So now I have a new car note based on a job that I did not get and income that I won't be getting. shoe in Blah

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Stuck in my half life

    Posted by anonymous at June 23, 2011
    Tags: Job   2011 June   Loneliness   Meaninglessness   Mistakes

    I am 33 years old and as pathetic I imagine a person can be. I am a single white male, living alone and eat takeaways every day. I have no friends.
    I don't even live in a first world country.

    I had a bad upbringing and didn't get on with both my mother and strict father. Because of this I never had the opportunity to rebel and so was just a good quiet kid not trying to upset anyone. I was very underweight for my height and at school they teased me as I looked much younger than my age and because I was so thin I looked anorexic. My mother always said I was greedy taking a big serving when she made food so she made me feel guilty so I took small portions.
    I could never do activities after school or make friends as my parents were very antisocial and bough a house far away in the middle of no where and I had to take a lift directly after school to get home.
    My life during school was my imagination and daydreaming.

    My dad retired early and made my life a misery as he was an alcoholic and was at home and I had to do chores for him like buy him cigarette and alcohol, take off his shoes from his feet,clean his shoes, get him beer, make him drinks and help carry him to bed from the TV because he was too drunk to get there himself. He was a very unreasonable person treating me like a little kid and if I made any noise he could hear even if I was outside he would have a fit and scream at me for doing it.

    During school my one hobby was...

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    Comments: 31   Votes:


    #^@% up my life

    Posted by Shark at June 23, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Relationship

    20 years ago I left my soulmate, Because like a jerk, I got a women pregnat at work. So I did what I thought was right. and married the girl from work (she had 2 previous children) and I took them on as my own.
    In the 20 yrs she never worked, she quit after our baby was born.(even thou she was supposed too.)
    I worked my a@@ off for 18 yrs until I fell and am no longer able to work.
    and she dont like to cook, clean, work or even have sex anymore.
    My son has joined the service and is gone now.
    we dont talk at all anymore, I am going stir crazy. and all I can do is think of the one I let go. (sorry Teri). Hope ur life has been good for you.
    I am just sitting here waiting for death because I cant think of any other options. ( and to think that the one I married will get all my assets even thou she contributed nothing). If i go for divorce, I will get screwed, because I was the bread winner.( will have to sell house). so instead of going thru all that....... I will just wait for death. How can I make it come quick and easy.

    Comments: 37   Votes:


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