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LIFE SUCKS : 2012 June

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    nothing is fair

    Posted by no1butmyself at June 24, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    my life has never been fair to me, its hard to know were to begin. I had a pretty good life i guess until i was about 4 when i was sexually abused by my baby sitter. The worst part about it was i didnt know what was going on or that is was even wrong so i never said anything. So i teqnically never got to loose my verginity. At the age of 6 my mother started to use heroin, but the whole thing is it wouldnt of happened if i didnt become friends with the girl down the hall, i never had friends really so when we became friends so did my mom and hers, her mom introduced my mom to this guy and he got her into heroin. I remember walking in on her the first time and she yelled at me and slammed the door in my face. my father was no better, he got into the same thing but my parents wernt together. then i remember walking in on my mom and this guy she was with and they were having sex i remember asking what they were doing and he said were having sex get the fuck out. this is all in the same year. the next year the ETF broke down the door and made me lay down on the floor with a gun in my face at 7 years old and the only thing i said was wheres my baby sister. my mom ended up moving so when me and my babysister went with her she would disapear for days at a time and i would have to take care of her by myself untill the CAS took us away and eventually seperated us and i didnt get to talk to her or even see her for 5 years out of all the things iv been through that was the hardest. a...

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    What to do...

    Posted by Lost.... at June 24, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    Where to start, where to start... Well I am 19 years old, I have two beautiful baby girls and I love them to death but lately its been so hard. My two year olds father has just got locked up because in his mind it was okay to sleep with an 11year old girl so my oldest daughter has lost her dad. Its probably easier just to tell her daddy died. My youngest daughters dad i am still with but lately hes so unstable. It seems all he cares about is getting drunk and high. And let me tell you he is not the happiest drunk there has been many times we have got into physical fights. Once well I tried to protect our youngest who was in my arms. Hes in DV classes but they are obviously not working. We are only living off his lousy $90 checks considering I am still looking for a job I recently went back to HS and graduated. It hurts so bad to not be able to provide for my children, I had to beg a stranger for $1 to buy some wipes for my children. If it wasn't for food stamps at the moment we wouldn't even have food. Pathetic I can't even put food on my damn table. I sometimes look at my kids and fight the tears back, I love them so much but this life ain't good enough for them. They deserve so much more than I can offer, I hate it. My poor girls, they deserve better than me and it hurts so bad to realize that...

    Comments: 39   Votes:


    I don't know what's wrong with me

    Posted by j at June 24, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    When I was younger I was very social. I was really clever always had something funny to say. I could always make people laugh. Now I'm 17 and I'm socially awkward. I can barley fucking hold a conversation with anyone even my closest friends. I've had many chances to go for a girl that I really cared about and she cared about me and completely fucked it up. I used to be good with people, but ever since I've been in high school I've just been different. Even my very bestfriends have been becoming more distant from me. I've heard them saying I've changed and have become a little annoying and creepy now, because I barely talk anymore. I guess I'm just not meant to be around people now. I've gotten to a point of depression I haven't made one genuine connection with a human being in at least 5 years. That's all I used to live for. I feel like I'm the only one with this problem. My parents pulled me out of school so I just sit around my house lonely and bored. I hate my life. But fuck it I'm just gonna go get drunk.

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    Engagement is off

    Posted by cheese at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I had been dating this guy for over a year, was engaged about 2 months ago. I had past serious relationships before to the point of proposal from the boyfriends. However, I could not accept their proposals because as hard as I try, I could not 'click' with them. And so, unfortunately, I had to turn them down and end the relationship.
    Now back to the current boyfriend, who I finally truly fell in love with. We are so similar in many ways and he was someone I really could imagine being with for the rest of my life like no other. We started out as good friends and quickly fold into a serious relationship (I guess we should have waited a little longer in the friend phase, huh?). We both enter this relationship with hope and our flaws--he was a former marine who still deals with PTSD and I came from an abusive environment. We both accepted our flaws, tried to compromise where it fails, but because his past was much more severe (how about seeing your cousin die in front of you during combat?), he has a lot of social issues when it comes to communicating his emotions to others.
    Last night, what happened truly took the cake. Despite a number of promises that he felt to keep with me before, he understood how important it is to keep our sex life private from our friends and others. During a conversation between him and his friend, who was discussing how the boyfriend does not take no for an answer lightly, the boyfriend responded with: yeap I don't take no for an ...

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    Posted by Mike at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    hi my name is life is not a good one.
    at the age of four me and my family got evicted out of our apartment when i was 5 years old.we moved to another city.we moved right into the worst neighborhood in the whole entire city(and possibly the whole entire COUNTY)

    since i was the new kid, i would get picked on by the local kids.they would beat me up and bully me. not only this, but my mother would beat me profusely. if i we're to guess how many times i was jumped it would be too many to count.when i was about five and a half i seen my first was a good friend of my older sisters and he had to go to the hospital. i was very young but understood what happened.

    about a month later they took my pets away from us. this was becuase we couldn't properly feed them since we had a family of 8 (including a bum living in our basement)and only got 20,000 dollars a year.
    about a couple weeks after i turned 6 i was put into a foster home. i didn't know this then but i would be placed through 32 different foster homes and programs.

    let me give you a background of my family and such. my mom is extremely overweight diabetic, who has PTSD( i also have that), depression (i also have that), bipolar disorder, and is a major claustorphobiac.
    both of my sisters we're both raped by my mothers previous boyfriends.

    even though i am white one of my 2 half sisters is half puerto-rican and hung out with the LK (although she is not a memb...

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    Comments: 19   Votes:


    5 1/2 years into friend zone

    Posted by Mr. o at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I was engaged to this girl. She was just incredible. Everything you could want, she was beautiful, smart, artistic and loved star wars. we started dating, become engaged travled throughout Turkey together. I could not have been happier. While we were together she had always said that she wanted to get out of where we lived. So I ended up getting a job offer and I got to pick from a list of locations. After talking it over with her we decided on a place that was close to her sister's home. I would go there right away to start and she come when she finished school a year later. Not even three months go by and I found out she began writing love letters to men from her past. But we had been together for five years so I forgave her and we moved on. 6 months into it she calls me and dumps me. She said the romantic love was gone and that instead I had become her best friend... for fuck's sake. I've never been more lonely in my life. I have no friends and the love of my life is gone forever. fuck everything

    Comments: 124   Votes:


    forgot i was here

    Posted by you at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    On my birthday they forgot to sya any thing and made me do every thing for them and said that they hated me for the last 17 years I have lived here they also they wished I faild every thing wow what a good home I live in

    Comments: 15   Votes:



    Posted by life goes on... at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    im 20 i have few freinds and they use me to there biding, ever since a grauated, o what the fuck let me go straight to the point im a complete loser still a virgen, people make fun of me, im always deppressed sad i just wanna crie almost every 2 to 3 days. ive thought about suicide but i just dont know what stops me from doing it. ive sufferd... bulieing, made fun off called retarded its so un berabol :(. ive only had 1 girl freind and she ws kind of slutty and i left her cause she was not ready for a realtionship. wow seeind other people soo happy with girlfreinds an life, makes me think "why was i brought to this world :'( i still have my family i thank god for that :) but what about me, dont we all have some happiness in our life, i just have not experienced it so far. wow i can go on all night. im ugly, i have a face that looks reatarted and cant change that and a voice thats retarded. tell me can a retarded type all of this and have an 80 overall average grade in high school.. no they cant. im fed up with my life. if something positive does not happen to me.. i just dont know what i will do. theres alot a can tell that would make you guys crie.... i havent even gottin starded. from this point what advise can you guys give me? and i also cant talk to girls im super shy. And please no making fun of me comments its not good right now :'( i just wish i could go back in time and change alot of things. theres alot i want to say, i regret most of the things ive done. you would not believe this, i was the buffes guy in school 5"8" 215pounds muscle and still no girl.. just that slutty girk i had and im still a virgen.

    Comments: 20   Votes:



    Posted by Ohai at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I have a lot more than some people, but you know my feel. This story might be gross, which sucks.
    My parents do drugs. My dad loves taking me places because of my good grades, which makes me feel horrible for being angry for them him doing drugs. My mom is obese and does drugs too. My parents are incredibly poor, but under the circumstances I can't earn money to eat. My dad spends tons of money on fun stuff, but never on food, or things that are necessary. My parents spend so much on their own addictions that we're dependent on my grandma to feed us. And her food sucks, which also makes me feel guilty. I have incredible trouble pooping. I always have to go at inconvenient times, so I end up getting poop on my underwear. Sometimes I poop in my sleep. I think I have upper-digestive tract bleeding. The rest of my family is Christian, but I'm Agnostic. My brother is a hobo and says he will kill my mother, and also blames her for his decisions. I lied to a guy on the Internet and said I was 15. He fell for me and had a stupid kid moment and told him where I live. My parents would flip. He would flip. So I lied and told him I moved to New Mexico. He still wants to come see me. I then lied a d said my parents found out about him and the page. He still want's to come see me. I've left the website we chatted on, but I return for a few seconds to retrieve his email. Even though hardly any people check their email these days. I have emailed a farewell letter and am waiting to s...

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    cant leave the pain behind

    Posted by anonymous at June 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    my first love is with an asshole who hurts her , the mother of my kids is a pill addict , she has changed so much i cry for her embrace but she is comatose and has lost her emotions . drugs , so many drugs i have done but i still live , i yearn for her , but have gone astray , to the arms of another woman , she is beautful and kind , but so damaged , we cant have sex face to face because thats the way her uncle used to rape her . and raped her many times, she likes to listen to christain music when we have sex and wants me to take her hard as i can from the back , i want to make love to her like my other love used too face to face looking into her eyes when i clymax , she say she cant , cause her uncle ''made love'' to her like that , i want to kill that MF , my dad is inn the hosp with 11 broken bones might not even live i havent seen him , he was such an asshole to me going up, i dont know what to feel , i work hard get paid little , the bills stay stacked , i have a crappy car.........the next asshole who mess with me will regret the day i unload my fury........the painter

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    Life sucks this year.

    Posted by Somethingsgottogive at June 22, 2012
    Tags:   2012 June

    I hate my life right now. It all started when I didn't get a promotion a few months ago because Josh (my old manager) is a freaking loser. Not my fault he didn't tell his new boss (my Director)that we use to work and go to school together.. But since I used an example from the previous place he and I use to work at in my interview, he was busted and didn't like that. The dork scolded me the day after the interview and told me he would have to be the hardest on me so nobody else on the team would see it as favoritism. Yay.

    Around the same time, the awesome Social Security Administration came after me for money they said they over paid ME for my child with disabilities... which adds up to $13,879.11. You dumb asses couldn't of brought this to my attention $13,879.11 freaking dollars ago?? Amazing. Oh did I mention I'm the single parent of a 13 year old boy who has; ADHD, OCD, ODD and he's bi-polar? I love him non the less. (Yes I've gone after his father for child support, but after 10 years of him avoiding court dates like the plague, I gave up. He did us all a favor by disappearing and yes my son is better off without his drama.)

    Speaking of this child, a few weeks ago, my kid and I were about 60 miles from home watching the last solar eclipse. When we got home there was a cop waiting for us. Some kids that don't get along with my kid said my son broke a window at a vacant house down the street "an hour ago". Wow, an hour ago we were still 60 miles awa...

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    Comments: 24   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at June 22, 2012
    Static LinkTags:   2012 June

    I hate my fucking life it's like I can never do anything right anything I say or do is always wrong no matter what it is I feel like my fucking family hates me they show no appreciation what so ever in anything I do I ask my mom if I could talk to her it always I'm busy or something when she's on Facebook! Bitch like I'm not more important than Facebook? She never wants to talk to me, my family has money we have a big house thats worth over $800,000 but I don't care about the money I just need that love that's missing in my heart

    Comments: 10   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I work as a surgery resident. I work 24 h / 7 days a week. All I wanted was to help people, really.. as naive as it sounds.

    I wake up at 4 in the morning rushing to get to work, have to see 20 patients in one hour, then go to meetings, operate and see trauma emergencies until 9 in the evening. Don't even have time to eat not even pee for God's sake. Then check on those 20 patient's again. They're all upset, all the time. Now, get crap from the nurses. Go home, it's almost midnight. Too late to see your family. Read, study, get better everyday, pay bills check your email.

    My family calls me selfish because I wanted to spend my only day off in a month reading and studying. I give every minute of my life to be a great surgeon so I can help people. I would hate to have a clown operate on me or my family. But really. I do whatever it takes to cheat death and save your life and then you make a mess because the hospital food is not warm enough?
    People can be so ungrateful, I've become everything I despise. Busy, no time for family, never return calls, no friends I hate my life

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    i am going insane

    Posted by Lebron martien at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    My ho done left me fo a midget and she took all my weed. Man I cant catch no break. My pit bull done run away last week to. My moms says I got to move and I aint got no money, except for my shlitz malt liquer. What can I do????

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    lmao!! lets all laugh at our pathetic self

    Posted by Dandandan at June 22, 2012
    Tags:   2012 June

    so yea its still quite the irony. that i was discharge after 4 session into counselling. the shrink thinks im fine n now i dont have any1 to talk to anymore. i hated the shrink anyway. dam annoying foreign talents. now im all by myself with no friends or hardly any1 to talk to at home. no1 calls me or text me. beside those stupid text alert. n sometimes i be of high hope tht some1 actually cared to msg me but in the end its just a freaking spam. atleast hey i recieve a msg n my phone rang right? i dont even kne why i hve a freaking cellphonre . omg i have 2 hurray for me for the pretense of being popular n a socialite where its all a facade. well my 18 bday is up in 2 july. i hope i recieve a spam alert so atleast i could imagine some1 wishing me a happy birthday. i lost 3 kg. within a week. im gay cos im a fag who cant even score with a girl yet not even a guy lmao. im such a sorry state. that i cant be bothered anymore. all i do now is sleep go for a jog tan n pretend to talk to some1 on the phone while actually to myself whilst im outside window shopping. i had a friend but it died in december. i didnt knew cats r such loyal creatures love tht critter to death how i wish i would die. i feel so unmotivated empty in constant denial n crestfallen n i feel so freaking apathetic towards everything i duno but my life isnt as bad as most ppl here but how i wish i could be them just for a day . atleast i can know hw they feel. not to mention im deprive of sleep cos the new cat just wont freaking stfu. im sad. no job no life no nothing. well guys i hope u can use my story as a drive for u to break ur cycle cos dammit im trying hard first of
    all is to take tht 1 giant leap of faith.ohwell guys ttyl

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Rather be dead sometimes.

    Posted by anonymous at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I live with my bf of 2 years and am very unhappy with him. He doesn't do anything to say he loves me therefore, I don't believe he really loves me. I am currently unemployed and I've applied everywhere. I dropped out of school about 3 years ago. I feel like a shitty fuck up. I've got to where I just don't care about anything. My bf constantly makes me feel like shit but I can't just leave because I'm broke as hell. So the whole no job thing really depresses me. I'm trying to get my GED but I can't stay focused on it from all the stress. I'm never happy anymore. And on top of everything I'm bisexual and really, really would like to try a lesbian relationship. Like I don't even want to be with another guy. I'm so tired of guys. All I can think about is girls and wanting a gf. I'm more into girls anyways. But everything just makes me so sad. So hopeless. My only friend here is my kitty. He is like the only happiness I have here. Fuck my life. I just don't care.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    No Promises

    Posted by anonymous at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    lame life

    Posted by J R at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    my life is the a shithole. Im 18 and planning on community college after the summer, i work less then 10 hours a week so have no money to ever do anything. i drive a huge car so i can never efficiently drive places. and to top it all off whenever i do have free time i spend it with some girl that is my friend, pretty much do everything a couple does, go on dates, hang out for hours, i buy and bring her anywhere she wants yet no sex. idk i just hate my current state and almost feel like leaving everything and restarting my life somewhere else

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    stuck in hell

    Posted by felizz at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    i just completed my college. i was having crush on one girl but did not have courage to tell her. but i dont know where is she now. and i got this job which just sucks

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    Sad existence

    Posted by Unskilled at June 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June

    I am 23 years old and I have lived in the U.S my whole life. I have been arrested for 2 DUIs and am facing deportation. I lost my job because I quit out of shame, it wasn't the greatest job but it paid. I live with my parents and I spend my days sleeping and my nights awake tossing and turning or wasting my mind away on useless activities. I am so unmotivated to find a job because with my record I can only work in terrible jobs like bussing at restaurants and such. I don't even attempt to look for work because I want to die so badly. I want to run away to Colombia but I have only visited 2 times in my whole life. I am on probation and I have to pay thousands of dollars to get off probation and even more thousands to fight my deportation. My dad has been sick he had a brain aneurism and now he isn't working either. My friends consist of one girl who I secretly am so repulsed by its not even funny, and another so called friend who just picks me up and gets me drunk and in risky situations. I hate living in this life, and I always have this terrible pain in my chest when I sit and think about all the chances I had to make things right. I hate myself and I hate my condition and I wish someone or something could stop the pain.

    Comments: 18   Votes:


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