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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at October 27, 2010
    Static LinkTags: Anger   Mistakes   2010 October

    i was struggling with some mental disorder, i must have had one
    i killed my cat out of anger three years ago, and ive never been able to show my face around my family ever again, i dont care if they forgive me, i dont forgive myself
    so i essentially ran away, and life sucks, i am 20 and on the streets, i go hungry some weeks
    i know its my fault, but damn life sucks

    Comments: 17   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at July 28, 2010
    Tags: Anger   2010 July

    ... I just hate everything - the fucking endless WARS!!! they cant account for our TAX MONEY - BILLIONS - Kill all those fuckers, All this money could pay for health care - these FUCKING Republicans - Kill them ALL

    NO FUCKING JOBS, all these fucking immigrants come here to commit crimes, the Fucking Chinese - fuck them too, NO GOOD dog eating mother fuckers - our troops are in Korea and Japan - they use their money to compete with us and KICK our ass too - why the fuck are we not getting paid for the services

    Why the fuck are trading with FUCKING CHINA - cant trust those fuckers

    NOT JUST the Mexicans - why aren't rounding up the Indians and ASIANS
    They are here illegal too - we should KILL all those illegal fucks

    Why do they have to have the street name in Chinese here??? OAKLAND AND TEXAS ..There are NO street names in English over there, FUCK THEM ALL - ALL those Fucking ugly women - this country is gone to SHIT!! all these fucking politician don't trust any of them.

    ALL these fucking companies that send the the jobs to South America, India, China - then they come here to get FREE MEDICAL CARE!!!

    I am fucking MAD - The congress should take a 20% pay cut- all those fuckers make too much for doing SHIT!! WE need to get rid of all those ass holes - the next time the refuse to sign employment? THEY SHOULD NOT GET PAID EITHER, THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT - WE WILL BE COMING TO WASHINGTON SOON

    Comments: 31   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at May 18, 2010
    Tags: Anger   2010 May

    Life sucks I fail every time. Every time I am raised so high and thrown down when I'm about to succeed. I have idiotic friends around me who deserve to eat shit and die. Dion ng fuck you and go to he'll you fucking price of shit

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Why does it seem that there is one rule for everyone else and one for me?

    Posted by Allie at March 14, 2010
    Tags: Anger   2010 March

    I am absolutely sick of my friends and family making me feel like some kind of freak when I eventually voice the fact that I have had enough of their inconsideration. I am not an angry person, in fact most people tell me I have too much patience and often comment that they would burst long before I do. So why is it that when I do get angry - and were not talking shouting and screaming (although right now I do feel that way) - just literally saying 'I'm fed up with being treated this way and I am not letting it happen any longer', my friends and family react by saying things like 'oooookay' or 'wotever u say' or 'you feel better now?' or 'if you say so' or 'fine, all while pulling a face like I am acting like a crazy lady. They make me feel like I am acting irresponsibly by setting a limit or voicing my dissapointment and it hurts like hell. Especially as these people are the same ones who think nothing of voicing their opinions left right and center, dont care who they offend and say things like 'well if they dont like it...'

    Right now I am so hurt and angry at constantly being made to feel like a bad person for standing up for myself (after a lot of provocation). Im not sure how to handle what Im feeling or their reactions.

    I just dont understand why I am getting this reaction and am left feeling guilty and confused.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    what a life

    Posted by anonymous at February 7, 2010
    Tags: Anger   Family   2010 February   Juvenile problems   Loneliness

    Right from school i had no great friends.This kinda pained me when i got into middle school.i got one good friend.She too hurt my feelings and left.My father is an alcoholic & not affectionate.I wanted someone to share my feelings.
    Inaddition to this i was teased by my classmates.The hard part was i didnt know y i was teased.I was criticised for whatever i did.
    I thought this hell would b over once i reach college.But its not.its still continuing.My fucking classmates are laughing r whispering something when i passby r sit in front of them.
    This is driving me crazy.I am pretty sensitive.I am also having hairfall because of those fuckers.fucking bitches & bastards.
    I am afraid that this would continue beyond college

    Comments: 5   Votes:



    Posted by FUCK YOU!!!! at February 2, 2010
    Tags: Anger   2010 February   Juvenile problems

    IM 14 AND I LIKE THIS GIRL SOO MUCH! then when i told her she said she also had a crush on me! then at lunch today another guy asked her out! she sed yes! i mean WTF?!?! my life sucks like shit! FUCK YOU GIRL! FUCK YOU GUY! FUCK EVERY1 IN MY FUCKING BRITISH SHIT HEADED SCHOOL!

    Comments: 18   Votes:


    till death gives us peace

    Posted by Real Rogue at January 12, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Anger   Family   January 2010

    Hi people of the the trying times .... I wish I knew where to begin ....I guess the beginning?
    Born second child of one fucked up dysfunctional Granddad started sexual abusing my sis and I while we were infants. Worse then that my police detective father was aware of it all. And what apiece of work that man was. His sadism knew no limits the pain ninflicted on mysister and my self was heinous to say the least. I don't believe I can put it into word ...I shake and tremble at sharing those depravities. needless to say Life spent hating and living in contemp of yourself can be quiet the story. But how to tell it how to put into print all that evil, hate, injustis I want to just throw up right now . can we righht more later here ??

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    nothing left

    Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2009
    Tags: Anger   Independent circumstances   December 2009   Juvenile problems

    what do you have to lose when you have nothing left? thats what i need to know. i hate life, it hates me. my dads in prison, mom hates Me have 2 loves and both of them i cant have. 1 belongs to my bestfriend, and the other doesnt want to "be involved with 7th graders" yeah im in 7th grade, 13 and already been through more crap than most of you adults. i have nothing sure i have a few friends, but they can get new ones, and most of my family hates me so what do i have to live for? all of you kids talk about how it is with your parents, try living with me i live with my grandma, aunt, uncle,2 littles cousins, my aunts husband, and my uncles aunt, and not all of them like me. you say that your parents are rough, ok, but try mine. you say your life sucks,ok i believe you, but try mine then tell me about it i cut to get rid of the pain, but it doesnt help anymore, so i stop. its this simple

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Trapped. Help.

    Posted by anonymous at December 21, 2009
    Tags: Anger   December 2009   Family   Loneliness

    I am sure my problems are not as bad as the next persons and I say sorry in advance for this self-indulgence. Im not a teenager either - I'm a lonely 30 something. Female. No partner. No kids. Studied a profession at university for 8 years, worked for several years and then got made redundant last year. Since then, to keep my home I have started working for my parents in their family business. I know I am lucky to have what I do, but I am really struggling here. It was my parents who basically pushed me several years ago to buy a house. Now the mortgage is so hard to manage by myself. My family don't understand. They all have money and they have each other. They would consider me a failure if I walked away from it (the mortgage). To cut a long story short, I hold a lot of anger toward my family. Years ago I was raped and I was also molested as a kid and I still harbour this deep resentment at them all for never having to go through what I did. In honesty, they were never there for me when I needed them and it is clear I have grown up as an after-thought. To top it all my mother told the rest of the extended family what had happened to me so it is so awkward and embarassing every Xmas to see your aunts and uncles and to hear that tone of judgement in their voice about my past. Whats worse, my family get angry with me if I ever bring it up and ask why they told everyone. They tell me I should 'get over it'. Am I crazy or is that ridiculous? My brother is the star. He ea...

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    Comments: 25   Votes:


    Why life sucks?

    Posted by anonymous at October 19, 2009
    Tags: Anger   Family   Health   Juvenile problems   October 2009

    Sometimes if someone asks me to share my life story I say no. Why? Well it's because I'm scared of what they may think after I'm done. Everyone that has tried to find out I've told to fuck off. And I only opened up to one girl who means so much to me, because she knows how I feel. But now, I think that there are people out there who should know about my life. All I should be considered to you is a 15 year old boy with too much anger, stress and sleeping problems. You don't know my name, you don't know who my friends are, you don't know where I live so why does it matter?

    I'm growing up in a dysfunctional family. My father has a range of mental disorders, including bi-polar. My mother has anxiety and depression. She puts all her hope in an imaginary god who doesn't exist. My oldest sister exploits herself in ways I will not describe. My other sister on the other hand is the opposite. She is anti social and is slow. Meaning she thinks differently. Then we come to my brother. He is the worst case. He has drug induced psychosis. (Psychosis from doing many different drugs) From when he was 15-22 he would smoke, weed, crack, snort cocaine, eat shrooms,take heroin, ecstasy. I think weed is fine. I even do it a few times a month. But when it comes to drugs this serious....I can't help but to feel sorry for my brother. Anyway. My brother is on anti psychotic medicine and will be on it for the rest of his life. Now that he's 25 all hope for him i...

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    Posted by anonymous at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Anger   Drinking   Family   September 2009   Society

    I dont know what to do anymore..... My life sucks.
    First off let me say that im currently a 17 year old male, I live with my mother and stepfather(who is actually my uncle) ill come back to that in a minute. Anyways we are being evacuted come next week, third time this FUCKING YEAR!!! The reason for this is both my mother and step father/uncle are alcoholics. Every pay check my, " STEP DAD", gets they both go straight to the bar that same day. They drink all night long, which eventually ends with my mom getting into a fight with my step dad and getting her ass beat. She still has bruises from the last time.
    My Step Father is a ex con who is in turn my uncle from my dads side. So my mother left my dad for my uncle. Sounds pretty white trashy dont it? Anyways i have moved from four different high schools in the last three years. Theres a reason for this, at my original school i was beaten to a pulp by four of my class mates on the football team. Look it up its true. I had a broomstick snapped over my side and fractured three of my ribs. But thats just were my problems start after being in the hospital for three weeks i comeback and the school says i received the injurys from football!!! i know right? Then i rumor gets started that i was sadomized by the broomstick. That leads to me fighting a lot more and being kicked out. Which before i was scared of fighting but i was so angry and deppressed i dont give a shit. So i move to another school. Same story, ev...

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