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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by jackyu at June 24, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Mistakes

    juys i am 28 iam tall and white .......once i had been to be a party wid ma new frnds....they drank to the max and raped a local girl near the ground....for whch i was too taken care of nears cops.....i was kickd out of home....and i workd harder and harder as a chef i saved every penny i could honestly....i worked for 3 years in an hotel which showed utter rented home was burgled and broken......i lost all d money i saved.....the owner of the home but a case on me reporting i was resp for breakdown of his health turned bad....nd i came to know that i had blood cancer......i wanted to commit suicide and climbed a building but the guards took down and bruised me to hell i was bleeding and i started to beg for food but as they say every cloud has a silver lining i was taken as a servant in ma masers home where i exist to date nd were i am writing dis....i frequently vomit blood every 1 dislikes me here ...xcept my master who is not against me..,,,i still live wid d hope dat god bless and protect me as he was doing all life doesnt suck but telling ma life is an attempt to convey that hold hope like u r breath and ull see lite in life

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Kid napped and rped on my way home

    Posted by Carol at June 22, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    One day I decided to walk to work becuase it was a warm day but not hot. Imad eto work with no problems. At 6 I was walking home when a van pulled up next to me and two men pulled me in. There three men in the van one was driving. They gagged and bindfolded me. I felt my shoes being pulled off. then heard the sound of my dress slip bra stockings and panties being ripped off. The van stopped and I as raped by all three men. I was still blindolfolded and gagged the threw out of the van with my shoes only. After they I put on myshoes and a woman saw me and took the hospital. the police let me keep my shoes. they where my clothes were i told the men that raped still have and they ripped them off me. Ws gicen some scrubs and the police took me home. They never cuaght the men that raped and leftme in my shoes. I feeel shame violated Humilated and embaressment. It is the lowest I have felt. I want tose men cuaght before another poor girl is attacked.

    Comments: 45   Votes:


    Why did this happen to me?

    Posted by mary at June 22, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    A boy took me to prom and we had a wonderful time. when time to go he told to get int and he drove a sucluded location and tokk off my shoes and zipped my dreess and pulled it off the he took my slip strpless bra and apntyhose. I was in nothing but my underwear. He put my clothes in a bag and blidfolded and drove around for long time I was clod becuase I was in my underwear. he stopped the van again took off my underwear and raped my for long time. He told to put my underwear on and he threw out of the van an left in my underwear I found my clothes he have been throwing my clothes out he window as he drove away. i put in thec lothes as I found them and went ot he hospital myself and the police took all my clothes. Tey did rape kit and he was cuaght two days later. The found thing on me and my clothes and in his van. I got my clothes after thtrial he got serval years for rape akidnapping and false impriionment. Why did this haapen to me? I did not do anything to desrve what I went through. If some that doesn't suck then waht does?

    Comments: 40   Votes:


    "women don't lie"

    Posted by anonymous at June 17, 2010
    Tags: Crime   Friendship   2010 June   Justice   Money   Society

    *READ FIRST* - This got forwarded to me the other day through an old college buddy. I think I know who wrote this, and if he ever sees this I hope he can move on, as cold as that sounds. It's been five years buddy.
    I had a pretty decent life up until my freshman year of college. Friends, supportive family, always had something fun going on. Freshman year 2005, I went to a party with a handful of friends from school and wound up hooking up with a way-out-of-my-league girl I'd known from class. We were both drunk, so was everyone. But we were both lucid enough to have a good time. She and I even spent the night together, in the morning we exchanged numbers and everything. I didn't hear back from her again and she ignored my calls; I chalked it up to a one-time deal.
    A week later I come back to campus from a funeral and get arrested for rape. I guess since word got out that I had managed to have sex with the queen on the cool girls, this cunt couldn't handle the social ramifications so she went to the cops and told them I'd slipped her something and raped her. Expelled, all my credits were forfeited (so long to $30,000). Did three days in jail waiting for bail money. Wind up going back home to slightly less-supportive family. Did the court thing. Bitch lied through her teeth, and of course had the biggest bulldyke of a lawyer I'd ever seen. She couldn't even keep her bullshit story straight but since "women don't lie about rape", she won. My lawyer got m...

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    One change

    Posted by Courtiny at June 8, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June

    I was terrible imy younger days I was doing crime nothing vioolent. I stel cars rob homes and shop lift. I did all that. The last three times I shop lifted it was threes strikes on you are out and I di dstrike andende upin JV at 15. Te first that happen s is they take you jewelry and purse then they take to another where you are strip searched and spray with bug spray and make the girls take a shower. Tey make for shower athe same timeit epadites the proess. after i di my time I decide to change. One chnge and I blew it. i mgot put in a womens prsion becuase of my age iwas 18 I got 4 years previously. Entering is like entering JV but you not in a room but you are put into a cell. At my first hearing the sent me to women's boot camp. It was tough to be there getting yelled at all the time. Shake downs were embaressing they would strip every woman there during shake down. I was 5 shake down while i was there until my release. Then i did chnge and walked the straight and narrow. I have bee to those places and I knew I would be there after i got put in boot camp if I didn't change then. If you the crime then you ended bein in jv prsion or boot camp then you wil know it is time to chnge I now off parole and I have no probation. Im 35 and I have three duaghters. I have beea free woman at 27 and I have wen tback to t lifeof crime scence. Eery one gets second chnce and some folks never change but peros if they want to. I did.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    long list of bad decisions, life suks mainly because i fucked my chance

    Posted by gilign at June 3, 2010
    Tags: Crime   Drugs   2010 June   Poverty   Relationship

    started this life with a poor large family, parents constantly displaying acts of violence through out my was always working his bones off to support sick mother and family(15hrs day mostly), while trying to defend and secure the relationship.
    i ended up giving up and leaving at 13. lived ok and continued to educate myself. going ok till i went bak to home town(age 15),to be a bit closer. started to hate mum(the acts of violence were too much)and couldn,t believe the fact dad was still trying to sustain love and there relationship
    my bad decisions soon follower after that.
    (age 16)
    i started to smoke pot and stealing anything to sustain the habit. left school and went to the street side of life.
    i moved alot from here(most states).
    (within the next 5 years i ended up with a rap sheet a dozen pages long)
    one thing i never have done is a violent act.
    (age 18)
    ended up in vic on street, taking coke, speed, any thing i can get, stealing cars, making drugs.( not making money just support habit)after trying to get full education (11 and 12 in 1 year).
    (age 23)
    went bak home town and to my amaizment divorce was being spoken about. happened
    (age 28)
    devorce finally happened
    still resent mum. but glad dad happly married now for 2 years from now.

    back to me

    i went straight for nearly 2 years and lapsed once so i agreed to do drug counseling(god bless the salvation army). i did discharge myself ...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:


    I screamed and nobdy heard me.

    Posted by Ann at May 31, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 May   Violence

    i walk for my health and I thoght my nieghbor hood was safe from crime. No place is safe. I was just around dusk and Iwas walking when a man wearing a si mask took me at knife in to the woods there were house near by a screamed and nobdy heard the he tape my mouth. He cut he lace of my shoes and puled them off. The cut my t-shirt bra shorts panties and scoks off of me. Then he raped me. after he left i crawed to one the houses nude. The I crawled just my frend Martha. she too me inside and called to police they colloect my clothes. Martha took me to the hospital the police asked to describe him but I could n't becuase he as wearing ski mask. Iwas 24 then Ima now 29 and he has benn cuaght to this day I wonder if he has to any other women and they are scared to come foreward with the information. I am afraid to walk around my neighborhood becuase he could be looking for his next victim or he get me and rape me again.

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