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LIFE SUCKS : Justice

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Life long dream deflated

    Posted by kebrana at October 11, 2011
    Tags: Health   Justice   2011 October

    I am 38 and was diagnosed with uterine cancer at the age of 34. I survived and am grateful for medical advance. I had been trying to have a baby when I was diagnosed. So my dream of having a baby was deflated. My husband and I started looking into adoption but was turned sown because of his drug felonies when he was younger came up and deflated this idea of adopting. I wonder sometimes why I am still here I always believed my purpose on earth was to become a mom. I am now pushing my husband away. He is a great man and I do love him. I just can't help blaming cancer and society for deflating my dream. You may ask why society, it is because people don't give people a second chance anymore. My husband lived on the streets when he was younger because his parents were strung out on crack, and their drug dealer made him sell. He was busted got a year and when he came out the drug dealer made him sell again and he was busted again. He can never have it espunged. So life sucks royally when your dream is deflated.

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    I've got you all beat!

    Posted by Tod at September 29, 2011
    Tags: Justice   2011 September   Sexuality   Society

    I'll admit I've only read a few of your stories, just to get the general vibe of the site. However, I can bet money my life sucks more than yours.

    I am a 52 year old man who must register as a sex offender for the rest of my life. Because of that, I can not get a job. I can not find a decent place to live. I can not make friends with or date anyone respectable. I'm likely to die penniless and alone, and possibly homeless.

    Oh, but it gets worse. I'm about as ordinary, normal and boring of a guy that you'll ever meet. I don't drink. I don't abuse drugs. I don't even smoke. I've never harmed, harassed, threatened nor been inappropriate with anyone - man, woman or child - ever in my entire life.

    If that's not bad enough, read on.

    I was living a pretty good life before all of this happened. I worked as an Excel developer for a great company where I'd been for over ten years. I lived in an upscale neighborhood. I drove a nice car. I did not associate with criminals or crack heads. My friends were law-abiding, reputable members of the community. There was nothing about my life, nothing about what I said or did or the way I acted, that would make you think that I was anything more than just a regular guy. It never occurred to me for a second that my life crumble like it has.

    A few years ago I developed an obsession with online porn. I started spending so much time looking at porn I would even make excuses to not go to work or be wi...

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    Comments: 82   Votes:


    Eat a dick life.

    Posted by Loser at September 24, 2011
    Tags: Family   Job   Justice   Money   2011 September

    Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!! I have three kids, no job, a cripple wife goimg througj opiate,withdrawal, which by itself is pretty shitty. Im also a full time college student failing everything cause I have no fucking help taking care of three small kid. Im scared to leave them home with my wife while I make the hour drive to school because she doesnt wake up some days, if she does she barely gets off the couch. My house is fucking disgusting, im gome at school all day, when I get home its dinmer, bathtime,bedtime, homework till 1am, then up at 5. This all sucks pretty bad, but I,also have to pay childsupport for two kids, two moms in another state, for kids I never see. Worse still, they took me to court when I was makimg 75k a year, so my child support payment is highr than my morgtage, which I cant pay cause my job was,shipped to china. I cant get the courts to modify child support because im out of state and cant afford a lawyer. I also have a crazy tiny penis, and weird butthair. I pray every single day for a fucking comet to slam into the earth and destroy my miserable life. Fuck me, I hate myself, I hate my life, I despise everythimg about me. If I wasnt such a damn coward, id headbutt the sidewalk till I died.

    Comments: 56   Votes:


    Wasted days

    Posted by anonymous at September 20, 2011
    Tags: Drugs   Justice   2011 September

    When I was in the third or fouth grade in Waco,tx the school srink took me to his little room and undreesed me and fondeled me, I was ashamed and didn't tell a soul soon after it got worse do I need to say more,I found my self looking at other boys,but liked girls so i was in this world with thoughts of sex with the same sex but didnt want to live like this so i had sex with other boys and it grew into a closet thing. Had many flings with men then felt ashamed.Got married young had kids but wasnt happy,spent my youth high on pot then cocaine. Was in four relationships (with women) all the while having thoughts of being gay and having sex with men, I'm in a relationship now but the last relationship was the one one I thought would last forever.IT went bad after ten years we got mixed up on speed,coke then crack we moved anouther girl in with us and I got them both pregnet the drugs got worse and they both had babies she soon moved out and left someone called cps and they took my baby girl,then my women got picked up sent to jail for a rock and I moved in with the other girl we smoked crack till we were broke and thats when I stole some from a dealer when he came to collet we fought and i hit him with a pipe and knocked off his ear the cops came and I went to jail while in jail they came to me with papers to sighn my baby away to a couple I had no choice so i did and spent a year in out and every thing is gone broke and on the streets for two years smokeing crack having wierd sex with men and women for dope, I really think the time in school set me up to fail

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    I lost ten years of my life.

    Posted by Emily at September 9, 2011
    Tags: Crime   Justice   Mistakes   2011 September

    I am now 31. when i was 20 I conviced of a crime. I was charged with theftby receiving. they gave ten years in prision. I was put in custidy as soon as the judge gav my sentence. I was put on the bus with serval other women and the all were wearing street clothes and i had ona pretty floral dress balck heels nude stockings white slip white bra and white panties with butterflies and flower print. We taken off the bus and put in to holding cell at the prsion. The took to anther area where there was stalls with no doors. The officer said that it was time for body cavity search and she alos said when the basket is full give to the guard. While I was getting undressed I saw other women undressing. I strip down to my bra and panties and the guard I had take off everything. As soon as i put my bra and panties in the basket I gave the it to the guard. After the search they made us take shower and we only got 30 seconds. they gave uniforms and we had to sign in. One night I got raped. 3 women took to another part of the jail and ripped of my uniform and lingerie and and fondold me and committed sexual acts on me. Then they beat me. I was in the imfirmery for a week to recover. That still plays over and over in my mind. Ten years lock up raped and lost my veginity. I served the entire sentence. I got 6 monthes ago. No to help me no freinds. No one to love me. I was pretty when i went in to prisoin and came out rough looking. My life sucks becuase of on stupid thing I did. I am lost with the ten ten years of my life gone. I wish i could find a man to love me. My parents wil not help me and I can get job becuae there is no job to get. My life sucks.

    Comments: 215   Votes:


    Life really does Suck

    Posted by fertilemyrtle at September 2, 2011
    Tags: Justice   Mistakes   Relationship   2011 September

    Two and a half years ago I had my three children taken away from me. It happened because I caught their father cheating on me and I tried to run the girlfriend over with my car. My three month old baby was in the car with me. I was arrested and did 120 days in jail. I lost everything while I was locked up, my house, my car, my business, all my belongings & especially my children. After I got out of jail, I gave the asshole a second chance. We were homeless & living in a hotel (my parents had my kids) I knew my family would not be happy about going back with him, so I had to hide it from everyone. I ended up getting pregnant. I knew I couldnt care for another child, so we deciced to give him up for adoption. I hid my pregnancy from everyone. Afterwrds I was so depressed & the asshole left me for another woman to take care of her & her son. Meanwhile Im still living in a hotel< working my ass off trying to get a place so I can get custody of my kids back. Shit happened with that girl and he moved back in the hotel with me. I get pregnant again... I decide to place that baby for adoption as well. I use the money I received to leave him and get a car, apartment and furniture to get my 3 children back.

    My baby is 3 weeks old today and my son will be 1 on tuesday.... I miss them so much and really think I made a big mistake, but there is nothing I can do. I am so lonely and miss thier dad too, but I know he is bad for me. I dont have anyone to talk about this with. I feel I like the only way to end the pain is to die.

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    Check this one out...

    Posted by Censored at July 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Justice

    I had the perfect life, I had a nice car a loving home, a good job and again I'm only 25 but it all chaged the morning if Feb 9,2009 i was 23 years of age, it went down like this. I remember sitting in my bed asking my girl for a quikie because I needed to report my self to INS, well here i was going to INS
    when i got there we waited for like an hour then, guess the fucking detained me. me detained me a person who has never commited a crime never even killed a damn fly. So got trown in some detention facility surrounded by stinking mexicans i aint no racist but GODDAMN. It took them almost a year to deport me. So Now here I am in country with with any family and friends and no one to talk to the country i will not say but its still in a America. To top it off my parents slit up my wife thinks I'm cheating there many beautiful women here
    and the truth is i dont know if i'am ever going back home. Talk about injustice huh. My fucking life sucks now

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    Goverment + Evil + Greed = Same

    Posted by Reagan Callum Huchtins at July 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Justice   Money   Society

    im reagan and im fucked, i was 14 1st job at austwide trolleys got paid one paycheck Bout $400- $70 4 uniform so $330. did that job 4 about 10-12weeks b4 i checked my balance to give my mum some money and bang there was only $330, my 1st paycheck. i asked the boss wat the go was and he said hed sort it. bout 1wk later got fired 4 stealing a can of drink which =33c and he thought (marshall boss of austwide trolleys in brisbane metro area) that cause i took a rrp 33c drink im nothing but a scum bag not that im working my arse off, saving my money, keeping out of trouble and being good No he thougt fuck hes done wrong i DONT HAVE TO PAY HIM i can keep the $3000+ that hes earnt WAT A GREEDY CUNT. now we will skip a whole bunch of bs cause theres one more thing i really want to say... the police a fucked mate ive been beatin by them 4 the littlest reason so many times everytime i see one i just wish he was dead and i no he will b one day. Bout 10 months ago i was walking home i had a argument with my mum and my sister my step dad tried to stop me leaving the car cause he new i was rite but na i wouldnt have it (my sister is spoilit and she said i got it easy WHEN I DONT). so im on my way home jumped out at queens road and walk to loganlea trainstation and caught the train to kingston(we i lived), on the way some coppers pulled up the wanted to talk to me i said "No get fucked im drunk, ive had a fight with the fam and im walking straight home". Wat do u think he said ill tell ...

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    Life just hit like a ton of bricks.

    Posted by Hope-less at July 19, 2011
    Tags: 2011 July   Justice   Money

    Have you ever lived a life that's already miserable, but then something big happens and you open your eyes and see how much your life truly sucks? I just did today. My husband got a letter from the federal courts today saying he has been indicted on counterfeit movie charges. he has to answer the indictment next Wednesday and he may not be coming home. he could get up to 5 years in federal prison, far from home. We have 2 small children, he's already on probation 5 years, once he's convicted, he could serve his original 5 years in prison on that when they revoke his probation. I'm in school full time at a for-profit college and i will be in over $20,000 debt for a degree no job will ever accept. my glasses are broke and i'm wearing contacts that are over a year old. gotta love risking an eye infection or even blindness. but what choice do i have? I need to see and i can't afford new glasses or contacts. my kids are just mean, disobedient brats, but i love them to death, so maybe I'm too soft on them. my house is in horrible condition with a blown out sewer pipe under the house, holes in the walls and windows, no ceiling at all in one room, no inside doors, leaky pipes, and the worst fucking cockroach, fly, and flea infestation, you could ever imagine. just one big, filthy, stinking, unsanitary shitpile. local charities won't help fix it because it's a mobile home. fuck the fact that we have 2 kids living in this hellhole. what can i do? I get an SSI check every month fo...

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    Comments: 27   Votes:


    living in hell

    Posted by anonymous at July 16, 2011
    Tags: Drugs   2011 July   Justice   Money

    heroin addicted ripped out my moms hands given to strangers who never had time to deal with my problems so they druged me up and i was raised by grandma found beautiful girl fell in love she turned out to be a slut and fucked everybody in the whole class i was in at school even the teacher. sent away by narcisistic adoptive family to boarding school with psycologists who gave me more diagnosisis and more drugs got back, grandma couldnt remember me alzhimers. missed first year and a half of my nephews life grandma dies, find biological family, grandpa pillar of that family dies my biological mom dies i get drunk check out cleark refuses to sell because im intoxicated so i steal beer loss prevention assults me punches me in the back of the head i move my head so i dont get punched and security punches the pavement and scrapes his nuckle i get assult charge. almost off probation depressed day want to smoke weed cant so i get drunk catch another bogus assult charge go to jail 3 months fuck up probation get probation violation go to jail 6 months grandma dies and leaves house hoarder status brother ransacks house for anything worth anything and sells like a tweaker bails on cleaning and leaves this place to be cleaned by my sister who has 2 kids and is being evicted and me who is fucked by girlfriends brother on our morgage money so we had to move out and rent the place and our renters fucked us and we havent seen a penny and im currently homeless grandmas house has to be demolished because of black mold girlfriend loves to bitch at me

    Comments: 25   Votes:


    Some people win some people lose.

    Posted by Christos at July 3, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 July   Justice   Money

    I was a bad kid when growing up. I skipped school all the time always doing the wrong things, I even dropped out of school. But then I made the best of it that I could. I started living right working taking care of things in my life without any problems. Until I had some girl come on to me and she told me that she was as old as I was. Later on I found out she was younger and never talked to her again. She decided to go her mom and say I raped her which didnt happen. I wen't to the police department and they questioned me and I told them outright that I never raped her. But she did come onto me and we did have sex. The police officer beleived me and told me that she wished I never said anything because She then had no choice but to file it. Later on I got arrested just for the age difference because of the laws in my state. I got a girlfriend who I was so attatched to while going back and fourth to court. Hoping I could beat it in court. with no luck. I got sentenced to jail for a year and a half with a felony on my record now. I went to school for automotive but had to stop to help my mom pay off back taxes on her house. while doing that my student loan payments were behind and now in order to finish I would have to pay around 10k up front. In this ecomeny jobs are so hard to get without a felony conviction nevermind with one. I ended up working like crazy like 90 hours a week. just so I could make a decent amount of money. and then I hurt my back by getting ejected out o...

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    Posted by WoW at June 10, 2011
    Tags: 2011 June   Justice   Life Story

    I am 30 years old and have had a life of experience and yet one I wish I never had. I can take responsibility for my actions any day of the week but I will not for things I have done nothing wrong for. My life begins with the typical parents fighting all the time and watching the abuse first hand at the same time trying to stop it even though I was 5. This continued on for many years until I was 12 and they divorced.
    After the divorce I began to get into trouble finding ways to release my anger and pain on the world and I did a great job finding any reason to fight and doing pretty good at it. As time goes I find drugs and alcohol hoping I would fit in and relieve the pain and anger. Needless I was neglected growing up and always having bad luck on top of my stupid choices makes a rough life. I have been in and out of institutions from juvenile to jail to every damn prison in my state except for one. I have friends die from suicides, car accidents, drug overdoses and some other crazy stuff. I have been stabbed in the back so many times that I have learned what to look for and it happens but not as much. I have had cops, judges, and etc. about me to keep me behind bars. When I was 19 my third felony I was charged with statutory rape for sleeping with a girl who said she was 16 but really was 15. Because of how my state is they give you 28 months for that offense based on criminal history but also when they send you away you they dont tell you about this thing called c...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    no kids

    Posted by over it at May 8, 2011
    Tags: Justice   2011 May   Relationship

    married for 6 years, had two kids. I loved my wife and family and did everything I could for them. I worked full time, did the house work, did all the night shifts when the kids were babys, changed them, played with them, they are my world. had no time for me but that was not an issue. I left the marriage after years of getting pychologically abused by a wife who suffers major depression, who refused to let me in to try and help her. The law would not let me take my kids with me so now I have no contacted with my kids as the ex is using them for revenage and there is nothing the law can do to help me I just have to wait until the law does something. The law in this country and world is fuked up. I know now why parents walk away from there kids as the ex partner and the law do nothing but rip ur heart & soul appart until you either walk away or kill yourself. My world does not exsist when i don't have my kids, people tell me to be strong but you can show it on the outside but in side your broken into a million pieces. Life Suxs

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Back to jail

    Posted by Sara at April 3, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Justice

    I wen to jail,again and ow I will be here for 2 months I will be out the first of may I went in in the first of March. Get accused of something you have no knowedge of. I thant i have ben falslly arrested and not know wha t i am charged with. My boss got me a lawyer. He will keep me emplyed becuase I ahve showen everyday ready to work and it has always got there on time. I start my assebly line right at 8 sharp and work until 4 monday through friday 40 hours a week. I wonder if I am about to be letgo becuase of the destruction in Japan. That is where some the parts come from.

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    life truly sucks for those who deserve it least

    Posted by I am Me at March 23, 2011
    Tags: Job   Justice   2011 March   Money

    Today I am driving home from work. I get stopped by a fucking cop who says I was speeding.....64 in a 50.....NO WAY. Yes I was speeding I was going 55 in a 50. The road I turn on was coming up so I was preparing to slow down for my turn. The stupid cop clocked two of us. The car in front of me and myself but I was the one speeding! I don't think so. And I told the mother fucker I wasn't the one doing 64 there was no way. The dick gave me a ticket anyway. Okay fine.....I got a ticket about 4 months ago and if I didn't get another one for a year the points would never show up on my license. I have been very careful about not going more that 5-8 miles over the speed limit so I wouldn't get another ticket....I know that is still speeding but most cops let you off if it is not more than 5 miles over. I work for a school corporation and not in a teaching positition. I make less than $10 an hour and work only 30 hours per week so you can imagine my paychecks aren't very big. Just the other day I was figuring that I worked all day so I could filll the gas tank on my vehicle. So now I have two tickets and no money to pay the last ticket and a job I love but don't make any money at. I lost my mother less than a year ago and had to take time off work for her funeral and didn't get paid for it. and got into debt because I didn't make any money while I was taking care of her last days and funeral arrangement and everytime i move one step forward I get knocked back three steps. I can't get ahead and I am tired of this bullshit life I have to deal with. I just want out!

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    xmas 2010

    Posted by anonymous at February 26, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 February   Justice   Loneliness   Mistakes

    x-mas eve 2010,I have been in an arguement with my wife,due to I wanted to try and work from home,other then going to the same shit job I had for the past 14 years.I have bipolar disorder,I was going through one of my manic phase,I thought I could make money at home through a raido-wifi feed.We decided to spend the night at my wife"s parents house,due to we have not spoken to my parents in years.When we arrived I was telling my in-laws about what I thought I might want to do for work.My Mother in law told me if I left my job and didn"t have another,then I could go to hell.My wife was angry with me,everyone started shouting at me,telling me to sit down and shut the fuck up.My 2 boys were there as well,15 year oldand a 11 year old.I spent about $500 on my kids that was sitting on the floor,that we brought with us.After everyone making me feel like a piece of shit,I wanted to drive myself home.My father in-law,stood up blocked me,and forced me to sit on a stool in kitchen.I told them they are holding me here against my will.My mother in law herd that went in bedroom called police.My mother in-law and my wife told the police I am fucking nuts with a mental disease.The police gave me a choice jail or mental hospital.I figured this is fucked,I cant watch my kids open presents I bought?..So I start yelling outside(look police are going to beat me up).That was enough for them to kick my ass and take me to jail.I spent x-mas there through new-years.When I finally got out on bond...

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    Comments: 15   Votes:


    wish god would help

    Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2011
    Tags: Addictions   Drugs   2011 February   Justice   Money

    Im 27, I have a 1 yr old with a girl i love & fucked it up with, and my life is fucked. i got addicted to heroin when i was about 17, stayed addicted, went to prison, got out got back addicted, and finally a few years ago kicked with the help of suboxone. i was able to hold down a functioning life and had a son. I was supporting babys mamma/son when a crooked cop pulled me over and threw some dope on me. I had to sit 6mos. in jail but eventually got found not guilty. she & the baby had to move to her moms house 2 hours away. so because of being in jail 6 mos. i've lost my apartment, job, car, girlfriend, and what hurts most my son. also the doctor i was on (who was free) stopped writing subox and now i cant afford to get back on it, so im shooting dope and going through withdraws again. Im broke so im staying with family who dont like me bcause of my past (cant blame em) and they made it clear i cant stay long so the next step is homeless in new orleans. im depressed im a nervouse wreck, i miss my life, i miss my family. i cant even support them i cant even support myself, & now im considering eating a bottle of sleeping pills.

    Comments: 28   Votes:



    Posted by A. Davis at February 7, 2011
    Tags: 2011 February   Health   Justice   Money

    By: A. Davis of Dallas, TX

    I was a successful business man and sales rep for a semi-conductor company. I made a great living, and I worked and played hard. In 2000 I began having really bad headaches. I continued to work every day, but was going through MRIs and CT scans in the hope of finding a reason for them. They would go away for a few months, and then return worse than ever. This went on for a few years. In May of 2003, just after my 27th birthday, I was sent for a spinal-tap as a standard testing procedure. I took the day off, as I was told, and made the appointment. I didn’t know that I would NEVER return to work, and would loose everything. The doctor that performed the procedure was, “On call” and came in to help because they had booked too many patients. Nobody knew she had been drinking. She crippled me for life. Not only that, but I am a Level-10 Chronic Pain Patient. I’ve had 17 spine procedures to attempt to help with the pain on some level. However, the nerves are so severely damaged, there is nothing else that can be done. If that wasn’t bad enough… I filed my lawsuit just before the malpractice limit was passed into law. I had a 50 Million Dollar lawsuit. My lawyer knew that after the law passed, his business was down the tubes. So…he took a bribe form the insurance company, and dropped me at the last moment. He had my case for 23 and one-half months of the 24 month window for the lawsuit. With less than two weeks left…nobody would ta...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by j at February 1, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 February   Justice

    Just got out of jail but by being in lost everything. Apartment, girlfriend, son, car ,job etc. Thought it would be better when i got out. Staying with relatives till i can get back on my feet. they talk to me like shit cause theyre helping me and they know ill let them cause i dont want to be homeless. I really miss my son, he made 1 today. I want to shoot some heroin..

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    thirty year old

    Posted by anonymous at December 29, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Family   Justice   Loneliness

    When i was in elementary school my parents were really strict and didnt let me have friends or do anything except for schoolwork. My dad would always yell at me to do everything perfect and my mom wouldnt let me leave the house ever because she thought i would die. I was an only child and very lonely. In middle school noone would be my friend because i was so quiet and socially awkward because of my strict parents. Whenever I tried to make an approach for a conversation to one of classmates they would either laugh and walk away or ignore me. It was as if I was not even a real human being. I then went to a much bigger high school and was so out of place i didnt make any new friends or do anything. Also it was all boys so i met no girls in four years. Then I went to college and was finally free to do watever I want. I got drunk for the first time one night (not because I was against drinking in high school but I had no friends to drink with) and had sexual relations with a girl for the first time. However when I woke up I realized she was hideous and ugly and also a bitch so i imeadietly regretted it. She gave me herpes even though she said she was clean and I used a condom. Then she claimed I raped her (which I did not most of the time she was on top of me and I dont even think I touched her aggresively with my hands at all) and told the school and police. Noone would listen to me and I got kicked out of college within the first week of semester and put on a sexual predat...

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