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LIFE SUCKS : Meaninglessness

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Tired of Life

    Posted by anonymous at March 18, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    Life if full of nothing but misery. I am always told by people that I should just focus on the positives, or be happy, but I can never seem to achieve this type of mentality. I just keep thinking about how much life sucks, and just how meaningless all of it seems to be. I'm 18 years old, and I have lived long enough to know that I want no part of this life any longer. It would probably be the best thing if I just died in my sleep. I know that I should probably try harder in life, and some of my problems are my own fault, but its just so hard. I see all these different people in this world, and no one seems to want to get along with each other. Most people seem to enjoy contributing to this endless cycle of hate and pain, which really makes me sad. I have some really good friends and family who mean the world to me, but I have an equal amount of bad family, or people who have pretended to be nice to me, just to turn around and be an ass to me. I don't even have a girlfriend. I want to love a girl so much, but none of them seem to show an intrest in me. And to make things worse, I see all of these pricks with these girls, and I just keep wondering why they would take a jerk, over someone who would care about them, and love them. I just have no hope anymore. I really need to straiten my life out, but I just keep wondering if it is even worth doing. Even on these posts I read here, I see good people who try hard, yet they still have just as hard of, or a harder time than me....

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    No job, no girl, no life, no hope...

    Posted by anonymous at March 17, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness   Society

    I guess in some ways I don't have it so bad... Never been fondled by a strange uncle, no life-altering accidents that have rendered me hideous (although I'm no trip to Hollywood to begin with) and parents that accept and love me (even though in the last year I've really began to avoid them as much as I can). I guess my main problem is that I've never done anything with my life that I'm proud of, I can't remember the last time I felt genuinely "happy", I've struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. I'm 19 and I've never had a job, I'm socially awkward and even though I can type sorta impressively (I guess) I can't speak for shit, I've noticed it getting worse in the last couple years, I always stutter or trip over my words in conversation... I probably hate this more than anything else about me. I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm some kinda freak who has some serious mental health issues... Maybe i do. Waking up is the worst part of every day for me, having to deal with the reality of living such a mediocre, worthless existence is almost shameful now. I am ashamed of who I am. I hate who I am. I have ZERO confidence and absolutely no self esteem, and always feel uncomfortable around other people, i just don't like people in general, if i woke up tomorrow and found out that all of my friends had died over night, i honestly don't think I'd care that much. People just don't matter to me and despite this, I don't really consider myself a "bad" guy. Nor do I...

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    Comments: 24   Votes:


    The End

    Posted by No Soul Left at March 17, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   Loneliness   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    I might turn 23 next month. I am a single white male. The thing that honestly really bothers me is the fact that i've only had sex 10 times in the past 4 years, and have not had sex for 2 and a half years. Before that I only was with my girlfriend who I lost my virginity to a few dozen times, but she dumped me and I later found out she had been sleeping with my best friend. I am a good looking guy and I just hate how I never get any action, its just the one thing I want in life and I never get it. I try so fucking hard at life too, so hard. I have done a lot of bad things in my life, but I've changed my ways God, why have you continued to punish me for so long? I'm probly going to pull the plug on my life here sometime in the next few month, burning coal in a sealed room seems like the easiest choose. I used to hear about people killing themselves and think "why theres so much to live for" when I hear about now I just think "man hes lucky not to be here anymore" I really dont have any friends, in the past year ive gone out less than 5 times for something social. All I do is work, watch TV, go shopping, workout, eat, watch porn, an thats it. I was a drug addict from around the time I was 13 till about 21, but I've been clean now for over a year and a half. I was clean for about the same amount of time before, but went back to it because I was hating life. This time I think I'm just gonna do a little inside barbecuing.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    I am sad

    Posted by jasmineg at March 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Meaninglessness

    I had a pretty hard childhood. I was bullied and abused both emotionally and physically and although I considered suicide from an early age, I always kind of had hope for the future I would say to myself things will be better when I growup. and for a while they did get better. I got married to a man who abused and manipulated me as well as cheated and lied to me. When he finally left I was relieved.

    But now I am 36 and I have nothing to live for. No kids- all my "friends " have relationships or kids or both and I have nothing. So where is the happiness I have waited my whole life for?

    The worst part is that I lost my faith in God. Even as a kid I had God when it seemed like I had no one else. But I lost my faith- I can't feel him. Maybe its because I am angry life turned out this way. I wish I could believe again.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Life is so damn pointless

    Posted by anonymous at March 14, 2012
    Tags: 2012 March   Meaninglessness   Philosophical

    I just realized that the only purpose of life for all people, from the rich to the poor, is money. It is all about money and it seems so fucking artificial. I see people working their ass' off everyday, just for a week vacation in which they can relax and do nothing. Then the cycle continues, over and over again, they go back to work, work extremely hard just for another week of vacation, it seems so pointless. For myself, I am trying to find the purpose of life and the point of my existence. I found that everyone's goal is to get money in order to pleasure themselves with 'toys'. Asking around, it seems true for all people and even worse, it seems as though people don't give a damn about it. Everyone just wants to get through life with the least amount of troubles and it is so depressing. I don't understand what the point of life is for me, and for everyone else. Furthermore, everyone follows the exact same cycle. It begins with making it to high school, trying to get good grades and have sex, and then continues to college/university where we find what we love most, and with this knowledge, after you get your university degree, get a job to get money to spend on this and that. Then we find a girl whom we fall in love with and eventually get married and have kids. After this point, people don't know what to do next, except try to make it through life. It is such a depressing and demoralizing thought, but it is true, not only for me, not only for you, but for everyone. An...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:


    Completely empty

    Posted by Nostalgia at March 12, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    I know this isn't half as bad as anyone else's, but I got genital warts from this dumb bitch 5 months ago. I WORE A CONDOM TOO!!! How lame is that?! Apparently, you have it for life, but at the same time I've heard that it clears your system in 1-2 years. I'm only 20 years old and I've fucked 20 girls and could very well have fucked 10 more in these past 5 months.

    I'm losing touch with all my friends because I see no motivation to go out anymore. I've also turned down really good opportunities and its starting to make me go insane. Everyday I go on the internet hoping someone will tell me that they've had this, gotten through it, and are leading a normal sex life, but I'll I get is the same fucking ambiguous information that leads me in circles.

    I want to be happy and I want to move forward in life with confidence, but this really insignificant bullshit is taking a tremendous toll.

    Note: If any guys on here have gotten genital warts and no longer deal with them PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!!!!! I need light at the end of the tunnel

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    I don't get it

    Posted by anonymous at March 10, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    Hello everyone. I don't know where to begin, it's just that somewhere along the line I lost who I was or my motivation. I thought that If i did the right things that I would be happy. Not so true. I am miserable and wake up every morning asking myself how did i get in this situation. I mean don't get it wrong, I have everything I need and more but there is something missing and it feels like I have big ass hole inside of me that really just makes my gut ache every minute of everyday. I am in a one sided relationship where my partner doesn't even really wish to be in but is too proud to admit it. It began with this God foresaken relationship. I really was naive to think that this is what would keep me happy. Well, it sounded good at the time and now I'm so far sunken in I don't even know who I am.
    Honestly I love with all my heart and get nothing back. It sux because I literally gave up who I was to be a "we". But f that. I'm so sick of feeling like a pile of dirt or just a headache to the people around me. My family is so caught up in why why why and what are you doing, they are missing the point of me reaching out to them as a family member. I too have a lot of pride and can't get around the fact that I do have no one. No friends, no job, no money, no nothing.

    Everything I've done for the past two years has been in vain and that I feel is what is making me so ill. Maybe if someone actually gave a shit about me it wouldn't be so bad. That would be nice for ...

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    Comments: 2   Votes:



    Posted by Joelle12 at March 4, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   Family   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    Currently 21. Wake up every morning go to work, sit in a cold grey cubicle for 10 hours straight, go home, cook dinner, clean up from dinner, go to sleep and then do it all over the next day. My live in boyfriend of two years does not pay much attention to me and every day I think more and more of just ending my life. My dad died when I was 14, my mom is a psychopath that mentally and physically abused me for many years. Nothing in my life has turned out the way I wanted. I'm ugly,my weight fluctuates a lot, and more and more my characteristics/mannerisms resemble that of my mother's..which makes me hate myself for being like her. On top of all this I have no friends and some money issues. I feel more alone every day. I love my boyfriend but idk... im just unhappy with myself and my life. I feel lost.

    Comments: 33   Votes:


    Cant ignore reality

    Posted by Alex at March 1, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 March   Meaninglessness

    My life is a broken glass. Everything thats mattered to me is just slowly degrading and theres nothing i can do. Theres too much stress in my life to post on here. i try to ignore the stress by working out or looking at the positives of life, but at the end of the day i look at the mirror and see failure. I dont see the point anymore. I mean im a senior in high school and i think about how bad life is gonna be in the future. Im gonna go to college and then work long, hard years to get a meaningless job and if i get a good paying job ill probably get a wife that is a golddigger that doesnt even love me. While time ticks away ill eventually die like most people and not even be remembered. Most people arent remembered greatly except by their family. But i dont even have that...

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Artificial Happiness.

    Posted by anonymous at February 27, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Meaninglessness

    Into this twisted months, I plunge without a reason to carry on or a light to follow. But at this point, I swear I'd follow anything. I just need out of here. I fell for a life with a purpose, and at this point, I really don't have any purpose. Nothing in this life has any meaning. I can't find any, or make any. I am dead inside.
    And so now I drink. I drink to kill selected memories. I drink for artificial happiness.
    I give myself three days to feel better, or I swear I'll drive right off some fucking cliff. If only I knew where one was.
    If I can't make myself feel better.. how can I expect anyone else to give a shit?
    I'm SCREAMING for some sunlight, or a car to take me anywhere. Just away from this dead and eternal..snow...
    I'm dying slowly, but it is happening.
    I just need someone to lie to me and tell me that it will be alright. But I know that won't ever happen to my socially retarded ass. Just tell me that'll it be alright.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    just airing my problems out and hopefully someone has a solution

    Posted by stayinglonely at February 26, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Meaninglessness

    ok so my life hasnt been overly terrible, i was born in new york and was raised there. growing up it was only my mom and my sister with me. we werent rich or anything and aside from myself none of us knew english well enough. my early life was entirely wake up go to school finish with regular school, and if my sister was not out of school yet go to some after school program until she came to pick me up. she is 5 years older than me so we were never really close in a sense of helping each other out with personal problems (relationships and friends). never got to play with kids my own age, or go to the park or any of the "cool" things kids do....unless it was during lunch time or school trips. always was shy since i didnt know much english and even when i did know enough english i had nothing to say other than the walls in my apartment are white and discuss what i had for dinner. when high school came around it was the same thing except i tried to experiment and decided i didnt want to be shy anymore. my mom was a good influence on knowing who to be friends with so i never got into the wrong crowd, but even when i was with friends i never felt i was actually part of the group. always tried to just stay on what their life dealt with rather than mine because mine was the same as always just watch tv, read and stay at home.i did end of getting a girlfriend in highschool but because of my insecurities i was dumped. i was able to go to college and yet again i attempted to try to...

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    Comments: 2   Votes:


    Whats the point of living

    Posted by sad_jay at February 25, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Meaninglessness

    I hate my job, my family, my marriage, and just life it seems. I live everyday hoping it ends instantly so my pain and everyday sorrow will end. My wife dosent care about me and would rather eat and sleep. My family only cares when they want money from me and i dont trust anyone. I havent been happy in over two years and it seems like i will never be happy again. Whats the point again?

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    I Just Don't Want To Live

    Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    Don't get me Wong I have a great life compared to most on this. I have many friends, a good family, guys interested in me, and good grades. The problem is I don't care. I don't give a fluff about me. I'm just one of the seven billion people on this earth. In a few years, after I die no one will remember me. No one will care about one girl who died, I wouldn't have helped or saved anyone.. I just want to help this earth, not use up it's resources. I want to do memorial things, maybe not that the whole world would know, just one single person would satisfy me. I also really want to help animals. But I really have no way to do these things. I believe life is pointless. It really is.... I hate it.

    What should I do?

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    A strong will.

    Posted by anonymous at February 23, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    I always think about my life. What it is like, what it could be. I donít really live. Only empty words come out of my mouth. Something like, I will change this and that, I will become like this etc. But I never really do anything. It is really detestable. I am a lazy, ungrateful person. And I think that is the worst kind of person there is. I'm healthy, have a family who loves me, I have some friends, tho I like to be alone more, I'm an introvert. I go to college and I have enough money for a comfortable lifestyle. I take things for granted but I just don't seem to change.

    While I read, or watch something, the protagonist always gives 100% in anything he or she does. And if he or she fails, they try again, no matter what, no matter how many times. And so I think to myself, why do I still do nothing. Or rather, why donít I change something. While knowing that talking about all of this will get me nowhere. And the dissatisfaction that I have with myself, why donít I change? Why am I still standing still, in the same place, repeating this over and over again. How low should I sink before I actually do something? I guess people like me realise things at the very end.

    It is kind of as if I am numb, and a bit nihilistic. Even if I get so low in life, I probably won't change. I am a waste of air and space.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Mrs Lonely

    Posted by too sad for too long at February 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Loneliness   Meaninglessness

    I am so lonely I have been married for 35 years but my husband cheats on me all the time and denites it , I don't know why I keep believing his lies, I do love him but I am getting to the pointwhere I feel my life is useless

    Comments: 18   Votes:


    no purpose

    Posted by MelDonB at February 23, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    Every night I cry myself to sleep at night dreading the morning. Every morning I wake unhappy and empty dreading the day.I feel nauseated and throw up every morning knowing I have to put on a fake fucking smile on my face and go to work pretending everything's hunkey dorey. Every time I drive on a bridge, I picture myself jerking the steering wheel to the right, swerving off into the inviting water below...then, pictures of my kids flash through my mind, and...I can't do it. I can't imagine my actions causing them to feel the way I feel now. Kids, you gotta love 'em, they are the only thing that keep me grounded instead of in the ground. From the moment we are born we are slowly dying, I feel why do it slowly...go for the gold (or should I say go for ground)and just get it the fuck over with. Dying is living, just in another form, in another plain and away from this awful place we call our world. It does not make us weak, it does not make us strong. It simply means we have no point to be here, we have no desire to lead this unwated life full of unanswered questions, doctorines up and down with no real answers, doubting what followers call the truth without any facts to back it up.

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    Turning 30

    Posted by 30's definitely not the best age at February 19, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Job   Meaninglessness

    I'm turning 30 saturday, so here comes the appraisal of it all.

    I did long studies, trying to become a teacher. Tried, and failed despite my efforts. Rules have changed now, and it's dead for good. 6 years in the trash bin.

    Now I work in a nuclear power plant for minimal wages, with neurotic fucks talking about money and how they hate each other the whole day. I work there from 7 to 8, so basically the rest of my live is 3 hours long, before I go to bed for another day.

    Got a girlfriend, wich I see like 3 hours a week. We've been together for 8 years now, broke up 3 times already... And it feels like she's failing me again.

    Got a band, something really important in my life... But I just don't have the time to involve in it anymore.

    I know my life isn't as shitty as some I read here, but I just find no taste in mine. What I loved's gone, and has been replaced with sheer boredom and frustration.

    Everyday's a mascarade, but I feel like I'm not going to take this any longer.
    Then, things will get worse, I know.
    Happy birthday, total failure.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    what will I do?

    Posted by sad ass at February 18, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    I'm 54 years of age. I feel soo old, life is pointless and I don't know when I last felt good. I feel my time is over and I dont know why I'm still here on this planet. I tried to kill myself last Augest by taking a drug overdose, it didnt work even though I took enough drugs to kill a horse. I'm seeing a man who only wants to sleep with me, he does'nt want anymore than that. We meet about once a month for sex. I suppose I should be greatful for that, a least someone wants me. Anyway he is not the problem. I feel alone all the time, like I'm so unwanted unneeded. My two girls are grown up and I hardly see them.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Fucked up

    Posted by loserland at February 18, 2012
    Tags: Attitude   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    Here I am, 40 yrs old, very few friends, no kids, a soon to be ex-husband who only wanted to marry me for citizenship and admitted that he never loved me.

    My parents have always favored my sister and have admitted that to me.

    I'm not good looking at all.Every day I think about how I must be a horrible person since no one likes me and no one ever will.

    I have a series of fucked up relationships in the past, always been left, even by guys I thought would love me because I was out of their league.

    No one seems to like me. People seem to want to be my friend, and when they get to know me, they don't like me anymore. I never get invited to anything and find out a lot of times about parties and things that people specifically didn't want me to attend. I haven't had a best friend in many, many years.

    I always end up alone.

    I would love to have someone to do things with, but that has never happened.

    I do have a job and lots of education, but I don't make much money and wonder why I went through all that school for nothing.

    I suffer from Bipolar depression and no medication works for me. There's a lot of things I would like to do but just don't have the energy for. I go to work, come home, web surf, and go to bed. What is the point, really?

    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by CEE at February 15, 2012
    Tags: Failure   2012 February   Meaninglessness

    Iam 49 live in ohio not working i have ben ill for some time now i have no friends i battel depresion i feel i have no purpose in life ican find no joy in life idont no what to do

    Comments: 2   Votes:


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