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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Race, Religion, and Acceptance

    Posted by anonymous at May 28, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 May   Racial   Society

    Lately, iv'e been under a lot of fire for who i am. I'm a fifteen year-old freshman, and iv'e been getting more and more abuse since the sixth grade. I'm going to say this now, i'm a mix of races, mostly hispanic, but also a bit German and Asian, but born in America, if you can believe it, and i AM religious, but i don't just blindly follow into what every preacher says. I am really scientific when it comes to my religion. Now, getting to the point, i am very VERY good at computers and Math, they are my best subjects, and i hope to one day be a video game designer. The thing is, that iv'e been insulted many many times for my smarts. Everyone says, "you're Mexican, you shouldn't be doing math, you should be mowing my lawn!" It may sound like i'm kidding, but i'm not. And lately, a lot of people have also been challenging my religious beliefs, and i just wish they would stop. There is this kid in my tech class, who i thought just didn't like me, because he would never listen when i tried talking to him. I wanted to be his friend because we both have similar interests, but guess what? He's a white supremacist, and that's the whole reason that he won't talk to me. I just don't get it. I'm the model teenager, a 3.7 GPA, i have a day job to help support my single mother, and i make damn sure to stay away from drugs and trouble makers, but that still isn't good enough. People still hate, even want to kill me, just because of my ethnicity. I don't understand what people want f...

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    jobs... racism... ignorance... subjective... fake lives.... conclusion: Life sucks

    Posted by squadala we are off at May 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 May   Philosophical   Racial   Society   Unemployment

    I recently finished my first year of college and im having trouble looking for a job. I guess it's the uneployment rate speaking for itself but something doesn't add up. Last year the unemployment rate was around 8% and it took me little effort to find a job. But when i started looking for a job the unemployment rate was between 9 and 11% and it's much harder. I have not received one interview. The search is getting frustrating. I need the money to pay off books and a small percentage of my school fees.

    I'm hoping for financial aid but I'm probably not going to get it. Despite the fact that I made deans list twice with a 3.9 GPA some hispanic / african american will get my earned scholarship money just for being hispanic / african american.

    Do I have something against affirmative action? Absolutely not. The fine print from the act states that we cannot discriminate due to race, gender, or ethnicity. What bothers me is that people misinterpret affirmative action. It is clear that affirmative action was suppose to benefit nonwhites/women but now it's just counter racism. Lets look at it this way. If you are applying to a college online or in any application, the first thing they ask for is name, address etc. then after that on the last few lines they ask for race and gender. Why would they ask that question if our goal is for equal opportunity? One of my friends is hispanic, his father is an electrical engineer and his mother is a docto...

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    i dont know why i even try

    Posted by Depressed Joe at May 11, 2010
    Tags: Health   2010 May   Racial   Sexuality

    1.Im Black
    2.Im Gay
    3.The sun never shines on me
    4.My boyfriend cheated on me with a WHITE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5.I have AIDS
    6.I failed 7th grade
    7.Nobody wants me to suck them
    8.I can only work at fast food placesss mom fucks me
    Ima end it all
    fuck life

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    i hate my life

    Posted by lifesucksforme24/7 at March 15, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   Loneliness   2010 March   Money   Racial

    i'm a 14 year old guy. i live in canada and my life sucks like hell! i have acne and i never had a girlfriend and most likely never will. i told this girl i'm in love with her but she doesn't love me. she doesn't even wan't to be friends. i could tell that the only reason she talked to me is because she likes to be nice to people and she was enjoying the attention. i lied to her and said that i've had girlfriends before because i thought that women like guys that had other women before. she stopped talking to me and ever since then my grades dropped( they were quite low already becuase i'm new to canada and i'm living with my dad for the first time, adjusting to there lifstyle and weather and i can't stop crying because i miss my mom and sisters cuz i don't live with them anymore. i've tried masturbation but when i tried it i didn't know that it was frowned upon by society and that in some religions its considered a sin. masturbation is also addicting. i tried stopping and i hate doing it but i can't stop. it relieves stress. but unfortunately not enough stress. i'm scared of the dark sometimes. i cry when i'm alone. i get teased because of acne. girls don't even look at me. the other day i was at the doctors office and his assistant nusre was strapping some kinda machine thingy to me and it felt good to have a woman touch me. other than that, the closest i've ever come to a woman touching me was getting slapped infront of about 40 people beacuse i asked this girl ou...

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    FED UP

    Posted by W/M at January 31, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   January 2010   Racial

    I am a white guy in new orleans and constantly get fucked over by the black majority. I cant find a good job because most of the employers are black, racist motherfuckers. Every time I try to eat at McDonalds the cashier will take the black guy behind me in line, and when i get there give me a fuckn attitude and screw up my burger. The cops arrested me for being white in the wrong neighborhood, and i had to fistfight homosexual black guys all night who hated me because im white. The Mayor of my city said last year that New Orleans should be a "chocolate city" from now on. I just cant understand how the race thats dumber than everyone is the one in power!

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    Dealing with people

    Posted by NOLA at January 31, 2010
    Tags: Drugs   January 2010   Racial   Society

    I recently got arrested on a drug charge and was ordered to make 3 Narcotics/Alchoholics Anonymous meetings a week for 2 years. It seems like everone there decided not to like me as soon as i got there. Theyre about 9 or 10 of those white guys that try as hard as they can to be black, and 4 or 5 girls that act like stuck up little princesses. When I tried to initiate conversation with these people, they ignored me and laghed among each other like it was some kinda joke. its like a bunch of fuckin high school girls who had a little clique before you got there. The fucked up part is im court ordered to sit in a room with these idiots for three hours a night 3 nights a week, and they either ignore me, or cut me off when i try to talk. I guess the only solution i can come up with is that people are a bunch of assholes who make life out to be a highschool popularity contest. I swear im gonna go back to jail to just knock one of these wiggers teeth down there throat! All I can tell you is that the world is built for and run by stupid, ignorant sheeple,. and intelligent people like you are me are considered wierd cause we actually have our own opinions about things. Stay true to yourself, dont let em wear you down. What goes around, comes around. -JM

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    pushen against the prick.

    Posted by maori nz at January 29, 2010
    Tags: January 2010   Loneliness   Racial

    well my shit isent like your shit but it is shit i know!!!.ummm wea to start,im 36 right now and all my family is plastic fucken shit no nathing only wen some one has got something they your best mate but wen you got jack theyll no me wen im dead,they right from wen i can first remember,no one liked me!! and i know it wasent in my head,it was my skin colour,but i got past that shit.i am a good person was broght up like that to respect your alders an athers, to speck with respect to all!!!what aloud of fucken fucken shit all the beattings i took and all the shit i went throuw.from all these fucken asshole, i had respect ,fuck they suck those cunts!!!!!,i was 14 just out of the nappy fighting men.they dont fuck with me now.i got one eye two fucked rest and fuck hands and fingers a fucked shoulder two fucked nees backs fucked all from fucken fighting scard to the helt dont need tats.i think im fucken ugly im getting fucken old,who the fuck is going to want my fucken ass,just found out that the mother to my kids went with my hafe bro,riped my fucken hart out,wen i rang the bro to ask him about it, he said!yea and what you going to do about it,an a hole lot of family have all gone to oz and im left behind,ive lost my family miss them very much an becouse ive got kids is becouse im still alive right now!!f i dident i would check out,.to some.i no its abit of weak story,but thea is more to my shit then what i have put here,been on the end of a rope pulled my self back up becouse of one person that did love me,my mother,dident want her crying over my shit,i was 14 at the time.wish its not to late to meet a girl that likes me 4 me.its been two years havent been with anther girl havent seen my kids,fuck this shit sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    Long walk home

    Posted by anonymous at August 28, 2009
    Tags: August 2009   Drinking   Friendship   Justice   Racial

    I was beaten up while walking home from a party because of my race. I left my vehicle at home because I knew I'd be drinking. While I was being beaten up (probably 15 minutes and we covered a distance on foot of about 250 metres) I sort of lost control of what was going on, and I don't remember it all. A carload of drunks stopped to help me, I freaked out and got in their car, and took off in it. I crashed it into a building. I don't remember any of this, but I do remember the jaws of life prying me out of the damn car and everything after, so obviously it happened. As it turns out, there was conveniently a person in the back of the damn thing, and she got hurt. I don't remember the car stopping, driving the car, or crashing it, so I obviously don't recall her being there when I got in.

    I got charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm, over 0.08 and car theft over 5k.

    The police wouldn't take my statement without agreeing not to use it against me, so the two guys that beat me up never got charged.

    I was angry, and depressed about it all, and I started drinking a lot (I've since quit.) My wife left me.

    Friends have abandoned me because of the embarrassment I've caused them in a town of 2300 that doesn't know what really happened. People have told me off in public, and the whole damn town seems to hate me. I've been shouted at across the grocery store dozens of times from the woman in the back of the car: And honestly, I can't blame her, I'd hate me too.

    I'm fighting the charges like a dog, because I absolutely believe I am not a criminal, and will probably go broke with legal fees.

    Two years later, and the trial is still more than two months off, and will likely be deferred again by the prosecution.

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