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LIFE SUCKS : Religion

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by Wrench at February 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 February   Philosophical   Relationship   Religion

    I grew up in a middle class conservative religous home going to bible school till i was 18, i believed everything i was taught about god and the biblle hook line and sinker, To make a long story short, i got married after high school to a girl who told me she believed as i did when we talked heart to heart. She had my child and then another child, we were married 14 years, only to have it end finding out our 2nd child was in fact someone elses not mine, she had slept with my own brother, and the neighbor and some of my so called friends////then to top it off and make it worse, she said i was the fault, because i was angry and grabbed her by the collar when i found all this out. She took me to court for abuse, it was thrown out, but she left with the neighbor she had been screwing for 8 years and i was the abusive ex husband( what a fucking lie domestic abuse is) I put her through college and she now makes 6 fiqures, while i struggle after paying child support for years. Well, i no longer believe the lies in the bible, but i am too old to start over, so now i live a lonely life sucks life...DEATH WILL SET ME FREE///Why do some people have all the breaks while those of us on here get f----ed

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    The topic says it all, true stories btw.

    Posted by Sad Face at February 23, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 February   Juvenile problems   Relationship   Religion

    I'm 14, Australian, Play rugby for my school, i am friends with all the popular kids, i go to a private school Thats the good part
    Depressing Shit:
    -Parents: Money making whores, they dont have time for me, and my brother is the favourite, my dad likes to take a stab at me because he is the paranoid sensitive fuck over the tinniest things, my mum is a fucking tag team with my brother in an arguement, generosity is nothing for me, i barely even experienced it, brithdays forgetten, presents, attention etc. Mum is a bitch dad is an old bully

    -Brother: He is 10 and a massive douchebag, he steals my money and so i elbow him to the head, he goes to hospital and then i go to juvie for 2 weeks, this was 2 years ago. He shoots me in the fucking head with my air rifle i own and so i shoot him a couple times and then i go to a mental health phyciatrist(wtf) shouldnt it be my retarded brother going there? He trash talks and when i TRASH TALKS parents actually ground me. I dont think i need to explain anymore

    -Pernsonal Bullshit: I am not a virgin i have had about 2 sluts(i call them sluts now because i hate them) that dumped me because the rugby jock was better? (lmao) he was so dumb he could tell his left foot from his right.I always forget something before i go to school everyday, assignment, homework, PE etc and then i get barked at later. People insult me when i ask or answer something wrong??? Wtf happend to 'There is no such thing as a dumb questio...

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    I hate my controlling wife

    Posted by Empty Glass in Sydney at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Philosophical   Relationship   Religion   September 2009

    I hate her to the point that, i think i would prefer to be with a man and be gay. But my catholic morals stop me from doing that. So fuck it, i will just end it all, i feel like the human race, including myself are just termites and maggots slowly destroying this planet... thousands and thousands of years of eating, pissing, shitting, sleeping, cheating be greedy, fucking, blah blah blah... im sick of this shit

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Chrstians are hypocrites!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by lc at June 25, 2009
    Tags: June 2009   Poverty   Religion   Society

    Iím a 19 yrs old with a 2yr old son. I live in housing commission area in my little housing commission townhouse. I get treated like shit by other people b/c of he area I live in. Itís not the posh side of the lake so Iím automatically put in the ďPOORĒ category.
    Iím on seroquel for anxiety and depression and so I can sleep. My sons father is a drop kick says he wants to see him and messes with our sons mind. Sees him once a blue moon and doesn't see him for months and constantly yells abuse. A father should not do that!!!
    Before all that happened I attended a Christian school where I was an A or B student nothing less. Started hanging out with a wrong group of girls my grades dropped, I was getting constant detentions and getting in trouble all the time, started having ďSEXĒ b/c they were and seemed like it was the thing to do. Got my tongue pierced and was just about to be expelled when I found out I was 4 wks pregnant! My life turned upside down. I'm attending a Christian school I'm now pregnant what the hell do I do????
    My principal found out and made the decision for me and finally expelled me for it... Hypocrite or what Christians are suppose to support you no matter what happens. She supported a gay teacher teaching at the school and new he was gay and denied it to the school at the time. Whatís the difference they are equally the same sin in Godís eyes. I felt hatred towards her. My mum and sisters were disappointed in me, but despite all that crap I had my baby anyway.
    Canít win in life it is always constantly throwing big or small obstacles in your way.

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