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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    The school problem!

    Posted by anonymous at October 29, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October   School

    I am in year 7 and I just started school in September 2010. I just feel like I don't fit in with the school. I sometimes feel sad in most of my lessons , I have no idea why. In primary school I was always happy and I couldn't wait for my lessons and I hated breaks and lunchs but now Im hatin lessons and love my breaks and lunches... I some times feel lonely in my secondary school even though I have loads and loads of friends but the thing is I sometimes get annoyed with them cuz they ALWAYS follow me and ask if I'm alright but I cnt just say that I don't really fit in with the school. I sometimes feel Like I don't belong in that school. I have been thinking of telling my older sister about it, she's 17 so she NEVER has time to chill so I can not talk to her she is always at college or out with her mates it's really hard for me to get to her. I can't really tell any1 else cuz
    me And my sister are close, we always do something together Until she started college which was in 2009 February. I feel like my life is done and finished... There's something wrong with me at least thts what I think. sometimes I talk to myself at school which is really weird. Thank you for Reading this I feel better to share my feelings And problems.

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    Shit Happens

    Posted by Laur at October 29, 2010
    Tags: Family   Juvenile problems   2010 October   Poverty   School

    I'm almost eighteen. However, I don't want to hear any shit about me being too young to know if my life sucks or if I've messed it up completely yet. I know that I still have "hope," but I can't stop this destructive behavior. I can't get out of this depression. I live in a really awful household right now. It's just my dad and I, and we live in a really gloomy, really small, really dusty apartment. I'd say about 70% of the time one of our utilities is shut off because my dad is incompetent in terms of getting the bills paid. Living in this place is one of the many reasons why I hate myself. I'm sure someone with a sunshine for a brain would want to kill themselves if they had to spend as much time as I do in this shithole. I try and straighten things up, scrub things down, clean, organize. I hate to play the blame card, but my dad is such a fucking slob and he messes everything up a second after I've done my work. He dirties things up, and he's really nasty. He's always shaving over the sink, and leaving little bits of facial hair all over our 2-square-foot bathroom. He refuses to clean up after himself. It's just excuse after excuse after excuse. Anyway, being the obsessive compulsive that I am, this just really makes me frustrated. I'm constantly smashing things because they've been stupidly misplaced. Like I'll find a used toothbrush on the computer desk or a cup of soda on top of a bunch of unpaid bills that's about to topple over. I mean, sometimes I really have to ...

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    From top to bottom...

    Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October   School   Sexuality

    Before I begin, let me give you a quick back-up story to how it all started:

    7th grade. Fucking hell. My parents are teachers and they made me study like crazy so I could get into a good school. I went through all of that miserably and now I'm in the second best school in my town. Before 8th grade though comes summer. I had a fucking blast during the summer. I got a job offer to work online as a technical writer and I accepted. I was earning my own money and I was able to spend 20 bucks a day without even caring... It seemed like I'm in heaven.


    But then the summer ended.
    School started so I had to quit my job since I knew I wouldn't have time for it. Everything suddenly came crashing down. My new school is incredibly tough and my parents make me study even more. My free time has been minimized to almost nothing. Hell, just the other day me and my friends were thinking of playing online during the weekend but my dad screamed and said that I have to study! It feels like a trap all the time. On top of all I always feel disconnected from everyone else at my new school. Sure, I do have a few friends, but nobody seems to share my interests and I feel I can't adapt to all the sudden changes.

    And it gets worse - I am gay. I have told this to only two of my best friends and I fear of telling it to anyone else. So while my friends are not paying attention in class and looking at that girl's big boobs, I am stuck with looking at the hot m...

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    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at September 20, 2010
    Static LinkTags: Juvenile problems   School   2010 September

    Okay, first of all none of you guys should really be reading this because truth be told, my life doesn't suck that. It really doesn't. It could suck so so so so so so so much more. I just sort of want to write down my suckish feelings today and I happened to find this convenient website. I know some of you guys with WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY worse lives will be really annoyed at me for saying this stuff so please don't even pay attention to what I'm saying; I just really wanted to write something down.

    Well, okay so I happen to go to this incredibly rich and white school where 99% of the population is incredibly fashionable and the other 1% are considered losers and whatnot. My family isn't rich, we are just pretty average so I always feel horrible when I spend lots of money buying clothes and trying not to be a loser. I have like 7 really close friends and like maybe 15-20 acquaintances (but they aren't all from that school). I know that sounds like a lot, but you would not BELIEVE how popular the people here are. They all have like 16 close friends and 100 acquaintances. I am NOT joking or exaggerating in any way. 90% of the girls at our school have over 500 friends on facebook, if that says anything. So basically, I'm actually a loserish/average person at our school. I so wish I could be a more outgoing and less awkward person. My parents are also incredibly smart and put all this pressure on me to do good in school and win tons of awards. I can't even keep tra...

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    School problems

    Posted by PsycheBowie at September 20, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   School   2010 September

    I hate coming to school.. I just wish all these people would leave me ALONE !! I hate them they hate me big suprise. Just today a boy spit on me and said "F#ck u" and a girl I have 6 classes with me ALWAYS bumps into me and pushed me onto the floor what is worth living for?? I have friends who ignore me...etc.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    My Life Sucks.... because

    Posted by anonymous at September 14, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   School   2010 September

    I'm a 13 year old boy who is FU***CKED in high school, i get bullied every single day in school and the teachers dont do ANYTHING about it, i got so depressed that i just stopped caring about my studies, and stoped studying, so now im failing everything and have NO friends, and the "friends", just use me, and arent real friends, now ill probably fail the year, and because a kid punches me in the face, and i punch him back, the teacher sees only me, when i hit him, so he puts a suspension to me, and my CONDUCT GRADE gets lower and lower, so now my parents and everybody hates me, so i just gave up, cuz now that im trying to improve in school, i got so FU***CKED that i cant go back to being the good, smart and intelligent, boy and/or student that i once was, so im not crazy enough to kill myself, but i just gave up....

    P.D-A high school student who does'nt wish to put his real name, but tells you internet community, how his luife SUCKS ASS!!!

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    end of my school career

    Posted by hopeless at July 20, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 July   Juvenile problems   School

    I'm an 18 year-student from germany and i used to go to the "gymnasium" that's the best high school category in germany. I'm not the hardworking one but my marks were ok till the 11th grade. then i really screwed it up and had to repeat the 11th grade. my marks got in the second round really good but in the second semester of the 11th grade i took everything easy and didn't learn for some subjects on purpose because i knew that i would still reach the 12th grade even if i would fail on them. so i failed on chemistry and pysics but with a good mark on a main subject you can still pass the 11th grade and i had this really good mark in german (the marks go from 1 to 6 and i had a 2 in german). so there wasn't a problem till we wrote a last class test in german about analysing of texts although we didn't ever practise for that in this year. i got a 4 in it! so i was between 2 and 3 in german and my teacher had to give me a 2 that i could reach the next grade. but she gave me a 3 although i had spoken to her a few times.

    so now i know that i can't reach the 12th grade and i want to speak to the headmistress to ask her for passing me through this school year because if you have to repeat a second time in a gymnasium you get kicked out. i don't know what to do I'm freaking scared and regret everything! my parents don't know what's going on because i don't want to upset them.
    btw, my mum's not here since may! she got "bored" so she's with my aunt now and she told m...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    I probably deserve all this

    Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2010
    Tags: Health   Job   2010 June   Relationship   School

    At time of writing, I'm 21 and living with parents mostly due to financial reasons, but also because of mental issues (depression, etc). Throughout the majority of my life, I have been subject to various forms of bullying, from typical places such as school and generally out and about, to places you'd least expect like church. From a young age, people would provoke me to the point of lashing out, in which case I would always, bar no occasion, be portrayed as the overall initiator, and the actual bullies would go unpunished. By the time I had finished primary school/kindergarten (don't know the US equivalent), I was pretty much an emotional wreck.

    I started secondary/high school with trust issues about my new colleagues. Not even a month into the first year, I was already reduced to suicidal tendencies because bullies from the previous school were already there and recognised me. This would later serve as an excuse for future bullies to make a laughing stock of me throughout the next five years. Also about this time, I had (ironically) became a Christian and, by default, hung around with two other Christians who went to the same church. By the second year, they too had also decided to pick on me, one of them even carried it over to Sunday service (verbally). I drifted from various friend groups from different years throughout the first three years before finding a group who genuinely accepted me for who I was.

    Of course, them being the year above, they...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at May 22, 2010
    Static LinkTags: Juvenile problems   2010 May   School

    i am 22.havent got any real friends.our college class is divided into 2 groups that hate eachother.all laugh and chat but when one turns backs others start bitching about him/her.this thing happens in cycles and i have ended up hating them all.teachers only favour and help those who take private tutions.(i dont,cant pay).and verbally abuse and discriminate against the rest.others take it as a part of life.i cant do that(dont know why).they are better off i guess.this self-dignity bitch is like a torture tool. i am tired of humiliation.things get worse in practical lab classes when i sit in front of a computer like a fool while the teacher helps out the private tution morons first and pretend not to hear when i call her.public insult does greater damage than getting beat up.cant change college or complain to anyone,the principal is in their pocket.nobody listens.mums thinks i m making a big deal of it.never had a boyfriend.never been kissed.never been loved(except mum).i m fat(not from over-eating,its genetic, got it from me mum,stubborn cellulite on hips,thighs),ugly(i hate my nose,lips),broad-shouldered,tall,intimidating-looking.the kind that people usually make an idea as rude,powerful,butchy girl.i think my body language,walk,talk and everything else put together somehow forms a combination that repels people.been terribly lonely since mum.havent had a hug from somebody in 4 years.i sincerely wish i were dead.cant kill myself.mum did that when i was 18.she was sick ,suffering,couldnt take it anymore.i came back from school one monday to find her hanging from a hook in the ceiling.i cant bring myself to do it what that scene did to me.i dont blame the world or something for not liking me.maybe i wouldnt like me too if it were me.i have accepted the simple truth that has been screaming out at me all this time...i was always meant to suffer...i was always meant to suffer...

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    A bad joke....

    Posted by Anderson at December 2, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Health   Poverty   School

    I work in a call center full time and go to school full time. I want to be a nurse. Male nurse / Murse. I have no money to pay my bills... My car may get repossessed if i dont make a payment soon. I am hungry and tired. My teachers give out way too much homework than whats nessasary for the class. I work, get yelled by customers because they didnt get to watch American Idol last night when the cable service went down. I work in tech support for a cable company. Since it is a call center every action you do is monitored and timed. They constantly remind the employee's that we are nothing without them and they remind us constantly how we should think. Customers are never right, dumb mouth breathers who cant change inputs on a HDTV. I go to a cumminty college where the teachers are just terrible. They give out crap tons of homework that takes away all of my time and sleep. I'm getting B's and C's because i am just to damn tired after work and homework to study for test and exams. I need a high GPA to make into med school, but im not metting that right now. It may sound not so bad to others, but it really is bad to me. I hate my family... They are disgusting, rude and just downright incapable of critical thinking when it comes down to it. My mom is a raging bitch who cares nothing for me only that i make my car payments on time since she is co-signed on it. She has no clue what supporting your child means. My father died of heart attck when i was 15. My mom didnt shed a single tear. I hate my job but i cant find a new one cause of the economy. I am also constantly reminded on tv news about so called "change." Nothing is changing, except for my health. I am getting fat and out of shape because i have no money for healthy food and dont have time to get to the gym. I am seriously hanging on by a thread. My motivation to be happy is gone.

    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at November 11, 2009
    Tags: Juvenile problems   November 2009   Philosophical   Relationship   School

    I feel as though I've been abandoned by everyone. By friends, family, love, and god.

    I fell in love with my ex-girlfriend 2 years ago, and she brought true happiness in my life. I would've done anything to please, and I thought the opposite for her. Weeks back, she breaks up, wishing to concentrate on her school work. Yesterday, I see her with someone else.

    I wanted to go to art school, but last minute discoveries led to financial problems, and despite the wishes and promises my family say they would fulfill, I couldn't go. My dreams of being an animator are crushed by this. Now I've spent the fall semester doing nothing but staying at home and sleeping. Spring semester, I go to college, only to do a major I have no interest in participating in.

    As for God, now, he just seems to never be there. I look for him, but nothing answers. Nothing answers besides pain, depression, sorrow, and sadness.

    After she left me, I can't find a reason to stay here in this world. I want to die, move on from this place, and if eternal nothingness is at the end of that transition, so be it. Better than living without her, anyhow. Only reason I don't is because I have to repay my family, for all the time they've wasted on raising me. Only reason.

    Fucking shit sucks.

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    stupid asshole...

    Posted by iwishiwassmart at October 26, 2009
    Tags: October 2009   School

    OMG GUYS I AM FREAKING OUT... I WANNA COMMIT SUICIDE.... i live in new zealand and my final exams start in 2 weeks.... omg i don't know what to do... i can't study because i know i will fail so hard and if i fail i will lose the oppurtunity of going to uni... please help.... can i study for 2 weeks straight to make myself pass??? how many hours do i study helpppppppppppp

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    the long road to hell

    Posted by Blacky at September 30, 2009
    Tags: Drugs   Family   School   September 2009

    My life was normal for the first part of it. my family was together we all lived in a nice house and we were all happy. till the day my dick head of a father decided to get transferred from Melbourne to Sydney. Not only did i loose my popularity with my Melbourne friends, a popularity that i have never ever got back, but it is also the decision that destroyed my family. while over there my dad met an other women and when we got back he decided to break it off from my mum to a women who had been divorced 2 times (smart move dick head). I went back to my old school to discover that nearly all my close friends had turned into assholes who only cared about themselves. Then my dickhead father decided to come back and when he did he left 2 weeks after and got that other women pregnant.

    High fucking school, how that fucked me over, i discovered that at high school you need to have more than 1 drug addicted friend go with you, as if you have multiple friends you can hang out with them and your group will grow and grow. as for me i had to spend my first month hanging out with that dickhead and then spent the next two years in the computer rooms. i finally made some friends who only liked me because it would do their work for them till i finally found some real friends who like me were nerds. i then discovered that i was smarter than the majority of the school as they are all retards that think they are better than every one else. And here i am now living with at fat annoying little shit brother who thinks that he is top shit, and a drinking porn addicted older brother who acts like his life sucks (he party's each night with his friends) every second weekend i spend it with a dickhead dad wallowing in self pity. This is only a glimpse to how my life sucks and if i were to tell u all of it this story would go on for pages.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    life sux

    Posted by anonymous at September 4, 2009
    Tags: Reputation   School   September 2009   Sexuality

    last year i got caught in school giving my boyfriend head
    and a student caught us
    and now EVERY ONE knows and everyone thinks im a slut
    i dont like showing my face in school. and i dont know how to deal with this.
    i want to get over it but i cant. i know when people see me they turn and talk about me. and i know i shouldnt worry bout what everyone thinks but i just
    dont want that reputation.

    Comments: 43   Votes:


    Mi vida (My life)

    Posted by Josť Alberto at August 2, 2009
    Tags: August 2009   School   Society

    I am originally from Mexico. Yes, the country south to the U.S. Anyways, I was bullied since first grade. I was so dumb, and I guess that my lack of interaction with people my age made me an easy target for bullies. I'm ashamed of saying so, but teachers in the Mexican public school system suck ass big time. During Fall and Winter they just gave us an assignmet and went to the little teachers' room to drink coffee and only came back till they thought the students were done. They did that during Spring and Summer, but instead of drinking coffee, they drank a limonde or a coke. I remembered that a group of kids always took my stuff away from me, called me names, and even hit me. At some point I was afraid of going to school and yes, I even thought about suicide. All of that went on for about four or five years. When I say "all of that" I mean hard core bullying. After that I only got mildly bullied because I started growing up and was now one of the tallest kids in my class. Yeah, It was one thing that the other kids made bullied me, but the teacher also took the bullies' side. I remember one time. I think it was either in second grade or fourth grade that I had been taking so much bull shit from everyone and I just exploded. I started yelling at everyone, my face got all red, I was crying and throwing things at my classmates, I said every cuss word I knew at the time, and at the end I hit a wall with my head and the impact was so strong that I broke the glass of the window ...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:


    Life is a shit game

    Posted by anonymous at July 21, 2009
    Tags: Family   Friendship   July 2009   Poverty   School

    In school I was bullied almost every day and only had a few friends to care for me, but if it got too much they would just abandon me and pretend they didn't know me anyway.
    When I left school and went college for 2 years, I left my friends and made a few new friends. I've never been able to get a job, I'm too scared to work anywhere around my area in fear of being bullied for whatever reason and there isn't any jobs going.
    My only income was my student funding for those 2 years but my parents truly care about me to go and spend all my income for their own enjoyment, they 'really do care about my future', for now I do not have enough money to carry on my education.
    My parents plan to kick me out because now I am 18 and they do not earn anymore money from me.
    I don't know where to go from here, I just don't think it'll get better anytime soon.

    No.. my life isn't as worse as some people have it. But it still sucks and it's hardly worth living.

    Life can either be a long enjoyable time for some people
    or the longest, most painful torture to others.

    If god exists, are all these 'sucky lives' his little failed experiments?
    I guess everything revolves around trial and error - without sucky lives, you wouldn't have good ones.

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