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Life don't live here anymore

Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Failure  2012 May

I'm a complete failure. I lived from house to house with my 3 year old. I can't afford to house, feed, or clothed my kid. I stay with almost everyone I knew and half of them treated me like shit because they knew I needed some place to stay. I'm out in the streets with a kid because my boyfriends which are the father of my child kicked us out, including the kid. Every since then I been living in some shelter. The people there helped me found a job until I get back on my feet. Well I end up getting a job at a fast food restaurant, got back with my boyfriend like an idiot and move back in with him again. Kept the job for 3 months and got fired because my boyfriend came to my job a lot starting fights with me. After I lost my job, he then throw me and my baby back out and that's when we start living anywhere I could lay our heads and just to eat. I stay with a friend and she started treating me any kind of way and always screamed that I needed her. She throw me out, yes, once again I'm back on the streets, this time I stayed in a abandon house for 3 weeks until someone told child welfare and they found me and took my kid. I started to think about suicide and even tried it. Now I'm living with my mom and have my kid back, but life still hard when you keep going through the same shit. My mom isn't any better from the rest, so I just tolerate anything she say or does to not go through been kicked out by anyone again. Why, why is this shit keeps happening, life for me doesn't live here anymore.


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By anonymous at 07,May,12 12:06

i hope everything works out for you, I know how it feels to worry about how to support yourself and your kids and where your gonna live..I to had made bad decisions going back to the person you felt like you can trust to love you and take care of you just for them to betray you over n over again..but its better to self delpendant on yourself even if its wrking fastfood because nothing is worth being treated messed up just for a place to stay..its not good for u and ur deserve better

By Nick Mal at 07,May,12 12:19

If you cant feed 'em. Don't Breed 'Em!
By anonymous at 08,May,12 05:49

By anonymous at 08,May,12 05:49

Asshole Nick Mal
By anonymous at 08,May,12 05:50


By anonymous at 07,May,12 15:41

Thanks, anonymous, you're right, and by the name Nick mal, I only have 2 child, and yes since I'm having a hard time supporting this one, no I'm not trying to have anymore.
By anonymous at 07,May,12 15:42

Sorry about that typo, I only have 1 child.

By anonymous at 07,May,12 18:41

I really hope you're smart enough not to go back with your boyfriend. If he would kick not only you, but his child out on the street, he is a lowlife piece of shit who will never, ever change. You would be the biggest fool in the world to take him back or trust him again. Actions speak louder than words, he's already shown you he doesn't care about you or your child. Your kid could have been murdered while staying in that abandoned house, he didn't care.

I suggest you keep your mouth shut, and do your chores so that you can continue to stay with your mom. Its not about you and your ego or your feelings being hurt, its about the welfare of your kid. I'm sure your kid is traumatized after being taken away.

Get a job, save up money, better yourself, and hopefully one day you can get your own little place with your kid and not have to depend on anyone.

By anonymous at 07,May,12 22:32

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. I could relate to your story by the time I finished the second sentence. I have one child also and am about to be kicked out of where I am living because of a suicide attempt, and me and my daughter won't have anywhere to go. We have been in this situation before and I seem to keep screwing everything up, and I don't know why I can never do anything right.

To Nick Mal, FYI I only have one child also and have never gotten a dime from the father in her 10 years, and I am taking care of her the best I can but it's hard to do everything alone. You shouldn't judge someone unless you know the story first.

By anonymous at 08,May,12 19:37

Buy a good vibrator and lube.

By anonymous at 08,May,12 22:46

I'm glad you are with your child again. Good to hear you have a place to stay for now (Mother). Admittedly you have a lot to deal with but at least you have somewhere to start. I'd stay with your Mother for now while you can because it's stable. Get back to work or school and focus and starting a better life for you and your child. Tolerate your Mother with the idea that you can deal with it because you strong. You are mentally and spiritually strong. For you and your child. Life isn't always easy. It's not supposed to be easy. We all have hardship in our lives. But the strong deal with it and move ahead.

By anonymous at 08,May,12 23:25

You can always get a job, save your money and get stable enough to get out your moms house and get your own place. But you got to do it right and not let your loser boyfriend screw this up for you and your kid. Please don't go back or trust him again, you see the first time you did, he kicked you to the curb, you and the baby. Take care of your kid, and don't let anyone, including your mom mess that up for you. In the meantime, do as your mom says to avoid of not being on the streets again.

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