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Money s God

Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Money

In my childhood days I used to think friends & family s everything..After I grew up and started my own personal choices and choose my own love everyone left me ..they mocked me(nope i am not a queer or a gay,it's something else lil bit lesser hell than those two) gossiped abt me,made my parents life a living hell and my parents hate me as well and they keep telling me that I will be pretty messed up someday.. Now more than to support myself and the one I chose I feel I need to be rich to show them I am happier than them.
Money is everything in this world it's the only measurement of happiness in this much ever I try to prove that I am happy with this man no one seems to notice beyond this.I am in need of lotto win :(
I am earning good but it's not enough for me,I would like to go to my hometown buy a big house infront of my relatives and show them I am bigger than them.. I am desperate to own a business except my husband isn't earning and I am the only bread winner of the family so can't make a huge investment right now..he is an aspiring (atleast I think so) pool player and want to become a pro, I wan to support him so my dreams are matter how much I try to act rich I am the same old,normal,middle class woman and marrying him has proven nothing to anyone. I am happy with him,our life is cool if I don't have to prove anything to anyone..I don't like to have children but again if I don't have a kid everyone thinks I am a loser and sad ,I can't keep telling them "no it's my choice and happy" no one ever believes when life isn't normal looking as they think it to be

Who says money can't bring happiness? May be a jealous loser like me.. Boring hell.. I wan to have kids,money and all just for the sake of being superior amidst my relatives and am I gonna do that? To make it worse my relatives and family thinks I am still single,they don't know I am married..and if I say that there is going to be more pressure on my parents.. If I become soooo rich no one can ever question me and i can buy their gossips with money and success.. How am I going to do that? The more I try to not compare my blessings with others who are very much blessed the more I do that

May be these things don't look so bad to you..but for me I feel bad and worthless.. I know I am overreacting but I don't know how to stop myself..I want to reveal that I am married and just run away to an island with my husband,hunt and eat like stone age men and live like one just out of this lunatic civilization.



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New Comment

By Coleen at 08,May,12 08:38

Then go settle down in an island preferably to snake island in brazil and live off of the soil. There you will be the only human being to ever dwell with thousands of lancehead vipers around em. Go ahead and leave this lunatic civilization. Nobody needs a jealous cunt who always seems to compare a lot of things with everybody and is very ungrateful with what she has. Grow up twerp and stop the pity party you're not gonna be ok if you continue on living with envy. And i think you're materialistic too that's why you're desperate to win the lottery so you can buy anything you want. I tell you whiney cunt that money isn't everything. It can give you happiness from many things but not inner peace. It will push you to raise hell more with your relatives and you know full well living with resentment in your heart will not make you happy. So you might as well just forget and move on. Accept life is full of shit and deal with it you piece of shit

By anonymous at 08,May,12 19:36

Do the hooker thing on the side. Make some extra money.
By anonymous at 15,May,12 23:06

Hey seriously guys I needed theses type of comments especially by coleen, love to see someone who reveals wat they think about me..I will try to change myself..believe me I am trying its just I can't really make it thru.
Reading ur reply coleen showed how much you think my problem is simpler may be because I am seeing things so differently I feel it much bigger than it actually is.

By suba me at 15,Apr,19 13:04

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