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pulling the trigger

Posted by bobsantos at May 8, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Money

Im 24 yo. I have a kid who i never get to see. I pay child support that takes half my check. I lost my second job because i have 2 cars and none of them work and i cant afford to fix any of them and no one will buy them. i live with my mom that constantly tells me im a mistake. i have anger problems and tend to break stuff. my only job now is dealing with people all day the same people who r mean, selfish, and only think of materialistic things. I tired killing myself before and the gun jammed. time for another try tonight. no one misses poor people when they die, they just talk about it when they read the paper to be social, no morn or loss.


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By anonymous at 08,May,12 14:18

I am suicidal myself so I can't really present any arguments why you shouldn't do it. So I'm just gonna say give it some time. You have nothing to lose... Maybe things will get better. If they get worse, you can still kill yourself but until then don't rush things...

By listener at 08,May,12 15:27

dont you think it was kind of strange when the gun jammed
i think God doesnt want you dead
stay strong

By listener at 08,May,12 15:29

dont say you wont be missed
you will
what about your kid?
you mom?

By anonymous at 08,May,12 19:30

Call suicide hotline.
By anonymous at 08,May,12 23:36

1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

By Cursed at 08,May,12 20:25

Dear Bob-
Please don't be discouraged. Do you think that you're the only guy out there that has to pay child support to a useless mother? Trust me, this too shall pass. You have to get through this... Your child will want to get to know you when they are old enough. And trust me they will see right through your X's crap. Children are perceptive. If you killed yourself, you eliminate a chance to be a great dad. That time will come, but you have to be patient. Right now the economy is making everyone suffer. Trust me, you're not alone- Strive to push forward for your child. You can do it. Killing yourself will destroy your child- do you really want to do that? What's the point? What will it accomplish?
By anonymous at 09,May,12 08:31

Wow, man that was nice. No offense, it's just that you've really said some nasty things about some other people so it's a little surprising. Nice!
By justme at 09,May,12 16:46

I think you are mistaken, the real Cursed and "nasty things" do not go together. Cursed is one of the kindest people on this website.
By anonymous at 09,May,12 23:52

By anonymous at 10,May,12 02:24

I'm terribly sorry. I mistook you for the user "mercy".
I was confused because you both end your posts wih your names: Cursed/Mercy
Again, I'm sorry...
By justme at 10,May,12 02:30

For future reference, Mercy is the one who wants God to save the Queen in every post. And I'm sure that Cursed will be amused by the confusion...

By anonymous at 08,May,12 20:58

Life is as hard as you make it, there is a guy I work with that practically works for free, with child support and fines and debt from an expensive trade school he has just enough to live, out of his car and eat, but let me tell you he is always smiling and I finally had the balls to ask him in a round about way, I was like yo lets face it you got dealt a shitty hand, and he says yeah, I did but I don't compare my life's with other people because everyone has there cross to bear, chin up man just make the most of what little you have apply for a job as a janitor at a shop that goes by seniority, and work your way up. Search and never turn down opportunity for self improvement
By anonymous at 09,May,12 01:27


By anonymous at 09,May,12 01:30

you are only 24. Life is full of surprises.
things can change when you are young
it ain't worth it to kill yourself. It will destroy your kid.

I'm over 40. No job. I will never consider killing myself. I tell myself I have not tried enough pussies yet.. You got me?
By anonymous at 09,May,12 06:40


By anonymous at 09,May,12 22:11

killing yourself let all those other assholes win. you are just as important as anyone else. although you dick of an x is getting all she thinks she wants it will come to kick her in the ass one day. it may not be tomorrow or the next but her pain will come. as for you bitch of a mother, forgive me if i am out of bounds, but any women who tells their child they were a mistake b/c there life is shit is a bitch and she is not worth your time. i pray that you have to strength to make your life work for the sake of your child. suicide no matter what the reason is always selfish and you have a child to think of. dont let others win, you have to fight for life, no one else can do that for you.

By Maralynn at 15,May,17 02:10

No more s***. All posts of this quatily from now on

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