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My Father-in-law is an asshole

Posted by Cookie at May 15, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 May

I had a very good life before marriage...i used to feel the real essence of happiness in my life..perfect family..perfect friends and life was perfect in every way.
I used to dream a lot of my future life as in my life with the love of my soul.
I used to spend my nights dreaming that he would be like this and that and the only thing i wanted that he should love me a lot.Even dreaming was fun!!
I had a arrange marriage two years back and my life changed dtrastically. I believe my husband loves me but he has not expressed it even a single day..(all my dreams seemed to shatter) I am justing trusting my life and hoping that he really loves me but until he expresses even in a subtle way , i would actually get the confidence.
Coming to my father-in-law..OMG!! I have never seen such a person in my life..he is a torture, he is a bigtime greedy bastard.
HE tortures everyone around him . The moment he opens his mouth , I feel like slapping him.
Not even a single day, he has respected anyone around him and he expects us to respect him since he is an elderly man..He is almost 60 yrs and even at this age, he has the guts to hit his wife.
He really pisses me off.. keeps on telling me anything.. If he is in a bad mood, he goes mad..he is really a physcho!!.. god help him..rather i should say God please help us.
All he wants from me is money.. I am asked to give half of my salary to him.
I showed displeasure in doing that in front of my husband, he also cannot understand. rather he says, give it , it will make him shut his mouth.
I have a small kid and i need to save money for our future. but they are all here just to drown all my plans nand destroy my life!!
I hate my father-in-law.. keeps on taunting me that I don't follow the culture, don't have ethics..First let him check, if has any!! I hate him and he hates me.
He won't let me go to my mom's place even for a day.
My parents are dying to see their grand-daughter, but this idiot father-in-law of mine does not let me go.
They don't let me live independently. My mom-in-law is a pityful female.
hell knows how she has wasted her life with this man.
She won't let me do anything coz she wants to take all burden onto her, then this bastard will talk ill about me.
My life is a big mess. I am not even happy for a single day.. every moment i feel frustrated when i m at home.
I find little happiness when i go to office.. people are good out there..but they r not ur family, end of the day u have to go home. Only sweet part of going home is seeing the sweet face of my daughter. My husband is doing a job outside in some other country and I m left here with that big time bastard..
God knows when things will improve, when there will be some light in my life.. when will i be able to live happily again.
I know when i will be happy--when my father-in-law dies but he will leave enough sorrow for us to suffer for a lifetime.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,May,12 17:05

Just get a divorce. It's not worth it. An arranged marriage? What is this the dark ages? Sometimes you have to say the hell with archaic traditions.

By Cursed at 18,May,12 11:13

Dear friend-
This is preciscley why I am so glad that I live in the good ole USA! Unbelievable! You must live in India? Japan? China? Middle East? Women are still treated as second class citizens in many countries. Nothing but Chattel. I can think of some pretty good poisons you could stick in your father in-law's tea! Build a pit out back and cover it with thatch. Have some money tied up on a string so he can walk out onto the thatch and fall through- Make sure there are some really sharp, pointed, stakes that will go right through him when he falls into the "REVENGE" pit!! Heck, I could think of a million ways for him to meet his demise. It's a good thing he isn't my father in-law! I feel for you. You do not have a fair life due to your culture. Convert. Become an infidel. And move to the US.

By kane at 19,May,12 07:37

I really understand what you fell,i was having this problem with my wife tara which i never thought it could be solvede,she never want to touch me or having me as her lovely husband,this make me confuse all day because i did not force her to the marriage i was thinking all day on what to do,it was online i meet the helper which solve my problems with just a token dollars to cast out some bad spirit,which i did in less than three days her mound completely change as if i charmed her with something before i realize what the doctor says that after three days i will see my result as i all wanted. Guess what after all the spell casting she dosnt want to go away from me,i just dicorverd last week she is pregnant. Just tell him to help you he can make him never go away from you till dearth,his love preparation will make him love you more and more

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