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I am the bright side to all situations

Posted by anonymous at May 22, 2012
Tags:  2012 May

Hey everybody who thinks they have it bad. Well read this and you will feel alot better. I read alot of these post on here and I still got you all beat. I am 19 years old and yeah I have never been sexually assulted or have any illness but I look at it like this my life aint over yet so just cause it aint happened yet dont mean it aint coming. Here's my story, my family is terrible and I havnt talked to them in over 6 years. My grandma was the best but I lost her when I was little. My mom is still in my life but no comment on her. Anyway I had never been in a relationship cant even date anyone because of my situation. There always been some reason why I can bring somebody home. When I did have a friend something will happen and I lose them I was bullied growing up people always was putting me down, I have very little self-estem. Now I can say though I became so mean and hateful it's impossible to bully me now. So now people fear me instead of tease me. Im somewhat homeless living in a damn motel. So no I dont have any money or a job right now. I dont have my driver license so no I dont have a car. I was in school for a year but that didnt work out. I have experienced poverty in every form from starving to living in my moms car. Ugh Im getting mad just writing this. SO of course I am very BITTER. Hate aint even a strong enough word that can describe how I feel about my life. Well anyway I hope I cheered somebody up. I guess you realize now things could be worst.


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By anonymous at 22,May,12 08:24

Hi all, who thinks he is bad. Well, read it and you'll feel a lot better. II can actually read a lot of these post on here, and I still got you all beat. I am 19 years old, and yes, I have always been sexually assulted and have all the incurable disease, but I look at it this way my life is not over yet because just because it did not happen Dont mean he will not come. Here's my story, my family is actually a herd of rabid donkeys, and I havnt talked to them for 6 years. My grandmother was the best, but she bit me when I was a kid. My mom is still in my life, but the glue factory Shes going tomorrow. Anyway, I've never been in a relationship, I can not even date anyone because I'm bat shit crazy, and usually frightens people, because I kept growling at them. There was always a few reasons why I can bring someone home. When I have other things to happen and I lose them, I was bullied grow up people always put me, I have a very low IQ. Now I can say that I have become so mean and hateful it is impossible to intimidate me. So now people are afraid of me, but do not tease me cause Ive got money, as well as rabbis. Im also living in the sewers. So no, I do not have no money, no crack right now. I have my way, no, I do not have Scud missiles. I went to school during the week, but it did not happen. I have experienced Jesus in any form or by starvation urinating in my car my mother. Ugggghhh Im getting mad just trying to write it. So, of course, I am a small rodent. Face microwaves do not even strong enough word to describe how I feel about my sister. Well anyway I hope someone welcomed. I think you understand, now, things could be worse.

By anonymous at 22,May,12 08:59

Your story is'nt that bad, i've heard much worse. You are the captin of your ship, if your life sucks only you can change it. You are your worst problem and your best solution. It is up to you too make your life what it will be. So make it a good one.
By IceWriter at 23,May,12 13:41

Well said.

By anonymous at 22,May,12 09:07

Your face is a danger to others, it's bad, I absorbed a lot of lemon. You are automatically a prostitute of your ship, your life is doomed, if you can not change it. You and your problem the best solution is a mountain goat in the eye. It's up to you, too, will make your life what it is. So it's a good thing.

By anonymous at 22,May,12 14:30

Whoever the punk ass who wrote that paragraph needs to shut up cause that was LAME anyway I agree this post aint that bad.
By anonymous at 23,May,12 07:30

I am Alpha General Supreme in all things not Punk Ass says. your face has becomes soft and putrid. Now I'm going to imprison his sister and cats for the purpose of making dinner and insemination.

By anonymous at 24,May,12 02:55

1. You sound Christian. Maybe you should just pray it away! Oh wait...imaginary sky-friend didn't respond?

2. If you want sympathy, a narrative form that is easily legible is ideal.

3. 90% of what I can understand is entirely emotional based thinking with no rational basis. You have terminal stupidity. Please, remove yourself from the gene pool.

...Not the you understood any of that.

By anonymous at 04,Sep,12 05:14

Hate is fear. Dont be afraid. Balance is key in life. Find balance and find yourself. Casting blame really is a waste of time. You dont have to smile, but try to keep an open heart. Or at least an open mind. People will come and go, but it all comes down to you.. Take the high road and do some good before its too late. You will know when its too late.

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