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Posted by Ann at July 7, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Juvenile problems  Loneliness

I'm 14 years old. Girl. And nobody understands me. Me and my parents never never understood well . We almost always fight and it turns out really bad. I've never had a boyfriend. Not to tell that I never got my first kiss. I don't have like best friends. I had, but than I found out how fake they were...I'm not shy at all , I love music and dancing is my life...But somehow I just feel like I don't belong to this world. Like no one understands me. I have a friend , well I had , because he doesn't talks to me anymore. We were so close , like he knew everything about me. I felt like I can trust him . But for some reasons now he ignores me . Well , his best friend told him that I might be in love with him , which is not true at all , and we talked about it , and I guess this isn't the problem for why he ignores me. But anyway , I'm not the best at school and my parents make me stupid and bitch almost all the time. I don't really go out because I'm the type of girl who loves to stay home , watch a movie and eat popcorn . I always loved to help people and make them smile even just for a second. And I did helped many kids and persons. But now I feel like I'm a totally looser and I don't know what to do about it. So MY LIFE SUCKS.


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By anonymous at 14,Jul,10 11:33

Believe me, I know how you feel. If you want to talk or something, add me on facebook (name is Krahulec Petr)
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 01:34

Another pedo.
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 06:36 Fold Up

Iv'e seen this dude hanging behind the dumpster at Mcdonalds. He's really a hairy, wrinkly-ass old man. So hairy, that I thought King Kong came into town.
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 16:28

Krahulec Petr wanted dead or no just dead
By at 18,Jul,10 15:34 Fold Up

What were you saying about King Kong? Disrespect my hairyness again and me, and my friend Sasquatch, will have a little talk with you.
By anonymous at 07,May,11 04:42 Fold Up

you ask a my hear think

By anonymous at 16,Jul,10 12:16

Sweetheart, I know being a teenager can be awful, especially if you feel "different" and alone. Is there somewhere in your town you can volunteer, like an animal shelter or a hospital? How about taking up running? It is a solitary pursuit but it gives you a chance to listen to music and think things out. It is hard but I pray that as you get older, you will see that not all people are superficial and awful.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 01:33

Ur life sucks so suck a dick! >:3
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 06:33

Looks whos talking Balls-for-lips lol
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 16:27

its a pedobear =^.^= dont u know?
By at 20,Jul,10 17:30 Fold Up

people like you are who makes life suck. if you don't have anything helpful or at least nice to say than well your life must suck too.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 17:02

omg im 23 years old and have never ever kissed a girl, so cmon..
By anonymous at 20,Jul,10 14:14

are you homosexual? cuz he isnt (or maybe doesnt know yet)

By at 20,Jul,10 17:33

listen your not alone. And by the sounds of it you are a kind hearted young girl going through this hell of society. Don't get down now, just go chase your dreams. Become a nurse or an animal cop. Help people like you say you love to. Don't worry about friends or boyfriends or any of that school yard drama. People are stupid anyway so I is easier to just ignore them. Hope your life gets better.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 20:21

Im 14 male lonely, love dancing music and poetry call me if interested....
By at 09,Feb,11 21:57

Give me ur # and I will!!! :)

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 02:11

Wow that must be tough well same here my boyfriend broke up with me and to think I actualy kinda loved him but you know what I think he used me just to get closer to my best friend..... =( we tlk like every single day still anyways I might as well write down why my life sucks but I'm just commenting your not alone anyways trust me u don't want to mess around with trying to get a boyfriend it's worse just wait until the time comes and who knows maybe you will get the best one yet.... and don't worry your parents will later try to uinderstand who u really are I hope mine do too and don't forget your NOT a loser that's just the way u are just be yourself :)

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 02:13

Oh sorry I was finished with my other post also don't worry if u still think no one understands you well ur wrong cu I know I do ok???? =)

By anonymous at 04,Oct,10 02:01

sweetheart. i can help you. write me at
By anonymous at 13,Oct,10 06:53

I know who you are and the FBI are coming for you child snatcher

By at 18,Oct,10 19:41

Here is my story, short version of it i've spent my whole life being treated like a cinderella by my step-mother. Growing up my step-mom was always strict with me, i was never allowed to go to birthdays, hang with friends, or even school dances. While i did have friends at school, the freindships never lasted because of the fact that they were a group and i could never hang out with them outside of school. I have felt sad and lonely pretty much my whole life, and even now that i am 18 she still has a way of controling my life. I try to make new friends but in college that isn't so easy, because most people have their friends they hang with from highschool. Sometimes I feel misplaced in this world, like no one understands me. While I have shared three kisses in my life time so far they always ended in heart break because i wasn't able to continue seeing either of the guys due to my step moms over control. AS for my dad, he just basically listened to whatever she has to say, and not to a single word i have to say. She has a way of manipulating him to believe her morales and views. Sometimes i feel like just running off and starting my own life all over, but i am to scared. Living in NE i have to wait another year till i am 19 to move out, but i just can't take it anymore. When i have gotten a chance to hang out with my friends, next thing i know she hates my guts and calls me a bitch or slut. Like always she gets my dad to go on her side. once she even accused me of smelling like smoke, when i have never smoked a single cigarette. Not just that, but growing up i consistantly dealed with physical and emotional abuse from her for every little mistake i made she would push me or pull my hair or call me a stupid bitch she even once left a scratch underneath my eye. I had to lie to everyone saying i ran into the door. i still deal with emotional abuse being called stupid or dumb, or just not good enough. I can't take it anymore, i am 18 and i shouldn't have to deal with this. Not just the abuse, but also being obligated to help my step mom with everything, the only thing she does is cook and i do everything else, washing dishes, vaccuming, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping, moping, she even has gotten me to completley change my dreams from becoming a designer to doing medical assisting because it pays so well and is so simple. I don'y give a damn, i want to do something i love, but that is now far from me. She has threatend to kick me out if I don't behave, and she never makes my little half sister whoes 12 do anything. I have been treated this way since i was 8 eight years old. I hate watching my step mom spoil my little half sister, she lets her go to parties, dances, you name it and she almost alwasy buys her what she wants, like a cell phone, which i didn't get til i was 16 years old because i begged my dad for one. It sucks, growing up literally living my own cinderella story. I still get scared to go out with freinds because of how she will treat me, having to live with her and want to do my best so she is happy and i'm relaxed. Everyday i go to sleep praying that someday it will al end, i used to cry my self to sleep thinking what did i ever do to deserve this. I used to be fun and gullable but the lonliness i have experienced since i was eight has made me become a shy person, which i never wanted to be. I feel like i just want a prince charming to come into my life and take me away from all this pressure, as of right now though it feels like my cinderella story will never end. no matter what i do all the horrible memories will always be there. I even attempted suicide once with pills but no one ever found out, they just thought i got really sick. Not just that but i have suffered depression, feeling isolated from the world, only being able to go where my step mom goes. I have gotten friendships and almost relationships destroyed because of her being so strict with me, if someone who can help me reads this please i wouls really appreciate it love anonymous to contact me just email thamks

By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 22,Apr,12 01:39

Omg you have no idea how much that sounds EXACTLY like my life even the part about your friend whos ignoreing you your like my clone thtas just freeky I will t be your friend

By anonymous at 15,Sep,12 04:46

fucking loosers

By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 23:15

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By washington dc at 28,Sep,20 17:33

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