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Posted by payne at May 23, 2012
Tags: Juvenile problems  2012 May  Relationship

I was dating this girl for 18 months. we became really serious and i knew i loved her with all my heart. everything was good even though we would fight often. i knew i was in love and i thought she was to. we did everything together even was gonna move in together. we are in college so we were gonna get an apartment and work and go to school but she didn get in to the same college i did. well to make a long story short she ends up leaving me and was already talking to another guy before we broke up. it makes me feel like shit and i been very depressed for 3 months now she was everything to me and now i have nobody to talk to. she tells me she cares bout me, misses me, even says she still loves me. hell she even cheated on him with me and the next day she tells me to leave her the hell alone. she tells me i am to negative of a person but what do you expect out of someone who loves you with all their heart and wants to spend the rest of their life with you. i tell her how i feel and she says it makes her feel bad. i don understand how she could tell me all the lies she told me and i don understand why she would treat me so horribly even after i gave her everything.


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By anonymous at 24,May,12 09:53

Dude. She's a bitch. Get checked for STD's. Your girl was whoring around.

Get another gf if you can and never talk to this bitch again.

Cheers mate.

By Cursed at 24,May,12 12:21

Look buddy-
Here's the reality: She is moving on... The reason she is telling you what you want to hear is to placate you- The reality of the situation is that she is done with you, and is preferring to lie to you rather than get into conflict. It's tough. I know, I hate being on that side of the coin- the dumpee. The Dumper, always has the upper hand. She no longer wants to be with you- that is clear. What you need to do now is establish boundaries so you don't get hurt. Don't fucking call her, it will just irritate her- and make her roll her eyeballs everytime your number appears on her i-phone! Fuck it dude. I agree with the poster above- not that she is whoring around, but that you need to get over this girl! She's got you by the balls, since she is the one dumping you. Don't give her the power. Do anything you can not to contact her!!! I mean it! The more you obsequiously grovel, the less she is going to respect you. SHE IS OVER YOU- So, you need to BE A MAN and move on!
Love sucks-

By anonymous at 24,May,12 16:27

Well from a womans perspective she wanted someone else and now she wants to string you along as a back. She is playing games with your head. It makes her feel good about herself knowing you still want her! My advice my friend is to forget about her! Don't give her the time of day. Find a new woman. Trust me there are tons of women looking for a good man! Don't be discouraged she was not the one for you! If she was she'd be with you and I wound'nt be posting this comment! Good luck on the hunt! You'll find someone better!!!!!!!!
By anonymous at 25,May,12 19:14

She wants you as back up man. What you should do is fuck one of her friends and forget about her. She is playing this mind game shit with you manipulating you and using your primitive desires against you. You are a freeman now.

By The Professor at 25,May,12 23:05

Wake up. You got in the college, she did not. She is a dummy,,,,Go to your classes,,,,study,,have a good time too...go for it...u r young...forget the slut...

By anonymous at 25,May,12 23:10

...she is not a whore. for your own sake, keep her memory as a positive one. It sounds like you both really loved eachother. (i dont believe in the words "if you loved me you wouldnt have blah blah blah..." you can do tons of fucked up shit but still love someone) You sound a few years younger than me so I have to say there will be someone else! I'm a lesbian btw I understand most women and sympathize with men more when it comes to relationships. What made me want to comment was the part where you said she thinks you're negative. I'm going through something similar right now and... she probably understands you, and loves you, and accepts who you are but she cant accept that in her world and values. If you're a downer it might make her feel stunted. She doesnt want to change you and rather than suffer with someone she loves.. she is letting you go. better for both of you. it's probably difficult for her, too. You should move on though :) fake it til you make it. Go to college, have fun, fall in love again or at least have great sex and feel like a champ

By anonymous at 26,May,12 18:04

Try to keep fu cking her.)

By anonymous at 28,May,12 17:36

go outside, rape everyone then fuck them and yeah THEN FUCK THEM AGAIN ( or rape them )

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