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untitled story

Posted by Nick at June 3, 2012
Tags: Anger  Anxiety  2012 June  Sociopathy

well I started drinking and got into a verbal altercation with my brother in front of a family of 4 who were our guests at the time. i screamed at some guy across the street "what the fuck are you looking at bitch" from inside my living room he could hear me yelling. it's going to make it harder to go outside, just another mess up I can add onto laying in my own vomite while drunk, and being absolutely stark raving mad and behaving like a manisac for YEARS. I screamed at my mom about "THE HELL YOU GAVE ME" referring to my life and I left and hitchicked just to have to call mommy and ask her to pick me up the next day (today). now I'm going to quit the paper route. I finally agreed to try SSRI's. I'm stuck, I am a freak and a village idiot and I have severe depression and social anxiety. O and what started my anger build up this week was my brother who has nothing better to do than verbally abuse me whenever he feels like calling me a few choice words a few times each in the span of like 30 seconds.


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By pretty woman at 07,Jun,12 11:22

By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 12:43

Oh dear, someone's escaped from their padded cell again.
By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 15:42

Talking about pretty woman.... Yeah she once again escaped. We thought maybe she jumped from a cliff.
By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 06:51 Fold Up

All I can say is wow.!!! If ur soooooo great and talk down to people who are hurt u must have more fucked up issues than the person who wrote the post sounds like you need help urself you've got to be the same person who wrote crazy on mine. People who act like u have absolutely NO self-esteem. Hurting other people with words isn't going to get you far in life especially hiding behind a computer screen. Stop ur bullying it's not cool ur the kind of person that makes people feel the way they do I really hope ur content with how u are. It's better to have god in u then the devil because that's who's in u ur doing his dirty work.
By Anna at 11,Jun,12 13:16

Amen to that
By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 20:34 Fold Up

You're such a failure. You can;t even harass people with out boring the fuck out of me. All your post are exactly the same. Boring and unoriginal. YAWN

By Cursed at 07,Jun,12 14:41

Dear friend-
Your inner demons are trying to eat you alive. When was the last time someone gave you a hug? or told you that you were loved? It's hell when you are isolated, without love, even the slightest human gesture- a smile, a touch on the shoulder, can make all the difference...
I am sorry for your woes. If you'd like I can do a reading for you-
By anonymous at 08,Jun,12 20:50

Stop trying to drum up business, you cunt.
By Strange Kid To Curse at 03,Apr,13 20:58 Fold Up

Curse! Where the hell is Mercy?! You better not be stealing him away from me! I WILL PERSONALLY FUCK MERCY AND THATS FINAL! :3

By at 09,Jun,12 09:31

Stop drinking. Time to get stoned on marijuana. Chill and dream away.

By Anna at 11,Jun,12 16:49

Im not sure you age or situation or what started the panic/depression. Comming from someone who has experienced many of those the dumbest but most effective advise I have even if your not seeking any is... Sometimes you can think that these things will never pass, or that they were just predisposed indie oif you and that you are just suffering at a wimsy of your surroundings. This is what I used ot think anyway. Been off and on councellors pills and addictions for most of my life. The only thing that helped me was getting up every day and deciding instead of futher trying to punish my body or myself, or the people /circumstances around me I blamed for my condition... I just started with little things like the attitude of Im going to do better today than I did yesterday. You just wake up and do better.. As soon as I quit drinking and smoking ciggerettes.. my body was no longer a depressant with random stimulants and toxins were taking up all my time. You need a calm in your life.. and if you need to cry, cry as much as you humanly can until you can laugh at at least one thing. If it helps I had panic attacks so bad that by the time I reached the hospital usually I was twitching and making no sense flailing around on the ground sometimes in mud puddles begging them to not let me die and ask them to help me not want to die. Half teh tiem I would come across as crazy because I would be eitehr cryign and parazlyzed in fear or laughing histerically at if the situation was actually real. I never thought I would get better.. they are almost completley gone for right now.. the last 10 months. Just from eliminating some things, and had to eliminate some relationships too. Sometimes these things happen from trauma I know at the time I had just went through a break up that revolved in a restaining order after watching a guys finger be cut off and being threatended to have my skull bashed in with a broken off metal table leg. I didn't even realize how much a bad relationship alone had physically taken a toll on me. Everyone has different stressors, just have to figure out one at a time how to eliminate them.
You need something to give you back some esteem, and you can work towards it little by little every day. And ignore the idiots online who ( yes I agree with other posters) have huge issues.
By Veronica at 12,Jul,12 01:05

Anna,I dealt with those same panic attacks through a new therapy called anal masturbation tactic. Once you begin a penetration your muscles one by one relax due to your bodies coping mechanism of a foreign object in the rectal cavity. If you calm enough you ought to be able to bring yourself to orgasm through manipulation. This releases more endorphins which aid your body to recover without medications. Interestingly enough it works for me.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 03:34

Fuck girls fuck women fuck dating and fuck humanity.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:00

and my final comment to all you dirtbags who have harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Jonay at 20,May,16 02:07

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By Royal CBD at 28,Sep,20 15:57

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