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Rocky in Rockford

Posted by StarryMary at June 10, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 June  Racial  Religion

My life is an emotional train wreck for me. Im born into a religion that I think I feel I shouldnt belive in anymore, but if I do, half of my life would be ripped away from me. My friends, my family, my enviroment, everything.
I never have been to a nonmuslims home in my entire FUCKING life. Im tired of all the God Damn- even if there is one- shit that I need to follow, and all of these religios blind idiots Im surrounded by sometimes. I want to tell my mom about this, but if I do, she will tell my dad who will laugh.

He would sit down on his GINORMOUS ASS AND LAUGH
he is always racist, esscpecially to African Americans and Mexicans( Im deeply sorry if I was offensive to you)

Sometimes he can be a very kind and gentle man. But other times, when he is angry, he is the meanest, cold hearted bastard you will know
He is the reason I am embarrassed to be Pakistani sometimes.
And if anyone I know discovers that I wrote this story, escpically dad, I will take those prized decortave swords decorated around the house and kill myself Laugh on that you Fat Racist
Or hang myself with one of my moms scarfs, the things I love the most
But I cant kill myself, my family would miss me, and my parents would be known as the two idiots who failed to love there daughter when they had all the time in the world

I want to teach them a strict lesson they will never forget, and would love me forever.

The othher Day, my sister wanted to invite a friend over. My dad was in an unexpected bad mood, and started to scream at us, telling us that our house was filthy and it looked like it belounged to Mexicans. When we tried to clean the room, I started crying, and eventually my little sister started to also. My dad came in and started to laugh, asking us why we are crying. suddenly, my head began to throb and I was seeing red. Then I started to laugh. I was smiling and laughing with tears in my eyes. I walked out the door, went into the living room, and was staring at the wall and was laughing at the wall until i decided to come back to the room and check on my sister

*Dad, I swear to the Fucking God you belive in, if you find this funny, I will never love you again. I will try to kill myself and they will send me away and lock me up so I can never have to see your ugly face again. Just me and my laptop, you think I would give a damn? Since mom's a mental doctor I can always see her. She could probably get a job were I'll be locked up. It all fucking works out.*


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New Comment

By Cursed at 21,Jun,12 11:22

Sweetheart- you will not have to live under your parent's rule forever. Things will improve when you fly the coup- leave the nest, build your own sanctuary, and you will find peace. It sucks- but it isn't a permanent situation- and trust me, what goes around comes around. Take that to heart.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 05:35

I'm a pretty open minded individual but from what I've read about Islam it would be in your favor to ditch that religion it is the most irrational of the organized religions its tenants are destructive, primitive, and dogmatic leave it and become open minded ditch organized religion.
By anonymous at 08,Aug,12 23:22

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 02:14

Peaceful thats far from the truth. Islam wasn't spread peacefully it was spread by the sword and the funny thing about it is that it advocates lying and killing "infidels". Mohammad wasnt like Jesus or Buddha he was a military leader and a killer.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,12 23:20

I'm sorry for how your parents treat you. I am also a pakistani muslim and i LOVE islam. You don't know much about your religion i am guessing since you don't like it if your parents weren't like this and they loved you and tried to teach you about islam like my parents you would be glad you were born a muslim. BTW for the person who said to ditch islam i feel bad for you AND YOU READ WRONG OKAY! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ISLAM! so keep your wrong information to yourself!
By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 02:20

I know more about the religions history then you. I have lived in Muslim countries and have seen how your supposed institution of faith and goodwill subjugates women and promotes social authoritarianism. Believe me I'm well read on the subject.

By chillpillplease at 18,Aug,12 02:15

First off your dad is very inconsiderate amd cruel to races and you and your sister.

And no matter your dirrection in life you don't want to get sent away somw where for trying to kill your self it isnt fun nor will you wat it you will regret that desicion.

As like Cursed hasbrought up it won't be forever once you are out youcan start from scratch!live your own life wth the religion (if chossen or not) and own life style !

Just don't mold yourself inthe inxonsiderate hothead racist your father is ....

Chillpill signing off !

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 20:14

and my final comment to all of you scum who have harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 28,Sep,12 06:32

im a filipina born to a muslim dad and i dont like it. i want to convert
By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 20:24

Come to the land of no organized religion.

By anonymous at 30,Oct,12 02:51

ALL religion is nothing more than shackles and chains for your mind and spirit. There is no god and there is no "correct" religion to believe in even though there are plenty to choose from. Being an atheist is the ONLY intelligent, logical, rational way to live.

By anonymous at 18,Dec,12 17:01

Fuck god because he is the root of every thing good or evil.Remember god created the flowers and the shit. Created angels and allow 1/3 of them to fail.and what the reason? love and freedom ,oopps ,why u dont say he let that happem to carry out his evil. In other words he wanted to get rid off his own shit.

By at 21,Mar,13 20:16

first of all racism is an organisms natural response to outside invaders. it is in many circles perfectly condoned and in fact indirectly encouraged to remain proprietary. this is because opposites rarely attract and identity is lost in race mixing and what not. in fact there isn't a single culture who isn't racist. whites, japanese, blacks, pakistani, you name it it is called covert racism or propriety. it is just the way it is. you need to understand why that is and know that you will never change that. that is how the world works. we all might be human and share a vast majority of DNA however the similarities end there. all of the other mass differences are what drive many to truly only relate to their own kind. understand that. now with that being said good and bad people come in all shapes and sizes and hence colors so to dislike one race in particular sooner or later someone who is an exception to the rule is going to come into your life and you are going to like them. these are not the norm but if you ask some they are simply not acting there race. the dynamic and the circumstances are really complex. the stereotypes that we hold about all races are not a general rule and i would say that if you have someone close to you in your life who is an exception to that general rule then you are entitled to love them or be their friend and shun those that dont understand that they are one of you but just look different? I am a mutt mostly white but part mexican i was raised in a big city in the poor side of town. i grew up not being racist but slowly learned to be racist. the mexicans were being racist to me and the blacks. i was mostly white and the whites accepted me as on of them. from time to time though i would befriend or date a black, mexican or asian and they were good to me. but we had a mutual understanding that we would put our ethnical differences aside and have a good relationship. and that's just the fucking way it is in the world. you can go onto the discovery channel and see species fighting all the time to the death even. one type of ant warring against another. humans are hardly even more evolved then that on our animal level.

By Ellyanna at 07,May,13 01:43

That insight's pfrecet for what I need. Thanks!

By MJ Ultimate at 15,May,13 04:07

I can understand ur situation, my father is also a religious stupid man like any other religious person on this world. These people don't understand what they r doing or why. They just follow whatever is said.....

I also spend my entire life being religious, living with religious people, community etc. One good thing religion tell us is to be free but so religion is the only thing which make us slaves.

I have been people with different cultures, religion, believes as well. The only thing i so far understand (Which they don't) that don't follow anything blindly not even the GOD.. What i understand about the GOD or what i think is, GOD needs us as much as we need him.. For this just think, why he don't came on earth when everyone or his believers need him so much, the thing is he won't. Think it as people believe him, pray him when they are afraid specially in case of death or pain so why will he come when it is very right time or era to make people afraid, to give them pain and so to make them believe in GOD and GOD's stuff. and if no one will believe him anyone his existence will end. Believe me when i say and for those stupid people who will comment against it, type whatever u like, it doesn't change anything, i really don't care anymore what u say or believe me u can't teach me more then i already know..

And about ur father and other people, u can change them, thing is u can't change people, u can't change what there beliefs are, u can only manipulate them but that not well enough... The only thing u can do is change urself, be whatever u want, to be in end stop care about people. If it hurts u to live with them then just leave them, go as far away u can and never look back because it will only give u pain because in the end u r a religious man or atleast u were..

By is cbd legal in washington dc at 28,Sep,20 14:42

5MEmGu pretty helpful material, overall I feel this is worthy of a bookmark, thanks

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