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my story

Posted by anonymous at June 19, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Juvenile problems

Hello, I'm Chewy (not my real name) and for the past 5 years I feel like I've been going through hell and returned with my life in pieces that are duct taped back together. I just want to hear what you guys have to say about my story, so here goes...

First there are some things you need to know:

1. My parents have been divorced ever since I was 4 years old. (This isn't a big issue for me.)
2. I have an older sister and a younger half-brother
3. I'm a guy.

Okay, so I'm twelve. I ran away from my Dad's home; I felt like he was neglecting me and my sister severely. There was barely any food in the house, we wore rags for clothes, and we were living in a shack of an apartment with a shackmate. So, I had come to live with my Mom, my little half-brother, my drugged-out uncle (he's not really important to the story; he lived in the garage), and three of my cousins at my Grandma's cockroach-infested, 2-bedroom house (bad decision). My relationship with all of them was very strained but it wasn't always like that. Not until my Mom stirred s### up with my Aunt (mother of 3 cousins). Frankly, I don't even remember what it was all about, I think it might've had something to do with a washing machine. Anyway, there I was. My Grandma's house is packed full of tension. No friends in my area. I don't have anywhere to go other than the public library. F###ing ingredients for a s###-cake, right? Not to mention, on top of all of this, my Mom pawned my half-brother on me to go to Las Vegas for 1-2 days, every other weekend to fuel her drug and gambling addictions.

So, fast forward a year of living with this mess. My Mother gets into a little fight with my Aunt (same mother of three cousins). And by little I mean cops were called over to arrest both of them. They took me and my half-brother out of my Mother's care and put me back with my Dad. They put my little bro in a foster home (which made me unbelievably sad). I get to go to a different school and everything, oh the joy!

Now there I was. Back in the shack (and I think I should describe the shack before I continue: 2 small bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a disgusting-ass, moldy, food poisoning-trap of a kitchen, and a living room.) And this time my Dad utterly hates me. So whatever s### I got back before I ran away was reduced to toxic waste s###. Luckily, I had friends in this city! So I got to escape this filthy place anytime I wanted to!

Okay, fast forward, oh, a year and a half? I was now dealing with a total loss of self-esteem. I was out of ordinary high-school because of poor-attendance and consequently put into Independent Studies. I had lost almost all of my friends due to my mood swings and new-found reclusiveness. And guess what... hold on let me make a new paragraph to tell you this because it's pretty shocking.

My Mother goes and kills a person. And do you know what's horrible about this other than the fact that she bludgeoned another human being to death with her own fists? I didn't really care. After all of this s###, I'd pretty much lost all feeling towards my parents. Oh, and let's not forget about my little half-brother who managed to escape the foster home only to land in the care of my manipulative second-cousins which was all orchestrated by my whacked-out Aunt (not the same aunt of 3 cousins).

Fast forward to about three months ago. Yeah, this is enough time for all of the s### I'd been through to really sink in. I started planning out suicides in my head. Thoroughly thought-out suicides (some bright ideas included hanging myself or drinking bathtub cleaner). This was around the time I started experimenting with weed (oh, please, please, don't think less of me). Anyway, I got into a car-accident with a couple of my buds; we were all high as hell at the time (some really scary shit if you're high as balls). And that's when I decided to stop being such a sob and to get my life in check.

Now, everything seems to be okay. I'm still struggling with self-esteem issues but not as badly as before. I don't keep in touch with my Mother or brother. I have a better relationship with my dad and my sister. And I'm on my way to become a detective for the police force. Things can only get better...

Anyway, comment. I'm interested in what you guys have to say.



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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 04:01

Lets play hide and go fuck yourself
By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 02:56

Cool story bro. Now shut the fuck up.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 04:27

I didn't read your story. It was too long and I have to work tomorrow.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 04:35

That's not entirely true. I stopped reading when you said you are twelve. I don't believe you are twelve. I think you are some degenerate writing fake stories on this site.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 04:49

doesn't his story just START at the age of 12? he says he's working on becoming a detective in the police force---most of the time they don't let 12 year olds do that :)

***most*** of the time ;)
By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 23:22 Fold Up

Finish reading the fucken story and you will see that he's not you ignorant fuck.
By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 21:19


By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 18:39

Hi I'm 12 too and my life is so close to the same as yours. Do u txt I wud live to talk to u..,
By annonynous at 08,Jul,12 14:23

im sory that must suck :( atleats u have freedom.... im locked up in my house for no reason and cant go any where with out my parents or someone who my parents completly trust becuase my dad thinks ill get raiped or sold to another country to be a sex slave...
By Cursed at 01,Aug,12 22:01

Your dad is a wise man- heed his warnings..

By anonymous at 10,Jul,12 04:54

please finish the story he is not 12!!!!

By luckycharm at 12,Jul,12 01:12

I wish things wouldn't of been like that for you, really I don't and I. Sort of know how you feel (I was never on drugs parents aren't divorced) plus no one can know exacly how you felt but I want you to know I also thought of suicide and I did it. That's right I ghostly comment,no but seriously I'm not dead well not any more, you see I hung my self then regreted it because I realised I had so much more to offer so I talke to god about it and he said I could come back. Fortunatly I made a great recovery don't try it you might not be as lucky. Anyway not the point the point is don't hurt your self or kill yourself just find the gift in you that makes you proud to say "I'm chewy and I'm proud to be chewy"... wait don't say that that sound really really wrong LOL. No but seriously find something that you like about you and use it for the better. That's what I did I took my sence of humor and it made me happy and others around me happy thus making my life better and only I'm aa 1/2 a yr younger then you. so if. I can do it u can

By differentstarr at 12,Jul,12 02:16

Hi chewy, im 12. I know what its like to live in fear, and Feel misunderstood, and unloved. But please don't kill yourself. I was about to do the same thing when i started going to church. I met my only friends there, and its a small church so everyone welcomed me. I felt like i belonged. Try going to a church. If u need someone to talk to, check out drama'n'trama. Leave comments or email me.

By donewithoks at 17,Jul,12 17:50

Whether or not there is any ounce of truth in that story we shall never know, but you are a damn good narrator.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 23:24

I didn't see no damn where where he said how old he was. But if you're a grown man whining, than you act 12.
By anonymous at 22,Jul,12 01:25

You're rude as fuck. Maybe if you'd read, you'd see how old he was. "I didn't see no damn where" ? Are you kidding. YOU act twelve. Go back to school and learn some grammar and then stop beating up on people who are just trying to tell their story. Ass.
By anonymous at 29,Jul,12 22:53

Fuck you!!!!
By anonymous at 30,Dec,13 18:33 Fold Up

Yeah, go fuck yourself.,

By anonymous at 24,Jul,12 11:04

Hi Chewy,
Are you the guy on Chelsea Lately?

By anonymous at 25,Jul,12 22:28

You know what? Things get easier. Ages 12-18 are really, really hard, but somehow things get easier after that. You seem really articulate, I can see you making it out ok.

If you go to university, many of them have free counselling, if you're interested in that.

By the way, I went to school to become a librarian and was feeling shitty about that. BUT, seeing as how the public library is a safe haven for you, I feel like my career path might be a little more worthwhile. Thanks :)

By anonymous at 29,Jul,12 10:30

HE meant "so I am twelve" meaning he is not twelve now, he is trying to put story in perspective.

By Sugar Rush at 30,Jul,12 05:22

That was a touching story. I'm glad you're going to be working for the Police. Good luck, Chewy! Things WILL go better, I had some situations like you did, too!

By anonymous at 06,Aug,12 19:12

Chewy, pls eep in touch wit ur bro. He was all you had.
By anonymous at 02,Sep,12 22:07

That's what I think too

By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 21:29

I think your story is very inspirational..
To all the stupid fucks who poseted here about him being 12 the story started when he was 12 u dumb fucks dont post if you cant read the story!

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 02:40

If this is true I may not kno you but good job on getting your life in check never forget your resolve

By at 21,Mar,13 23:04

okay you stupid little shit. listen to this and listen good. your mother and father are obviously some very worst case examples of humanity that you can see. maybe it's just that your father is poor and cant afford much but you dont have to be raised in that environment. you need much better. get out and go into a foster home in a nice part of town like my friend did. dont be forced living with a single parent in the slums and having to deal with that bullshit. it fuckin ruined my life. i fuckin hate my parents for being degenerates themselves when i could have been a yuppie. fuck them. anyways also you stupid little shit and i know it's hard but dont you ever fuck up. each and every little thing you do you will be meant to pay for it for years and years later. dont get in trouble with the pigs. graduate school and college and join the service and honorable discharge after 4 years then kiss ass and get a barely decent job. dont let your friends screw you over and save every penny you have. if you fail to do what i tell you your life with suffer until you die and you will end up just like me.

By Dacosta at 05,May,13 04:10

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By anonymous at 28,Jun,13 14:06

You some kind of a retard? Looking for free advertising? Yeah, this is the place for that, all right. Fuck, you're stupid.

By anonymous at 30,Dec,13 18:35

Come on, everyone, let's go die.

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By Lorin at 15,May,17 01:17

I actually found this more enttiearning than James Joyce.

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