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Posted by D. A. at June 20, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

Now my story is about love. It isn't as sad as some people's stories. But to me this feeling I just hurts.
I know this girl, and I think she is the most beautiful girl ever. But she sees me as the stupid-ass anooying guy. It's not that I try to bug her. It seems as if every little thing I do pisses her off. She doesn't know what I think of her, and I doubt she ever will. Every time I go to tell her, I get real nervous and say something else. So here I am, stuck, going nowhere with this really special girl..


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By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 19:25

Give her a big 18 inch black dildo
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 20:26

Is that the kind you like in your butt homo?
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 22:20

Naw. I don't like your shit stained sloppy seconds. I bet you could pit two of those dildos and a jack hammer up that tired, used up, reamed out bung hole of yours.

Tell us. How many miles of cock have you had up you?
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 22:22

Better yet get a big whopping two headed dildo. You can stick it in her and then she can stick it in you. Match made in heaven
By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 21:59

Did your mom teach you how to do that?
By anonymous at 18,Aug,12 19:24

No. Your mom's the expert. You should catch her YouTube demo. She could take a whole fire hydrant up that tired old used up cunt

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 09:12

then just tell her motherfucker
By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 09:24

What the???? go back to your porn site guys.

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 12:50

I just love that feeling I get from triple penetration by big fat cocks

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 23:41

At the end of the day you will regret not trying, the worst that will come of it is that she says no. But at-least you have tried; then she knows what you think. Besides you don't know that she would turn you down, even if the chance is high.
By jesus at 13,Aug,12 08:09

Wrong wrong wrong... The worst thing that could happen is that he could get crucified by the Romans... Trust me, that shit ain't like watching Sesame Street and eating potato chips.

The 2nd worst thing that could happen is that he could get in the sack and find out she is a guy.... Like what happens to me when I was in holiday in Thailand for Judas's bachelor party......

By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 09:28

Get the fuck off this site. You probably piss her off because you are an annoying little twat.

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 00:37

Go up to her and shove your fist in her twat. She'll love it

By anonymous at 18,Aug,12 10:55

There have been some interesting suggestions posted but I think most of them won't work.
Try putting your feelings about her in a letter and post or hand it to her.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 20:03

Have you ever stepped in a vat of semen?

By BEANIEE at 22,Aug,12 10:51

just give her roses and write a card saying how you feel about the whole pissing off shiz and at the end write i love you do you? cool ehh

By anonymous at 29,Aug,12 14:39

fuck all these haters! everyone has their own pain, but its always the one you love that hurts the most.

By Bitch you so damn stupid at 31,Aug,12 12:13

That bitch you're talking about, the reason why she's avoiding you is because she got a hold into my big cock. She said that she saw you as a fag and knew that you wasn't about shit. Now go jump on that gay bike and ride away.

By anonymous at 19,Mar,13 10:16

She probably is involved with another man who may be satisfying her from the backside. You may wait patiently for him to stretch her out and move on to another damsel.

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