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Sad existence

Posted by Unskilled at June 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

I am 23 years old and I have lived in the U.S my whole life. I have been arrested for 2 DUIs and am facing deportation. I lost my job because I quit out of shame, it wasn't the greatest job but it paid. I live with my parents and I spend my days sleeping and my nights awake tossing and turning or wasting my mind away on useless activities. I am so unmotivated to find a job because with my record I can only work in terrible jobs like bussing at restaurants and such. I don't even attempt to look for work because I want to die so badly. I want to run away to Colombia but I have only visited 2 times in my whole life. I am on probation and I have to pay thousands of dollars to get off probation and even more thousands to fight my deportation. My dad has been sick he had a brain aneurism and now he isn't working either. My friends consist of one girl who I secretly am so repulsed by its not even funny, and another so called friend who just picks me up and gets me drunk and in risky situations. I hate living in this life, and I always have this terrible pain in my chest when I sit and think about all the chances I had to make things right. I hate myself and I hate my condition and I wish someone or something could stop the pain.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 06,Sep,12 16:53

Lets all feel sorry for this guy because he has 2 DUI's it wasn't his fault! Oh wait it was, you stupid asshole you were putting other people's lives at risk when you did that but its unfair that you are having to pay the price for it? GTFO of this country we don't want piece of shit fucktards like you here!
By anonymous at 08,Sep,12 15:02

By at 24,Mar,13 23:13 Fold Up

hey i got two dui's too. and the only thing i'm sorry for is not running over your stupid commenting ass at 100 miles an hour

By anonymous at 06,Sep,12 22:48

You caused your own problens. This is America, start new. Go to church. Find books to read. Stop talking to the man who gets you drunk and only makes more depressed.

By anonymous at 08,Sep,12 05:01

Some of the best people I've met in my life have dealt with situations that landed them alone and broken - only to face reality and come to understand that life is not going anywhere. One day you'll have to wake up and take that responsibility. You think it's tough now, but it'll only get tougher as time goes by - that is, unless you clean up. The longer you wait, the more opportunities to grow and be good to the world around you are lost - most of all, the opportunity to give yourself another chance. Although it seems like it now, this isn't the end. Allow the past to become the past. Pick it up and do what all that you can. After all, you have no other choice besides giving up. Find the strength within you, because no one else will. All the best.

By anonymous at 08,Sep,12 05:11

Find the strength within you, because no one else will be able to for you.* Sorry about that.

By anonymous at 09,Sep,12 01:35

You are so beautiful. A lot of times people suck so much they only mislead you. Get money from a celebrity.

By anonymous at 09,Sep,12 01:40

Like you're gods gift by cursung someone out you think you can dominate a poor unfortunate with your ignorant racism you're the asshole, he's not he doesn't stand a chance you have no compassion you lynch folks figuratively maybe otherwise
By anonymous at 23,Sep,12 02:01

What are you talking about? No one said anything about race. Who's being racist? Colombian is not a race, and telling someone to "go back to Columbia" is not racist (if indeed the person is from Columbia). Quite being so defensive. If the original poster is from Columbia and is not a citizen of America (if he is facing deportation then he must not be), yet had committed crimes in America, then he should go back to Columbia. Why should one country take another country's criminals?

By anonymous at 10,Sep,12 04:33

Get over yourself and get a job, bussing tables if that is all you can find. Life is a bitch, so toughen up Princess

By anonymous at 11,Sep,12 17:09

Oh boo fucking hoo. Living here as a non citizen isn't a right. You blew your chance with 2 DUIs. You really expect anyone to feel sorry for you? Go the fuck back to Columbia

By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 08:41

Uh guys didn't he say he's lived in the US his entire life? He's a U.S citizen so cut the "go back to where you came" bull crap.

By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 08:44

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:29
By broken at 13,Sep,12 07:33

The bible was rubbish, the Koran was better.

By Cursed at 15,Sep,12 23:45

Well, save your self the money, don't save thousands to go visit, and don't pay thousands to fight deportation. Just get deported you stupid fucking retarded twobit cocksucking fuckwadded bitch fucker. I bet your a cuntlapper to the ugly bitch who repulsed you. You should be in a fucking Mexican prison getting boned up the ass for being a wise guy. What the fuck kind of lame post was that....I'd kick your Colombian cunt princess. Don't you ever post on here again you dirty filthy son of a hyena fucking whoremastering drunkard bastardly coward. Cursed....

By anonymous at 23,Sep,12 01:55

If you lived in the USA your whole life, as you claim, then you can't be deported. If you were born in America then you are automatically a citizen. The government can't deport you anywhere.

By anonymous at 11,Oct,12 11:27

why lots people can live a happy life but we cannt ? the life is in our hands , we can change the sad fate ,thats what im struggling.Though it can be hard ,but if they can be happy ,why not me? why not you?

New Comment