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My ghetto dangerous neighbors!

Posted by Girlyyyyy! at July 18, 2010
Tags: Environment  2010 July

We moved in our apartment almost a year ago & its been HELL the neighbors are so fucking black and ghetto! They randomly shoot birds with guns and sometimes egg cars. Police are here every week. I heard these 10 yr olds talking about selling weed. They blast LOUD music all fucking day!
One time at 5am this guy knocked on the door asking for shoes WTF?!?! A month ago a guy got shot and died. Tons of people saw but no one did shit about it. My friend said she saw this black guy chase this eskimo guy with a gun down the street. Today 3 black kids wouldnt get out of my moms car so it took her about 10 minutes 2 get them out. Today, I confronted this kid about selling weed and he was like "Say it to my sister she'll throw your ass out the window." It happened about 30 minutes ago. I dont feel safe walking outside outside by myself. I fucking HATE my neighbors! This is why people hate black people. I want to call the police and report them but if I do... Im gonna get jumped or shot. I hope God sends these fucking niggers to hell.


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By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 18:30

just because your neighbours are assholes that doesn't make all black people bad! -> quit the racism ...
.. find a new appartment.
By anonymous at 25,Jul,10 10:55

Not all black people are bad, only the ones who grew up in the era of "Affirmative Action", non-stop welfare and spend all day kissing the butt of race-baiter Al Sharpton and his bitch Tawana Brawley.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 03:29

No there not but too many are. It is getting out of hand that is y the cops keep killing you all every day. Wake up black America.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 03:31

Be carefull u might not make it home if ur riding late. I got plenty of black friends that have been killed by police.
By at 01,Oct,11 20:28 Fold Up

Sigh. That seems to be the answer everyone gives. Move! Run! I live in a mixed neighborhood but I have to admit that the only Section 8 homes are inhabited by black people and they are also the only ones who are noisy and have trash strewn everywhere. They are noisy 24 hours a day--fighting until 6am oftentimes. The neighborhood I lived in before this was the same way but mostly black, and SWAT raided the house next door three times in a two month period. He was a drug dealer and had installed, illegally, a camera and intercom in a house he RENTED via Section 8 and he also had dog-fighting pit bulls he chained in the yard. I live in these neighborhoods because it is all I can afford, yet I don't act like this. And I will be darned if I go into even further poverty or wind up on the streets just to move away from people. THEY should start behaving like human beings!
By anonymous at 30,May,13 08:41 Fold Up

Bet you never lived in a black neighborhood...yes they are.

By anonymous at 27,Jul,10 23:31

By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 16:29

72% of people who post in all caps are idiots?
By at 28,Jul,10 20:16

→ 84.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

→ But you are wrong about people who post in all caps.
73% of ALLCAPS posters are idiots, the other half are morons.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 03:27

You should go to our USA sensus site. U sound retarded saying that to people. Listen to NPR radio station for fact statistics. What a Retarded thing to say.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 13:28

92% of people who listen to that liberal-Democrat NPR stuff are Totally misinformed.
By at 02,Jan,12 01:47 Fold Up

I AGREE! They want everything (errythiing) given to them. They are so damn lazy they can't even speak English!! I get soooo sick of "Birfday", "teef", "deaf", "Let me ax you." Stupid mother fuckers!! Ignorance.


By anonymous at 30,Jul,10 04:29

This has nothing to do with Black people whatsoever. It has to do with those people that happen to be Black. I mean you could have bad neighbors that are White or Mexican. So, I hate to see you generalize especially when most Black people do not behave in this manner.
By anonymous at 30,Aug,10 01:42

Uh . . . I would say that most people would actually disagree with you and say "Most black people behave in EXACTLY the manner described in the post." A lot DON'T behave that way, true. But, it seems, there are more that DO than those that do not.

That's not to say that it's because black people are inherently bad or ignorant. They're not. In general, however, the African American culture has more and more become the definition of what it is for a human being to be ignorant and aggressive.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 19:18 Fold Up

Bullshit!! They all act like this or want to.

By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 03:23

72% of all black males leave there wife or girl friend between a week to 9 months before there child is born. 2010 satistic USA. But Mary jane is good. I'm not racist either. Some of my best friends are black. It just suck how some can let places get like that. If u can't get out just break a bottle infont of ur door call the police and say they through it at u. They will get a restaining order and u will be safe from being a victim. They will haft to move. Hey. Don't judge me it works.
By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 07:19

That may be true, but it is also true that before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, black men were good husbands and fathers. With all that civil rights crap, black men turned into total flakes and black women went along with it.
Even worse was that stupid Americans With Disabilities Act, now gimps and retards are annoying little turds.
By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 01:50

By at 01,Oct,11 20:31 Fold Up

Your language is harsh but ADA also includes people with nervous disorders such as anxiety, who are actually living on lifetime disability checks. Now THAT disturbs me. I have chronic anxiety and have a hard time working, yet I don't mooch off the gubment.
By anonymous at 02,Jan,12 01:49

And do you notice who has the handicapped plates/stickers to park up front? Fat ass niggers!! Being fat isn't a handicap. Put the fork down fatass!! Lay of the fried chicken and grits. Try not going to McDonalds this week!

They make me SICK!! Lazy monkeys.

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 01:49

By anonymous at 30,Aug,10 01:44

. . . Uh . . . Let me guess. You're black.

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 01:45 Fold Up

By at 01,Oct,11 20:33 Fold Up

Wow, language. I'm not sure what your point is. But I am finding that my point on this site is to discourage people from running. Why must decent people constantly run from misbehaving miscreants while the latter take over every affordable neighborhood in America? Answer that one without caps, with good grammar, and with a lot less emotion, if you can.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 19:22 Fold Up

Wake up in the morning look in the mirror and hate yourself because you know what you are! Wait!! Niggers wake up in the afternoon.

By anonymous at 30,Oct,10 12:11

I used to live in a neighborhood where they would surround my car and pound on it.

Now I am in a building where there is crack, "heron" (they can't seem to handle three syllables). and pot, of course.

Two shootings in the last week.

The landlord throws them out and they just get replaced with more of the same.

We can blame racism, the educational system, the police, finanacial challenges.... blah blah blah.

At the end of the day, they are to blame.

Why say the OP has to move? If he/she is like me, I pay my rent, I am quiet, I mind my own business - I don't think it is too much to ask that I can walk from mty door to my car without seeing/hearing/smelling their illegal activities.

Just because I am poor, doesn't mean I should have to live around trash.

Back in the day, poor people still had pride and morals. Damn. Black or white.

No more excuses - their behaviors are unacceptable and living in fear is unacceptable.
By at 01,Oct,11 20:34

My point exactly.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,12 21:12 Fold Up


By anonymous at 17,May,11 11:57

I'm in the same situation, but listen: I HATE, HATE when you complain about "So and so is smoking weed!"

I blame people like you that white people get ****ed with in the hood. I mean, come on, WHO COMPLAINS ABOUT SOMEONE SMOKING WEED??? That's their business, even if they're selling it!

As for the other ****? I feel you on that, they were in your CAR??? See stuff like that is worth complaining about. "selling drugs" WHO THE HELL CARES?????? As long as they aren't bothering you, wow I hate you middle class rednecks, you obviously don't live in the REAL ghetto or you would NOT be complaining about the guy next door "selling drugs"

I'd like to take a shotgun to all these ghetto losers though, not the ones who sell drugs and mind their own business. I'm talking about the ones who go inside other people's cars, who hang out on other people's porches, people who condone rape. THOSE are the people we gotta worry about. Poor white people don't have any safe place to call home except a trailer park, which is literally a refugee camp for poor whites leaving the city educate yourself.

Hate them for the RIGHT reasons though, not because they dress stupid or they sell drugs. hate them for being violent and ignorant.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,12 21:26

Selling drugs is a big issue, why the fuck do my kids have to be inhaling their shit. And seeing drugs being sold, usually if someone is selling drugs unknown people will come along and mess up the community even more, it all starts with those mother fuckers that are selling drugs, they bring fucking pedophiles, thief, and everything in between will start to come, for that mother fucking drug, its those that sell the drugs we need to worry about more,

By anonymous at 17,May,11 12:02

Meaning, hate them for stuff that actually EFFECTS you.

And if you have kids you're probably part of the problem already lol no offense but most parents are kinda pretentious. ESPECIALLY parents in the ghetto who are supported on welfare.

Also, as much as I hate n****** when they actually START something with me, and when they shove their ghetto mentality in everyone ELSE'S face and make crappy comments to me and others while we're walking down the street? As much as I hate them for that?

I think you brought it on yourself. That person who was selling weed was minding their own business. So what if they were breaking the law, it did not in any way effect you and you should have kept your mouth shut.

So I think you may have brought it on yourself as much as I have encountered and as much as I hate all those worthless ni****s (they earned that title) who are just "starting ****".

But in this case you started it. You might actually get left alone if you stop trying to be a damn snitch. I'm white and I hate snitches, you wouldn't last 2 seconds if you lived where I lived in mob territory, you should be greatful they warned you and didn't just shoot you for complaining about someone selling weed like your about to snitch. Mind your own business and be greatful you don't live in a police state cuz let me tell you I'm sure you wouldn't be any better off in Iran.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,11 03:51

fuck u cracker ass! selling drugs is a sin!
By anonymous at 02,Feb,12 21:29

It is a sin, it all starts with those mother fuckers

By anonymous at 03,Oct,11 10:51

Hey, black people are not that bad... Niggas are bad! Those fuckers who live in ghetto and sell dope. Bitches.

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 21:17

thank fuck we have a control on irelands nigger problem...we send the fuckers back to africa...i feel sorry for my american brothers, all i can say is shoot the black bastards and don't get caught.... niggers out, humanity has a shout...

By anonymous at 02,Feb,12 20:14

Lol this is kinda funny, because I feel the same way, but I call the police on them all the time if see something wrong around my app building so yeah all of them see me as a Snitch, but honestly I don't give a shit, wtf I'm not going to be inhaling your weed. Or not sleeping because your outside my fucking window being loud, ah fuck no, I don't understand why you can't have your company inside ur apartment, outside bothers others, one year old kids outside by themself while the mom is pro getting fucked in the ass, if you get offended is because you are one of those niggers,

By anonymous at 20,Apr,12 20:43

That really suck but I also have to say move. I know you're on Section 8 and it sucks, especially if you didn't come from lower class surroundings. I didn't but I live by a couple of ghetto people and I am saving my money to move. Next time you find a place, make sure you visit on the weekends and nights, so you can make sure what type of environment you're in. Oh, and don't live in section 8 apartment buildings. Take your time and find a duplex or a small 4 plex on the cities edge. You will find a different class of people.

By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 00:43


Damn i'm glad to be out of that place. I am now safe and sound in a different part of town.

By anonymous at 25,Aug,12 23:26

Im sorry you had to go through that I am Black myself and I am well educated and have a masters degree and Yes a majority of my race are very ignorant its sad actually. I even get made fun of by my own race and they try to take advantage of me because I am successful.I love my people but I cant hang around a lot of my family or people because of that

By anonymous at 14,Sep,12 18:26

Like it or not, God loves your "nigger" neighbors the same way He loves you. And after reading your rant, I'm inclined to believe that if God does send those "niggers" to hell you will be right down there with them.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,12 06:48

I'd rather sleep in a gas station bathroom than put up with that shit.

By anonymous at 25,Jan,13 13:24

All these comments are sad...I feel sorry for you guys...maby you should get some help. smh

By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 13:37

The problem isnt black people. The problem is ignorant garbage (of all races) and the lack of motivation to punish them. I live in the ghetto, so I know how bad it is. People dump trash on your property, block your driveway with broken vehicles, block your gas vent with snow during the winter, break into your home and cars. I could go on forever... But they do these things and it's buisness as usual. They have an attitude like "I can step on everyone, but don't step on me". They need to cut these peoples govt benefits and throw them in prison

By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 21:45

Name one modern day scientific or technological invention that african americans created? However blacks are highly skilled in the arts.

honestly african americans, and I state african americans not africans are a truely fucked up culture along with the overall american indians. Both cultures have many things in common. Are both savage cultures caused by being a conquered people, or by the government realizing that both cultures cannot thrive in modern society and therefore have to be subsidized to compete in a free society with other cultures? Asians, Arabs, Europeans, Italians, Irish, and Mexicans have all thrived and flourished in the free market capitalistic republic known as america. Keep in mind even after slavery many asians where transported to the west to build mines and railroad in slave labor conditions. However unlike the "Nigger" the asians have made america home and now in general are a prosperous and rather successful people in society. I say that word Nigger in anger because I am a African American myself. The reason why I say that word in anger, is because most blacks I have come in contact in America are truely dumb niggers. The other african americans that I associate with myself live in upper middle class communities, and we hate the niggers described in this posting just as much as any southern racist white person. IMAGE WHAT AMERICA WOULD BE LIKE WITHOUT LOW INCOME GENERATIONAL SLAVE MENTALITY INDIVIDUALS IN THIS COUNTRY. African Americans genetically where a conquered people through the slave trade. Mostly the losing and inferior tribes where shipped to the americas. Dont hate all of us, because a lot of us hate those dumb Niggers too.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,13 20:43

Of course it's the blacks fault people who keep saying it's not just blacks are full of shit.The poster wrote it he or she is living it as well as countless others mixing jungle savages with normal people you got chaos the normal people are the ones suffering.The savagaes think it's funny when others suffer.Now what will society do about it??because America is already turning into a wasteland.

By anonymous at 27,May,13 09:54

I'm a black woman and I agree with many of the statements about ghetto people. They are the most ignorant and disgustng creeps on this earth. I call them black scum. Ghetto females are whores or ho's, depending on their age. Elderly bitches were whores when they were younger so its no wonder their daughters became ho's in some form. Crack ho's, alcoholic ho's, poppin' pill ho's, and some of 'em didn't even have to over indulge in drugs and alcohol, they were natural whores/ho's. Niggers went door to door fucking these whores left, right, and in between their legs making babies they had no intentions of taking care of b/c the majority of these bitches were on welfare. Till this they are an embarrassment. Decent black people don't want anything to do with them. Niggers and ho's are some backstabbing folks. They can barely get along with each other. Lots of people call them animals but I don't b/c animals have more respect for each other than ghetto niggers and bitches could ever have. Female cats like lions feed their cubs and nuture them. Not so for a child born in the ghetto. Her/His mom sells food stamps for drugs. Bitch won't even buy her children cereal and milk. That's why the majority of ghetto kids get taken away from this unfit bitch. Then niggers and bitches blame it on racism. Puleez!

By anonymous at 27,May,13 10:45

Hi, I'm new here. This is a good siite. Everyone has made some valid points. While I do believe that there's ignorance in all nationalities, black niggers and bitches blame being ignorant on the governmet, the white man, even the KKK man. It's niggers and bitches who continue to destroy every neighborhood they live in. They refuse to repair any damages they caused b/c any type of work reminds them of slavery. Filthy bitches won't even clean their house b/c cleaning is a maid's job, and being a maid is always associated w/ slavery. Yet none of them have never, ever been a slave. Only ghetto folks refer to cleaning and repairing THEIR OWN living quarters as slavery. Decent black men and black women would never think like that. Even they can't be around ghetto folks. That's why decent folks move out--niggers and bitches make it impossibe for ANYONE to live there. They are so miserable that spread misery throughout the community. Alot of their problems are self-inflicted and have absolutely nothing to do with the white race, racism, or slavery. The most dangerous males in ANY ghetto is the black nigger himself. If you don't believe me, watch a few of those jail/prison interviews on tv like Gangland, Locked Up, etc. Damn jailbird niggers and bitches will state on national television that the crime(s) they committed was THEIR fault. It wasn't racism or the white race at all. Racism is the sorry excuse they've been using since the Black Panthers/Martin Luther King/Malcolm X/ days. It's old and played out like the 8-track tape.

By anonymous at 27,May,13 21:31

I know exactly what you're saying. No one of any race can live among niggers. I would advise anyone to NOT move anywhere near the hood. They are also jealous of working-class people. No matter the nationality either. Like the Chinese who have restaurants in the hood. They've accomplished alot b/c they work and build together. Ghetto niggers and bitches disrespect them everyday, all day. And the Koreans who open up dollar stores in the hood. Seems as though ghetto just fits their personality. Even when they're asking a question, they are disrespectful. That tells me that they arejealous of the Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and whoever else b/c these people have the mind st of owning a legit business. The only business niggers and bitches know of is selling drugs, robbery, and identity fraud. Quick and illegal ways of getting money are their ways of making a living. Working legally is considered corny. They refer to working-class black people as slaves for the white man and will call back men Uncle Toms. Niggers and bitches are just plain ignorant.

By anonymous at 27,Jun,13 00:21

All NIGGERS are pieces of shit and fit all steriotypes perfectly.

By anonymous at 03,Aug,13 03:23

I love how everyone keeps saying how ghetto black people are but my white neighbor is ghetto as f*** and I know lots of ghetto spanish people. smh

By anonymous at 21,Nov,14 14:41

Its 2014 and ghetto blacks have gotten even worse. That situation in Ferguson where a white cop shot a 18-year old thug shows how out of control ghetto blacks are. In Ferguson, they are rioting, looting, and burning down their own neighborhood. If the white officer isn't indicted for killing a thug, blacks have threatened to kill white residents.

Its no wonder whites in Ferguson are stocking up on guns and ammo. I don't blame them. Whites are in fear of their lives and feel the need to protect themselves against feral blacks. There's gonna be lots of dead niggers in Ferguson if these ghetto blacks think that they are just gonna attack whites and not suffer the consequences, they've got another thing coming.

By anonymous at 21,Oct,17 14:21

The federal government caused this.

By anonymous at 21,Oct,17 14:22

Newark NU was a good city 50 years ago but blacks ruined it. The Italians fought them tooth and nail

By washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:04

hB71Ro Scribbler, give me a student as record-book!)))

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