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Venting Tool

Posted by mItch at July 2, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I am horribly lonesome yet I am disgusted by most and completely dismissive. I have occupied my loneliness with work to distract myself but it is not the same. I know I need somebody and want somebody but nobody qualifies. What a catch 22. I really don't think I just have walls up to protect myself as I am holding on to the idea that someday somebody worthy will come along...I just get impatient I suppose and cross my fingers that I do not grow old and alone...but even then, refuse to settle.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 06,Dec,12 21:48

Oh boo fucking hoo. Get off your high horse. I bet you're no catch either.lower your standards or off yourself

By anonymous at 08,Dec,12 14:47

You make me sick you fucking maggot! YOU FUCKING PUKE!! CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR FUCKING DETROIT SEWER! IdiotS LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK! i HAVE add,adhd,ocd, ibs,rls,and male pms. I also have nothing better to do than suck off homeless men with a bag over my head behind the grocery store. My baby arm always hurts, and I am very unattractive. God has blessed you while fucking my life up you fucking puke. Be glad you are not a grocery bagging cock sucker
By anonymous at 12,Dec,12 13:33

......get a fucking job.

By anonymous at 08,Dec,12 16:00

Itty bitty baby schmitty
You stuck your prick in mommy's slitty
Don't you fret and don't you pout
She won't make you pull it out
By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 22:59

Dude, what?

By anonymous at 11,Dec,12 03:42

Lower your standards bro. Honestly, how great can you be?

By anonymous at 13,Dec,12 15:38

what assholes are on here
By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 22:59

The prick is a candy assed snot nosed brat.
By anonymous at 24,Dec,12 18:03

yeahh like he seems pretty up himself to me offence but i think this guy deserves all the hate he's getting.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,12 22:46

ignore the asshole haters on this site. you are very young. date for fun, learn from dating what you value, what is important to you, etc. don't sweat it if you don't find your forever mate just yet
By anonymous at 16,Dec,12 21:45

How do you know he or she is young? The only number mentioned is 'catch 22'
By anonymous at 18,Dec,12 18:37

because i'm as old as the hills and everyone on here is pretty young by comparison. even if they are in their 50s they are young to me and they have a shot at figuring out what they want still.
By anonymous at 18,Dec,12 23:27

Fair enough.

By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 21:16

I feel completely the same way as the author. Don't know what to do about it either. Keep reaching for answers. I do have walls though and no idea how to get them down. Or do I really want them down? I say yes, but don't do it.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 22:40

SO you feel the same way as the poster? You think no one 'qualifies' to be your mate or partner???

New Comment