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My miserable life

Posted by anonymous at July 4, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I was diagnosed with lupus, which is an incurable disease, two years ago. Upon diagnosis my entire family deserted me. My husband is a cruel, lazy ass bastard. My in laws are assholes. My husband refuses to help out around the house, even though I am sick and dying. He refuses to take an interest in my health and will not attend doctor or medical appointments with me. He hasn't shown any interest in me in two years. I haven't had sex or been touched or kissed or hugged in two years since I got sick. I am so very lonely and sick everyday and scared about dying alone. I have no one to talk to. I am on chemo and a lot of other meds that make me really really Ill. I struggle everyday to keep up on chores and take care of my kids. All my husband does is sleep. I am just so sick of everything. I'm sick of this disease, the toxic meds, the loneliness, the anger and hurt of my family's desertion and the anger over my inlaws actions towards me. My mother in law hates me cause I got sick and her poor son is stuck with a sickly woman. I would just like to be made love to by a gentle man before I die from this. My doctor gives me about six months. I have informed my family, husband and in laws of this, but they all accuse me of lying. I just cry and cry everyday. I just don't know.....


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By anonymous at 26,Jan,13 07:46

Hmm, interesting. You just want to be made love to by a "gentle" man before you go? Well, Id give you my contact info, but since this website is over 6 months behind in posting entries, (and you only had 6 months to live), I guess its too late now, and Im not into necrosex thats disgusting. Sorry.
By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 18:02


By anonymous at 26,Jan,13 21:15

You can't beat us 'life sucks'. Broken, Truth, Mercy, pretty woman, Timmy et al will be back in force once I let them know how to circumvent your block. We don't die, we multiplie

By anonymous at 27,Jan,13 03:14

If this is a true post, then you have six months to live. What the fuck are you worried about? I am not in your position, so I won't so I won't say what I would do or anything like that. BUT! My advice to you is to say "Fuck it!!!" Tell your husband and family how you feel. You might be surprised or you might not, but that is worth knowing before you go. I personally would want my family to know that I love them and forgive them no matter what, but that's just me. Maybe you have a feeling that someone in your family has done something that you don't forgive, and that's OK! It's your LIFE! Your feelings! You have to do what YOU have to do. Be upfront. Talk it out. Go at peace. That's all the advice I have. Good Luck.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,13 18:38

I know people especially relatives are the worst when it comes to caring they are all out for themselves...its a shame why anyone has to suffer with degenerates such as her mother in law...she probable was a bitch from the beginning of her married life. One this for sure if there is a God she and all who treat you that way should have to answer to him...

By anonymous at 31,Jan,13 10:50


By anonymous at 01,Feb,13 00:06

Live your life for yourself and don't give a crap about the beings around you. People are shit.

By anonymous at 02,Feb,13 17:53

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By Igiveashit at 09,Feb,13 08:39

I so wish you could have been with me when this all happened . I would have seen you to deaths door with love and comfort unlike that sorry fuck you married we will both die alone . God bless us both is all I can hope

By anonymous at 12,Feb,13 22:36

That's pretty shitty of your husband I cant really tell you anything to comfort you all I can say is I'm so srry my heart really feels for u may god bless you you should just keep your head up my marriage is crappy to but I try to deal with it you Will be just fine I'm going to keep you in my thoughts everytime I pray and I would love to be the man who cures your lonliness

By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 22:16

i will make love to u.

By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 23:01

You can not defeat the end. But you can live what's left. Live it. This body is only the beginning. ;^)

By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 18:05

If you really only have 6 months to live- facing death can be an unimaginable fear...but you should let everything out & tell everyone how you feel. Make the best out of your last days...not the worst. R.I.P

By Susan at 16,Apr,13 08:57

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