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Posted by readytodie at July 7, 2012
Tags: July 2012

i'm tired. my father beat me my whole childhood. i hated my mother even more than she hated me. i married an idiot who got me pregnant. he beat the shit out of me every chance he got. he committed suicide leaving me with his mentally handicapped kid. the suicide is the only good thing he ever did. now my kid has grown up and has schizophrenia and came home yesterday and tortured my dog and broke my collarbone. oh yeah and the second idiot i married left me two months ago after beating the shit out of me for 15 years. i fucking hate all men.


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New Comment

By GBCS mom at 16,Feb,13 14:16

My poor gbcs, he had to throw away his favorite paper bag! It was so spunk covered that all the wimps started to complain! He adopted an ecologically frienndly hemp bag that he will start wearing. His favorite niece gave him a cape for Valentine's day and he loves it. Gbcs has been angry with me lately because I have been letting Negri Jim anally satisfy me four times a day for the last month and Big Tex has been sucking my sow like titties and GBCS is jealous that I don't let h anymore. He is in love with Wimp Joe but he just won't admit it. GBCS is also angry because people say that he looks like the monster man from goonies. He does resemble that fellow, I have to say.... I hope that everyone will come back and say hello to my sweet little man. He has been sooo depressed. Thank you admin for letting this mother vent, and may Satan bless you

By Truth at 17,Feb,13 17:54

I think I can explain you seeming lack of luck in the romance/life scheme of things. The problem is clearly thjat you're an ugger. Not the kind of ugger that you might see working behind the counter at Johnny Qwik, you know, where she's fat and has muffin tops and picks at her acne in her nose creases and the back of her head, and eats it, but you'd still fuck her if you drank a half a bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey, but even still you'd have to be willing to suck cock behind that Johnny Qwik to get the fireball in the first place so she probably doesn't get laid all that much, except by Mexicans and even then she doesn't like it much because it's like feeding a tic tac to a whale.'re more ugly than that. you see, it's not really the fault of the men in your life. .You have to think of it this way....ever had a bee land on your arm. A honey bee, and it wouldn't sting you for any reason, it was just like "Wheee ohhh...I'm tired from lugging around all this nectar and the yellow plant sperm all over my thighs so I'll land on this fleshy pink branch and take a breather...."


...and then WHACK!!!! dead bee that wasn't going to sizzle you with bee acid.


....and then the brain goes off and the next thing you know you're waking up with two shiners, a wet smelly twat and a grinning dog laying next to you.

So far you've driven one guy to suicide and your own filth baby to schizophrenia, which is really just another coping device for your extreme ugliness.

Only one thing to time you're at the store and they say "will plastic be ok?" say "NO IT'S NOT OK YOU BLEACHED OUT CUMDUMP!!! GIMME A FUCKLOAD OF PAPER BAGS!!!"'re gonna need those in the future.
By anonymous at 06,Apr,13 19:59

By ladybug at 19,Sep,13 15:36 Fold Up

aside from the screaming fact that you're gay and you love bashing on helpless people on here, what else dont we know about you? i bet you're a 70 year old man with a face as cratered as the moon and a body that uses half the earth's gravity to pull down, living in your aunt's cellar for almost all your worthless life.. nothing to live for. The only possession you have is your antideluvian device you use to access the internet, initially looking for some young hot guy to date with on a gay website but were immediately turned down, pushed around and humiliated as soon as youve started trading pics. for them to see. Hurt, you swore youd be mean to other people online and thats when you stumbled upon this site. You cannot possibly be hit on facebook as no one tries to befriend you because of your obnoxious looks so you decided to find a website where you can go about spewing hate venom on anyone anonymously. And luckily, working hard on every post, your effort paid off. Now you're an instant celebrity known for your demeaning and sick humor. Good luck. I hope you find happiness in the remaining years of your meaningless life.

By anonymous at 18,Feb,13 20:16

We hate you too, you worthless fucking whore. Now shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich before I kick the shit out of you and maybe later you can suck my cock.
By anonymous at 14,Mar,13 19:36

Youre a worthless human being.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,13 23:30

maybe its time to go lesbo, seriously, one of my coworkers swore off men about a year ago and shes been happy ever since.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,13 04:05

stay strong .. something good will surely come down the way ...
By Kadence at 25,Feb,13 18:40

Yeah fucking right.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,13 22:18

Your the one that picked those men adn spread your legs honey. loser

By anonymous at 01,Mar,13 21:47

This is a terrible site to look for support, unfortunately...way too many trolls and a-holes that are miserable and get off of kicking a person who is already down. I'm really sorry for all that you have been through. But please know that there are resources that can help you and that you can make your own choices and start anew. No one owns you, so f whoever has kept you down in the past

By anonymous at 09,Mar,13 23:19

u hate all men? i'm a good guy i don't beat women or abuse them! sorry u've had such bad luck with men!
By anonymous at 18,Mar,13 02:55

its good to know that there are people like u ;)

By anonymous at 11,Mar,13 20:30

Idk, what some people said here is kind of true, it was you who picked them and now you're complaining.

I mean this happens all the time, girls/women "fall in love" of the wrong/bad guys, then their life become really awful and miserable... and THEN they start hating in ALL of us.

Not to be mean or anything, but you got to that point in your life, now work it out.

If people werent blinded by that thing called "love", and instead searched for the RIGHT person...

By Cry River USA at 17,Mar,13 22:56

Get off your fat ass, do something for yourself. Get up, move it,,,now..

By anonymous at 20,Mar,13 13:41

I don't understand why a man would do that
But not all males act like this
I hope
I certainly don't and never will
And I reall hope you find happiness somewhere
By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 06:28

yeahh i agree! :/ u cant judge the entire male gender based on the few douchedicks youve unfortunately had contact with... like im sure there are nice guys too right..?

By anonymous at 23,Mar,13 09:29

I bet ur son's favorite song is let's get retarded in here by black eye peas

By HatedForever at 08,Apr,13 14:00

well it's both your fault, kinda your the one who married him and you could of easily left him prior to your guys marrige. Also it is his Fault for being like that... but you cant Judge all men not all of them are like that.
By strange kid at 08,Apr,13 14:44

That is very true isn't it?

Well, I am so damn glad I have found you! ^-^
Although, to see that your on here is quite refreshing :3

By broken at 14,Apr,13 07:17

I back fuckos......

Truth, I would literally suck you dick.... I love your posts so much.
By nasty girl at 19,Sep,13 14:11

unfortunately truth's needle-sized dick has worn off recently from fucking his poor ole cat 3x a day for years since his dying grandma bequethed it to him as the new pet owner. Imagine the daily fucking binge the poor animal has gone through in his hands. Heard Truth is now facing legal charges for animal abuse and may end up in jail very soon.

By anonymous at 19,Apr,13 05:16

truth is the greatest ever!
By nasty girl at 19,Sep,13 14:31

You are lightyears ahead of him in greatness and in evilness for thinking that picking on some depressed woman on this site is a cool thing to do. Go find the right website for mentally deranged people as you and truth are.

By anonymous at 19,Apr,13 17:03

truth is sick and twisted and is going to hell but goddamn he/she makes me laugh!
By anonymous at 19,Sep,13 13:45

..and you're likely to walk with him on your way down to hell.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,13 00:58

truth is just just a sicko, sick sick sick!LOL

By Blind Guardian at 19,Sep,13 12:34

Not all men idiot. You just happened to get married with the idiot ones. Find another man who's not an idiot. You can do it. You need to feel REAL LOVE.

By nasty girl at 19,Sep,13 13:35

the earlier comments are evil coming from sick people who have just escaped from the madhouse. anyway i wont waste my time on them as theyre worthless pricks targeting the weaker man to make fun of and feel better about themselves. dont listen to them. life may be sucky now for you but trust me it will change. If you focus on what really matters youll find peace. Do something worthwile like things that youve always loved but were unable to do for some reasons. that way youll start to discover good things about yourself and the lesser the need for a man companion. Good luck.

By Nike Air Max 95 at 26,Dec,14 18:00

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