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Posted by givingup at September 30, 2009
Tags: Job  Poverty  September 2009

I have a shitty minimal wage job that Sucks. I work everyday all day and still cannot make rent. I hate my co workers, I don`t know how I will pay this coming rent. I am scared they will repo my car and I have not paid my lights for 2 mnths. My phone is about to be turned off. I have applied all jobs I can imagine still nothing. Its getting harder to wake up every day. I have no one to turn to for support. I pray for a truck to run me over everyday but I am still here.....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Oct,09 00:47

Tell me about it, buddy. I just lost my minimum wage job and am completely fucked now haha. Life does suck. Just gotta keep moving. Things will turn up eventually. Ha. Doubt it. Send that truck my way while you're at it.

By anonymous at 21,Oct,09 15:31


try to live in a place with less rent.

you dont need phone. get rid of it.

get rid of worthless things in your life.

forget your car dude you dont need it.

hmm move to another city. kill yourself. do something.

By anonymous at 04,Apr,10 02:15

I hope for a car to hit me too, just so I don't have to go to my crummy job. At least my crummy job isn't minimum wage, thanks for making me feel a little better... but I feel your pain.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,10 00:13

i want the truck to hit me next life sucks ass

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