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Why do people treat me like this?

Posted by anonymous at July 8, 2012
Tags: July 2012

i was raped in fith grade by a seventh grader. the guy went to a coocoo house and came back when i was in eith grade and raiped me again. i supposevly have brain issues now because he hurt my head. im not like insane i just cant read right any more and i need an aid. everyone thinks im phsyco and i need help and pitty me when i feel like theres nothing wrong with me. i have to go to therapy evey week, i cant go anywhere alone, and i go to a "special school". i just wish it all would stop and i could be normal.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 06:21

stay strong beautiful :) i dont know who u are or where youre from but i wish u the best

By anonymous at 24,Mar,13 04:46

I'm a waste of space. I wish I was never born. Life is so hard.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,13 14:00

Courage is life, weakness is death. Never be afraid!
Be bold even if you are wrong. Its the inner strength..... You are the queen of your life

By anonymous at 02,Apr,13 06:56

Sorry, Amber. Heartfelt. Love and peace.

By anonymous at 11,Apr,13 05:13

what happen is not your fault, stay strong.

By anonymous at 15,Apr,13 04:06

Matthew 11:28
Then Jesus said "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

By broken at 18,Apr,13 23:59

Jesus was a Republican who disliked firearms, love gays and was proud of his Africian herritage.

I caught up with him once in the ghetto (the one in Warsaw) and we did some Jew break dancing and listened to some Elvis tracks. One thing led to another and I ended up balls deep in him and he said, "I want to cuddle".

Lol what a fag!

By anonymous at 19,Apr,13 05:10

you need to get real and admit that you kind of liked it
did your aid help you write your post?

By Truth at 19,Apr,13 17:38

Years ago I lived on a street where the short bus stopped , filled with people from the same kind of "special school" you're talking about, but they would never have been able to post like you did especially because there was no internetwork computar web but mostly because they were drooling tards.

I had this cat whose name was bill, but he got caught in our chimney one time and we had a fire and bill fell back down and burned his tail which we had to cut off because it was burned to shit so we called him Nubs the Chimney Coon.

Anyway, Nubs liked to sit at the corner and wait for the tard cart and the little droolers would come off and happily scream "PAY WIT NUB PAY WIT NUB PAY WIT NUB!!!!!" and Nubs, having expected something completely different, would run away into the raspberry bush and the rits would follow him and get all stickered up from the thorns.

Good stuff and Nubs was, by definition, insane.

Anyway, all that is neither here nor there. The people in "special school" are shit your pants for fun and warmth crazy. Just batshit. I don't believe your story, unless you're Crystal Detloff, who is the only tard I ever knew who actually might have had a story close to yours , except she was the one who got some other tard to put his skin covered mayonnaise gun inside her and created a super tard that I think was taken away by the government to use the dna in experiments to see if they could make a "stupid powder" to use on spies. they'd have some spook walk up to the spy and blow the powder in the face of the spy and then run away. Later, when the spy got back to moscow they were like "So comrade, tell us what you've learned about...."

and then the spy was like "PAY WIT NUB PAY WIT NUB PAY WIT NUB!!!!" ... so they shot him.

....anyway, you're not normal, and the voices in your head are real. It's true, you should do what they tell you. Next halloween be yourself. Put a bunch of chunky style peanut butter around your mouth and go as an asshole.

By Kiiyah at 07,May,13 01:51

I accidentally found your blog while lnkoiog for movies to watch while sad/sick. I had to put my best friend, Eddie, my cat, down yesterday. It was probably the saddest day of my life. So it was horrible timing to wander the internet. Though going through your blog, it gives me hope seeing that you've gotten a new furry friend, to help with that awful hole in your heart that losing a pet makes. I'm sorry that you lost your best friend. But happy to see that it can be eased.

By anonymous at 08,Jun,13 00:42

Man, I'm sorry to hear this...stay strong, kid...Sending you light and love. :) Everything will be okay. You're here and alive for a reason. ;) May your life be a wonderful adventure filled with joy, hope, and freedom. I don't know who you are, nor will I never know but I know you'll go far in life.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,13 02:13

First off, ignore all of the other ass holes who made comments just making fun of you, they just do that to distract themselves from there own shitty lives.

Second, no, I dont really believe that all of your story was the truth, hell you may even just be a troll, but just in case your not, heres my advice for you.

Yes, what happened to you was terrible, horrible, and should not ever happen to anyone, but it is in the past and its time to put it in your past and use it to make yourself stronger.

Stick with your counsiling, that is very important. what I would recomend you do is next time your just sitting in your room, or wherever you go that you use as your comfortable place, just force yourself to think, and just start writing, every thought that comes to your mind. it doesnt have to make any sense at all, just a mass of jumbled run on and partial sentences. as you right you will begin to notice that your thoughts, and your words become more and more articulated and understandable, dont hold back, remember its only you who is going to be seeing this. Write down all of those things that you havent told your counsiler or your friends or parents (we both know that they are there) when your done (id say set yourself a time or a page limit, like 30 minutes or 10 pages, you dont have to fill them all) just put it aside and go do something to distract yourself.

The next day go back and reread what you wrote, read it all, maybe even make notes of whatever new thoughts you have in the sidelines. do this for a couple of days, just rereading what you wrote and making notes and making notes on your notes until there is no more room to write on the pages. This deffinetly helped me with dealing with my own massively fucked up life and the ensuing developmental and mental issues.

Next, you could (though you dont have to) show your counsiler, not only will it show how youve progressed, but will also help them to understand and help you further.

Im no counsiler, but im just suggesting this to you because I know how much it helped me.

By The Wanderer at 19,Sep,13 12:24

Amber, I wish I knew the guy who raped you. I want to make friend with him ... and then I will kill him slowly by mutilating him, cut off his head and give the head to you as a Christmas present. Peace.

By anonymous at 11,Nov,13 17:45

I am so sorry this has happened to you not once but twice in you life. I really don't know what I can say to made it better just hope that he is somewhere where he cant hurt you anymore. keep your head up not all guys are jerks. believe me I has a story something like your yours but it went on for years and started when I was 9 I was raped by my uncle I got married at 19 was raped and beaten and it didn't stop there it was like the only men I liked turn out to be a biggest assholes. I to have head problems because of it I have 2 brain tumors I have nervous problems and im on 14 different meds. im 37 with a 15 and 17 daughter and a 4 month old granddaughter I left my hometown for a country town so my girls and me our outsiders but no messes with me. I wish you the best and if you ever need to talk my email that goes straight to my phone is and on facebook its Katherine katy sans

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By anonymous at 08,Jan,14 16:16

Sorry about your situation. I hope thanks are better since your post.

By Fake Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer at 15,Jun,14 09:27

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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