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No Way Out

Posted by anonymous at July 9, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I know most people have it much worse than me i have a family, and my friends dont hate me. However, my family hates me and my friends are stuffed animals. I have never been wanted. I have been raised thinking that people would be better off if I died. I have been suicidal for 13 of my 15 years of life, and have attempted suicide 18 times. If anyone can tell me anything it would help so much, even knowing someone cares.


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By anonymous at 31,May,13 16:49

I'm 50 and felt the same as you. Back then, nobody wanted anything to do with me. For something that wasn't even my fault. If I'm not mistaken, I tried killing myself only twice. I lived for a reason, and you have to live also. Tell me more about about your situation if you want. I'm new here, but I come online everyday. I'm on this website all day b/c I also have alot of problems.

By Truth at 01,Jun,13 17:04 gotta put bullets in.

That said, before you commit the most selfish act a human can do, think of your friends.

They can't move and they'd have to sit there on the bed when you jump off the chair and hang yourself and you'd be like talking to yourtself in your head, screaming actually " OH GAWD WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE I'M SO SORRY OHHHH I CAN'T BREATH IT HURTS SOI MUCH MY HEAD IS EXPLODING!!! AAIIEEEEE I JUST SHOT MY PANTS AND PISSED MYSELF OH THE PAIN!!!!....."

...and then you'd be a purple meat puppet swinging back and forth and your friends would be like, "........" because they're stuffed animals and can't talk, but if they could think they'd be like "Oh fuck, it's off to the salvation army thrift for us where some greasy illegal alien will buy us for 89 cents and get Kool Aid stains all over us" except for the oversized stuffed unicorn you have who knows that bum who lives behind the thrift in the alley will buy it for a buck and a half and cut a hole in its ass and fill it with canned ham and fuck it once or twice.

I hate unicorns though, but I hate you more.

By Aura Alter at 05,Jun,13 21:33

Oh, wow. I wish we could be friends. I care. I love stuffed animals and I think that you must be lovely. I sound like a pedophile. Fuck. Well, I'm not a pedophile. OKAY BUT THERE IS A REASON THAT YOU SURVIVED ATTEMPTED SUICIDE EIGHTEEN TIMES. The universe wants you to be alive. Attract positivity into your life, feel good vibes. I strongly suggest that you make a Tumblr account, there's a lot of support there for people like us. I care. Please don't try again. Use that energy to change the world. Change what you don't like about yourself, and accept what you can't change. But make a Tumblr! And then post it! I will follow you. I care I care I care. Good vibes.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,13 06:59

18 suicide attempts? you must be a female
By anonymous at 18,Sep,13 05:52


By anonymous at 15,Jun,13 15:09

I posted the first comment and I'm wondering if you are doing okay. Will you please let us know.

Is it me or does anyone notice that not many of the ppl who posted their life problems aren't responding to our comments. Makes me wonder if these ppl are indde REAL PEOPLE.
By anonymous at 18,Sep,13 05:53

I think they're real... haha well i hope they are. Maybe they have better things to do now! :)

By anonymous at 04,Jul,13 00:05

Hang on! You only have a few years go to before you can move out and be on your own. Get a job as soon as you can, start a bank account and save money to get out.

By chan at 05,Aug,13 17:11

I know how you feel. Whats the point of waking up? No one will miss me I am sure everyone life would be better without me in it. That's not true. Hold on, if not for anyone else but for yourself you're important, you matter, you have purpose. It may seem like there's no hope for you. There is. I wish you the best.

By anonymous at 19,Nov,13 02:54

Loneliness is a thing I am familiar with, but there will be hop for you if you start believing and find and hold onto the thread that will lead you to happiness

By anonymous at 08,Jan,14 16:14

I hope all is well, and things have turned around.
Feel free to email me

By anonymous at 13,Jan,14 16:22

Don't stop believing. Find others friend who value you better

By anonymous at 29,Jan,14 12:12

sounds like my life

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