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suicide. dont do it. i love you.

Posted by luckyforlife at July 12, 2012
Tags: July 2012

Abuse. Pain. Being laughed and bullied by people I know and don't let alone by my own family. I've had all of it, my life has been breif for I am only 12,.. and all my memories. When I was little like 7yrs old I can remember my dad smashing my head into a wall yelling at me,and when I was 5yrs old my sister was hurting me and my mom saw her do it, I can remember looking at my mother with tears and she looked strait at me and didn't care. A lot of times I used to ,and sometimes I still do, go to sleep crying asking God why waz I put on earth, then I read the articles writen by other people on this site and I feel bad for them because I know how it feels I know what its like to. be laughed at by class mates and so called friends and even family and how it feels to want to die, and what its like for your family to not accept you, it hurts dosent it,some times I would go to bed contemplating weather I should take a knife and kill my self and I used to lock my self in a room and cut my self with scissors not enough to bleed but for it to hurt, the cuts are all heald now except for two deep ones, one in my wrist and one in my heart. Unlike a real cut in the skin instead of a bandaid the theoreticle injury in the heart needs love, something a lot of us don't feel we have. But in truth we do have it but we have it to give we don't have what is soposed to be given (refering to the people with fucked up lives like me). So I'm going to give my love to you guys out there who don't think they have any. I know this turned out to be a long paragraph of me telling you about my horrable life was but all in all I was trying to make a point I hope it came across,it probably didn't ,*que insarational music* all is what I'm trying to say is I know how you guys feel, life sucks it really does, but I found away to cope so maybe you can too, so ahh leave a comment in the comment section below telling me what makes you happy and if you need any advice also leave your advice question in the comments and ill read all of them and then ill write another article helping you and hopefuly giving you a better outlook on things idont care what your advice is wether your emo and you eed help with cutting your self or gay/lesbo and you need help with whatever I don't judge


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