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Fucking fuck

Posted by anonymous at July 12, 2012

Alright so first of all I am 17 and a girl. Lately things have been crap and my mother definitely hasn't been helping .. Well actually it's because of her things have been so bad. I'll start from the very beginning so when i was 6 my parents got a divorce and I had to live with my mom. She has a lot of metal problems, she's not like crazy but she's bulimic and goes though depression all the time,, when I was younger none of this really affected me but since I was 15 I starte to realize that what she's doing isn't right .. So I tried to talk to her about it but that only made her mad. The more I tried to help the angier she got. That's about when she started drinking.. A lot . When she gets drunk, she scared me .. She says things like she going to kill herself then takes the car and leaves for hours.. I stopped trying to help her but it was hard watching her hurt herself like that, so I basically turned off all feelings. I started losing friends and my grades fell dramatically .. I got depressed. That was last year, now this year i had a friend who didn't give up on me and helped me though it. Once I was feeling better I got in a fight with my mom about how she's the reason I'm screwed up and how she never even noticed what I was going though. I just blamed her for everything.. So she kicked me out of the house. I started living at my friends house and things have gotten better. With my mom out of mind i was able to focus on what was happening at school which wasn't much better, People were calling me down, saying I was fat(Im 5'1 125lbs)..then my friend left and I moved back in with my mom.. I ignore her, we hardly talk. now all I cared about is my weight. I have always thought I was huge but that was comparing myself to my mom.. And well now I just want to be skinny .. I tried my moms way but I can't so I've stopped eating. It's been about a week and a half and I've lost 10lbs. I'm done with everything. Time to focus on me and what I want.


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