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Posted by J-Ice at July 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Relationship

I was ready to get married when my fiance came home from no where and told me she didn't want to be w/ me anymore b/c she wanted to do her own thing. She also said she didn't want a boyfriend right now but if she was w/ someone it would be me. We have a year and a half old son together and were really happy. I helped her through school, get a car, a job, a better home, paid her bills and gave her money constantly b/c she was only workin part time and didn't have much. Well here after being broken up only 2 and a half months she already has a new boyfriend, who just got out of jail and has a herion habit. Put a PFA on my b/c she said I was threatening her, mean while her new boyfriend is callin and textin me, tellin me he's coming after me and wants to fight. Also while she is with this guy, callin and textin me and askin me to help her with money and with her bills. While again tellin me that maybe we will get back together, she misses me and that she wants to see what happens b/w us in the future. I didn't see my son now in days, she also told me when wer broke up that I'm the best boyfriend she ever had, she still loves me, I'm the best father a child could have, I did and do everything for her, and she didn't want either one of us to date people while we were broken up. Now she has that guy living w/ her, has my son call him daddy, is doing drugs also and said that I'm never gonna see my son again. My Life Sucks!!!


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By anonymous at 05,Aug,10 15:40

I'm sorry, but your "fiance" or ex-girlfriend or whatever sounds like a fuckin' leech trying to suck your life right out of you..She's a piece of shit buddy, and that's the simple truth..She doesn't even deserve the air she breathes..don't listen to anything she tells's all lies designed to take advantage of you..Please listen to me..I've been there before..Do everything you can to get custody of your boy, and never speak to the cunt again. I'm sorry you've had to go through this because I know you care, but you have to stop! Get your son, and get far,far away from her...If she wants to destroy herself with drugs, let her do it. take care of YOU and your son..

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 00:35

here's the plan :

take hold of your kid

find another gf/wife/whatever



either way the kid's life is fucked....

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 03:31

Decency is dead. Companionship, compassion, understanding, generosity are also dead concepts. They're simply aimed at suckering someone into couple-hood. Women are slavemakers! They are self-serving, egotistical, superficial, greedy, calculating and promiscuous. The only values that I feel they live by is to exploit every double standard society has. If they feel "jipped" they call the cops, women's bodyguards, so they can look while their significant other is being beaten to a pulp. Women lie and cheat without consequence. Life truly sucks!
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 15:10

if ALL women were like that u seriously wouldnt be alive. ur mother, aunts, teachers, senators, etc would MAKE HELL FOR YOU. you just havent met the good ones like me. lol if you hate us that much, then you'll be STUNNED when u meet others like me on the "other" side of the world.
By anonymous at 06,Sep,10 08:14

You're probably right on that one! I apologize if I insulted you. My intentions were only to vent a bit of frustration. Loneliness, sometimes provokes some aggressive thoughts and behavior, espescially in "guys".

Thanx for your insight, you slapped a little bit a sense into me 'cause i wasn't exactly raised to speak this way about ladies. take care.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 21:50

You use the name J-Ice, as in rapper?? I think what is happening to you is appropriate. Maybe you shouldn't have bred until you were wed.

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