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lifes bs

Posted by Rikki at September 2, 2010
Tags: Environment  Loneliness  2010 September

I live i venezuela that pretty much says it all. You cant afford to buy anything and you always get robbed or murdered on the streets. Cant afford my own place or car even though i work 15$/h, so i have to stay with my mom who i hate. Thing is im 20 and never had a single friend or girlfriend. I was always alone in my school with no one to talk to just people always mucking me everyday. Ive never been to a party cuz ive never been invited and never had any form of social life, still dont, i go to college now and im still alone, its hell everytime i have to go and watch how everyone has friends and gf and i got no one, its funny how everyone has friends in this world, every single person, and i dont, bet you dont know anyone who has never have a social life at all in their entire life. Want to suicide so bad, but in my religion you would go to hell if you do so. lol r u fking kidding me? so im suposed to just stay here and suffer i guess


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New Comment

By Steven at 15,Sep,10 15:04

Hey,, i'm colombian but i live in spain,.... my life is like yours.... i have no friends... no gf.... no social life... I've been thinking a lot in commiting suicide.... believe me... i know how it feels....

By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 20:41

Face reality.
The problem is not other people, it is YOU!
You can have a lot of friends, but you need to change whatever attitude you have which causes people to be afraid of you.
Make just one friend, just one.
Soon your whole life will change for the better.

By lobo at 16,Sep,10 02:07

yeah same here i make the same wage too no gf no friends
if only all us losers could get together.
Its time for a loser parade.

By anonymous at 16,Sep,10 02:12

at least u got a job hombre

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 10:49

Here's a thought: could YOU have a party? Maybe you need to be the one who reaches out to others? It's a lot of hard work to have friends, and sometimes the effort has to come from you, not from them. You have to be the bigger person and do the work. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you don't try, you're sure things will never get better.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 14:44

There are books and websites on how to learn to make friends and communicate with people, even how to get girls interested in you - you can totally learn how to do this!!

I've seen unemployed guys who had lovely girlfriends too, you can do it!!
It may take some work and some learning/unlearning bad communication and thought patterns, cheering for ya!!

By Jaylin at 05,May,13 16:49

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