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A man takes me and rapes me.

Posted by Deanna at September 13, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 September  Violence

I was night and i was in the city and I was on my way home becuase I worked late becuase of deadline. I stopped a the light and while iwa wait to change to green a man jumped in my car. he had kinfe at my abdemom anf he told me not to scream and do what ever he says and I would not be harmed. When the light chnged he told to drive he told pul into a deserted parking lot and he told to turn offhte car and get on his side so I knew I would be able to escape. He put in the trunk of my car. My was a Cadillac Deville. Before he closed the trunk he took my heels off and bindfolded me. He dove around for long time with me in the trunk. When stopped he opened and took off the bind fold and we in cemertary. He took behind a mosilem and told take off y clothes I took off my dress shoes slip panty hose bra and underwear. He hand cuffed me and forced to and told to spread my legs. He rpaed me for long time and he took my jwelery clothes and my car. I was still nude. I made to the road and woman stopped and took me to the hospital. They found my car burned along with my clothes purse and the contents m of my and wallet on the ground but my money and ATM card were gone. i stope froze my account and but my check bok was left with all my check left in it. I got a newcar a Honda Cicic. I drive around with my doos locked so this never happens again. He took my sense of safty my peice of mind and my virginity. I was violated and humiliated as ahsamred of what has happened to me. I wonder when i was taken form the trunk should i have ran or fight back and I f did would he have killed me. He has never been cuaght and they have his DNA the they got fromand from my clothes.


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By anonymous at 23,Sep,10 00:09

that sucks but hey at least u got a job n could afford another card

By anonymous at 23,Sep,10 16:09

well, to be sensitive to what happened to you - that does suck. your sense of security was robbed. you were robbed. have to tell you, do not deny it. if you do, you will go down another road. get help immediately. you'll never heal completely from this, but learn that it was not your fault. always know that you did nothing to provoke this. it would have happened regardless. bless your sould. survive! he may have taken your body, but he didn't take your soul. that's how you survive. don't let him take or jade your soul. i feel like that is so horrific and you shouldn't have had to go through that. however by admitting what happened, you will not deny it and that is what will get you through. don't feel that he took that from you because you didn't give it up. point being. you did NOT give that up so you are still innocent. fight! it was not your fault. and of course the side effects and after effects will be with you. you know what i am talking about. i don't want to broadcast it. or even mention it. life does suck when that happens. only survivors can comprehend this. get help immediately. make sure you do not self destruct because of the evil that was placed into you. most importantly, do not become what you received. it happens so much. girls become permiscuous as a way of having control over what happened. then they wake up one day and realise that they did that because of the evil that was done to them. my thoughts are with you.
By Deanna at 25,Sep,10 14:35

I have made an appointment with counselor. I hope she helps to get over this and the police have informed that they have the man that did this to me. He broke into a another womans apartment and someone heard scream and the police were called and they caught him. I will testify against him and hopfully he get locked up for life i just some other woman will come forward.

By anonymous at 24,Sep,10 15:07

What bad ass city was this?
By Deanna at 24,Sep,10 17:48

Atlanta, Georgia

By anonymous at 25,Sep,10 21:21

well deanna, i am glad you are going to seek help. that is the best thing you can do for yourself. you may end up seeing other victims of this that have gone down the other road, bless their souls, and you will be glad you sought help early on. i am glad i responded to your posting. i've seen it happen to some. wherever you seek help will know what i am talking about. you'll get through it. remember, he didn't take your soul. stay strong. be a survivor. perhaps take up a martial arts class for self defense as an empowerment move. it helps. good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Deanna at 02,Oct,10 20:21

I was apporached by the Bio Channel to go on a show called I Survived but I never sent them my story. i wondering if one of my girl freinds sent he story. I am not going on TV to relive the pain of being raped by some perv who did not listen to my pleas to not rape me. The couselor has think i should join the rape support group I wen tone meeting there 19 other women and 4 teenage girls there thst were raped. i hesrd theneenage Rosemary story she was rped in her home she the took ot her and ripped all her clothes the rped and put in the trunk of his car a took to his and raped and made her take shower. She was held captive by her attacker fora week she says. She did know this guy that had at his house and out her in room where know would hear her scream and she was locked in the room. she thinks it may ben one of tornado shelters that some folks to take cover from a tornado. She says he has nightmares now and she says the her cousleor thinks she is lieing about being raped I told about the woamn I hve been seeing. me and the girl are now freinds. I will go back.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,10 23:46

hello ms.dianna, i responded to your posting and told you to get help. therapists sometimes use a technique where they throw society's response at the victim to "prepare them for when they come out" not like you gals will. sadistically sad but true. perhaps you should tell this therapist that you know what her deal is and that you and your friend can't deal with this type of therapy. most therapist sadistiacally break the victim to bring them back up and they totally change the victim. the last thing anyone wants to here is that they are lying. you all need validation. tell this therapist that you know her deal. it is actually on therapy technique to throw society's response at the victim to so-call "prepare them". it's messed up. finding a good therapist is a long journey. most therapists are burnt out and don't know what they are doing. i wish i could be your therapist. you don't have to engage in the stupid forgiveness crap they make you do either. that is another dumb form of therapy. why should you surrender to that? god bless you and your friends soul. therapists can be very, very sadistic. i'll give you validation. it wasn't right. if one is going to visit a psych clinic, they wouldn't waste their money and time if they were lying. i used to want to be a therapist untill i saw how phony they were, excluding one which is dear. i'm going to keep writing and posting remarks to this untill it won't let me anymore. 1. admit what happened and that you were victimized. this is what will save you from turning it into denial and becoming permiscuous as a way of controlling it and pretending you weren't. that therapist hasn't gone through it so she doesn't know what she is doing. 2. take your power and control back. know that you aren't dirty. i know yo ufeel dirty. his scent is with yo uisn't it? use perfume a lot. 3. take self defense. 4. stay away from men for a while. they prey on the vulnerable and take advantage. 5. tell that therapist you know what she is up to. she wants you to say it out loud out of anger and admit it, or your friend. 6. don't tell anyone because this just happened and people will say things like the therapist did to your friend. 7. you and your friend be a support group for yourselves. call each other when yo uneed to. 8. don't go on tv for safety reasons. 9. don't lissten to them when they tell you to go public. 10. they might try to shift your personality. 11. need i say more? most of all, find someone that has actually experienced it that can relate to you and your friend and guaranteed you'll have better help. call around and ask for therapists that specialize in such things. usually a clinic next to a hospital isyour best bet. don't let the therapist sway you or your friend into deniall. that is your worst enemy right now because you are at a fork in the road where you could turn easily. stay of the denial road. and don't self destruct. yeah, how you supposed to moveon with your life. only survivors can understant where you come from.
By Deanna at 11,Oct,10 00:42

You misspelled my name is spelled Deanna (D-anna). My terpist is fine it is my freind's terpist that is the problem. I told her off and my therpist wil take over her case. Me have both been thorugh terrible ordeal. He smelled he too mch colonge it ws some type o f musk and possibly muskrat. Colonge is but too much is overkill. MissyLynn is my teenage freind's name her attacker had BO and bad breath. Anew showed to the support group. She was attack at work. Her attacker mae open the safe and he told to turn or he would kill her. he put a plastic bag over head and teid with a rope. He told to take off her her shirt said she could f=not do it and her ripped open her shirt she said rember the sound of the buttons hittin gth efloor and he told to take off her pants and she could do it. Her Attacker stripped nude and raped her. She sid s that she had some bad injuires brain damage her urterous had be removed and she has pace in her bladder to halp with it's function. Sjhe chew through the bag and she was teid up she got her hands free but she could get her left ffot free she was able to reach the phone. she said tha woman police offecer made para wait out side she talked to her she aske for her coat and for to be untied an she would not she sceamed and the parai medic thought that was enoguh and took her the offcer was fired becuase of the way she handle that. Her name is Linda. Her said she want ed becuas of her 16 year old duaghter. She want her to to be without a mother. that is true there with he r duaghter. I criedafter I heard that story becuase it brought all the memories og my ordeal. Missy held me.

By anonymous at 11,Oct,10 15:54

hello, its me again. sorry for misspelling your name. if any therapist gives you any crap, tell them you know what they're up to because you read "Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1 2 3s of Treatment Planning". sorry again for misspelling your name, don't take offense. I wish you healing. yeah, smells trigger flashbacks. You and your friend stay strong and don't ever let any therapist throw that sadistic crap at you two. sounds like you are in good hands. Good for you for giving that other quack of a therapist a piece of your mind. I wish you well Ms. Deanna. Peace.
By Deanna at 11,Oct,10 19:36

Thank ou for comforting postsit also helping get life back together. I feel for the teeage girls that were raped. They were too young to go through smething like that. No girl or woamn should ever half go through being raped by evil man that plans to do wha ever he want s with woman or girl.
By Deanna at 20,Mar,11 03:03 Fold Up

I heard about a girlthat was rpaed at school. She had all he rcothes cut off blndflded and raped. Por things. She was embaressed to go to the school office nude for hlp and she she wa is ashamed of wha thappen to toher we are nit therapists and we told there is nothing to to be ashamed of. I was not your fualt that you were raped. She she follow the rule that she had for one of the assigned parking guards he also said that the pricipal assigned some boys to that detail. Iw onder if one of the guards raped her. Poor Jennifer w call her Jenni for short and everynes calls me De for short. We shorten Rosemay's name to Rose. We are healing Linda in ngaged to a good man. Missy has nice boyfreind and she is senior in high schol and she is getting god grades. We are putting our livesback tgehter and helping other women and girls who have a teribl thing happen to them. We for the support group now as counselors.

By Deanna at 14,Oct,10 23:18

The police have infromed that they have the man that raped me. I had face him when I had pick out of a line up. I do remembered wha the looked like but i had hear the voice to be sure. I hope I picked the right man that did this to me. I had the freind come with for support. They are running his DNA to wee if it matches what they got off me and my clothes. I am not 100% sure that is but the voice is something I will never forget. I just have the right manacuused of this terrible crime. Just one step in the healing process. I will half when he goes to trial and at perole hearings. I hope he gets the max and spent the etire time f that in prision.
By Deanna at 15,Oct,10 18:04

It is the right guy his DNA matches with wha they found on me and my clothes. To day he had a hearing and his bond was denied. I will stay injail utnil his trial in November and I will rtestify against him. He not be able to this another woman again.
By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 19:38

Right they got the DNA results and had a hearing in less than 24 hours. You're that troll with the terrible spelling and grammar who keeps posting his sick rape fantasies all over this website. You're disgusting.

By Deanna at 19,Oct,10 20:16

I live in Georgia and we going to have an election for a new governor. Naethan Deal repubican nand Roy Barnes Democrat. Deal is pallned to dismanel the Rape Sheild Law. tat is what stops the defnse from bringing what you were wearing which is never the case or is it. Barnes is not going to touch it. I am a voter and i will be voting for Barnes. Deal has 49% and Barnes 41% and Monds has 3%. Early voting could kill Barnes chances. Deal has been failing to file taxes and they are questioing his ethics. The on the cmmercal for Barnes said her neece got raped and the Rape sheild Law from that tactic of what she was wearing. I was dress not provativly but consertvly becuase of work. The GBI Crime Lab still has my clothes and they going to be used as evidence and after the trial I get them back. I don't any thing tha treminds of that so I think I will burn the clothes I had on that night. I don't go out night anymore and I am afraid to drive with my doors unlocked. I am alos afriad to roll the windows down for fresh air. I hope one day I can get over that fear.

By Deanna at 04,Dec,10 02:22

I got y clothes back but I went ahead and burned them in my fire place. The other I flipped my karate instructor when he grabbed me aroiund my neck the same way my atacker did. The next some trys to rape they wil mett up with a woamn who is able to defend herslf Some of the womne and girls from the support group have enrolled in the same classes. They asked if there was room for them in class I told there was 4 folks there not there is 10 of us. I took 18 classes took y test I black strip onmy belt 18 more and i get my yellow belt. theother have 2 mor clas befor they get my level.

By Deanna at 13,Dec,10 21:19

I pased my test and now I am a white belt with two black strips now it time oersue my Yellow Belt

By anonymous at 10,Jun,11 03:47

By Deanna at 09,Nov,11 22:49

Not Fake. I could flip you and easliy kill you with what have inmy self defense class and I now a yellow belt in Martail Arts. You never be able to rape my ar get i toa hoald I couldn't get out of and the man that rape in is prsion for life becuase 5 other came forward that he had before me.

By jimmy at 26,Nov,11 05:29

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confsuoin everywhere!
By Deanna at 05,Feb,12 13:34

I think you confusion wrong I will flip you. I you wan tme to.
By Deanna at 09,May,12 01:22

I could kll you ine move once the heel of would be up and the does kill folks and I kill you just easily you have me tyour match

By Angga at 29,Jun,12 20:07

Hi Daphne. Welcome to Influential Therapist. I can totally retlae to where you are at this point in time. Almost 20 years ago I was switching careers and juggling several jobs as I was actively building my Private Practice for me and my young son.Insurance and other benefits are the golden handcuffs I write about a lot. However, each benefit has a dollar value. Eventually, you'll have to figure out the cost for you to replace those benefits. Then divide it by your per session rate and you'll know how many clients you'll need to see each week to replace those benefits.Check out health insurance options through the Chambers of Commerce near you (shop around, you don't have to join the chapter in your town), as they often offer benefit options for members (they are also a good source for networking and referrals).You might also want to check with a state university or college. I know that around here, if you teach 2 courses a semester at our state university you have the option to purchase benefits through them.Finally, perhaps one of your contractual jobs would be willing to do a trade with you for benefits.If you really want to build your Private Practice, keep looking outside the box ! Good luck to you.Keep checking the website I'll certainly have some webinars and trainings that might be helpful to you.Deb Legge
By Deanna at 21,Sep,12 22:55

My name is Deanna not Daphine. Why mut you get my name wrong al the time I have moved on with my life and I can defend myself fromany would be attacker. I iam attacked from I can flipron and while he on the ground I can kill with the hell of my hand. I will ot hesitatie ti kill a attacker

By anonymous at 17,Jan,13 22:31

I wood spend the reast of my life hunting him down like a dog and eney like him when I find one I will spend dayes slicing and dicing him into varey small piceas and feed them to starving dogs. this will take me 6 to 18 days to finley killing the bastered. then I will go and tack out his hole famley avrey man/woman/ child/ and even ther pets!! thus to purg the gen-pool. then I wood start looking for the next one.

By Nidiawati at 05,May,13 11:39

I shared many links to my fboaeock about this, I plan on donating whatever I can to help this little angel and her mother. I love them both, and I have never even met them God really has it on my heart to share this with everyone. I pray for her, I asked my Pastor to pray for her as well. I have faith in my heart that God will give them both the strength to pull through completely.

By Cassandra at 15,May,17 02:14

I thought I'd have to read a book for a divcesory like this!

By person at 28,Aug,17 17:12

Damn that sucks, sorry you had to go through that bullshit :(

By cbd oil washington dc at 28,Sep,20 18:10

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