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School problems

Posted by PsycheBowie at September 20, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  School  2010 September

I hate coming to school.. I just wish all these people would leave me ALONE !! I hate them they hate me big suprise. Just today a boy spit on me and said "F#ck u" and a girl I have 6 classes with me ALWAYS bumps into me and pushed me onto the floor what is worth living for?? I have friends who ignore me...etc.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Sep,10 11:05

I was bullied in school in 3rd 4th 5th grade. Also in middleschool and people wanted to fight me in high school. I don't know how I survived. Get good friends who will stick with you no matter what. stay away from those nasty people. Be strong. You can make it

By anonymous at 01,Oct,10 04:51

I was bullied up until year 9 at School (English Graded School- roughly until 14 years old) until one day I got fed up and kicked the bitch's face in, not really a great thing to do to someone but they never touched me again, someone spits in your face, you hock up a nasty flem ball right in the eye then push them to the floor and kick, if you say nothing and let them carry on you're giving them permission to keep doing it, as there are no bad consequences for their actions.
I also starting hanging with a bad crowd, managed to end up the leader and made my own little gang, everyone hated me, but they didn't touch me again.

I'm not going to give you the whole 'bullies are cowards- stand up for yourself shit' truth is, people are horrible, they're aggressive and they prove themselves by picking off the weaker members of the species it's basic primal behaviour, and you just cave man back them until they get bored and move on to the geek next to you, if you can't fight, class clown is always loved, set up some serious pranks or pick on a loser, it's horrible, but you will fall in with them if they find it funny.

By anonymous at 30,Oct,10 00:07

Dude! You should fucking EUROTRAIN. Look it up on youtube, it's the one with Terry Crews. Then, after you become swol as hell, you can fuck their mom's... wait, instead of helping I think I am just adding to the fact that people are horrible. Hmm... well, you can fuck them too so that they don't feel left out! Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Either way, you should definitely learn some kung fu. Finally, maybe your friends ignore you because they have something blocking their ear canal. I recommend licking your finger and sticking it in their ear whenever they ignore you. Preferably while you have your arm around their girl. Cheers!

By anonymous at 28,Nov,10 03:52

Are you a girl or a guy? Anyways, you should try martial arts. Not so that you can beat up all these people, but I do believe that if you were to practice, let's say Kung Fu, you would have more self confidence. Another thing that you could do is join your school's football team. Just find a group of people that you feel comfortable with. Are you in middle school? I think middle school usually sucks ass! High school tends to be better. I hope you're fine.

I was in a similar situation (from 1st grade to 4th grade) until I started practicing Kung Fu.

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