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I think the happy looking people always the sadest.

Posted by anonymous at September 25, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 September

Please ignore the bad spelling, thank you. Im a 17 year old girl, authletic, blonde, nice, funny, sweet, caring, loves animals. Im beautiful!!! Butt when i look in the mirror i feel sooo ugly, inside and out. When i walk around at school i feel like everyones staring at me... im so uncomfertable in my skin i feel like i cant be myself, when i talk i feel like everyones judging me. Im really depressed, i feel like my heart has become hardend. I have a very atractive boyfriend who(im inlove with him) has cheated on me with 3 diffrent ladys, and always ignores me. :( Im still with him. My boyfriend is attending a comunity collage 30 mins away, one of the girls hes cheated on me with attend this collage :( this scares me very much. Everyday i feel useless, uncared about, used, UGLY. Prettymuch i feel dead. I feel so dead to everything. Everyday i sit, thinking of somthing i could change in my life to make myself happy. I barely find enything that can put a smile on my face enymore. im in a dark hole, thats only getting darker...


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By at 02,Oct,10 03:15

get away from your boyfriend. he's horrible. he'll try and take you back saying that he made a mistake a whatever. ignore him and move on. find friends who you just talk to. who you're comfortable with. like don't have to really think around them. stay around them. and if you cant find them, be patient. and the only reason they look at you is cause you're that beautiful.

By anonymous at 03,Oct,10 20:41

I could wait for you until you are 18, and i would make u really happy

By anonymous at 17,Oct,10 03:22

what a ridiculous post. just another teenager girl with stupid problems that arent really problems at all. Girls get depressed about such ridiculous nonsense and cant stand up for themselves.

By Ed at 21,Oct,10 11:41

You like your cheating boyfriend because he's a dick to you. That's why. You're a girl. You're wired to do this. Girls like bad boys because, well, they're bad. I know it's hard because you're female, but try to reason things out logically.
a. You're blond and hot
b. You're young
Basically, you're going to get what you want in life. If you want a bad boy, you can get him because you're hot and you're going to be able to have wild sex. If you want a good guy to take care of you, you can have this too, because you're hot. If you want both at the same time, you can get it...because you're hot!
Sweatheart, I'd switch places with you in a heartbeat...
By anonymous at 24,Mar,11 21:10

Ed, you have a screwed up sense of reality in general, and the female psyche in particular.
a. Beautiful people may sometimes have it easier than ugly people, but they don't automatically get everything they want. Life is a bitch to everybody. Even the people you don't expect it to be a bitch to. And sometimes it's a little worse that way, when everybody acts like you should have everything and you don't. Because you are just a person like everyone else.
b. People don't actually like to be hurt. Usually if a female likes a 'bad boy' there is something else she likes about him other than his propensity to hurt her. Just like if you like some crazy chick, what you like about her isn't the fact that she cheats on you and yells at you in public places. Get real.
c. Obviously you have a hard time reasoning logically yourself. Is that because you're a bitch?

I would say, as a young, hot, blond thing, she probably has a good chance of easily getting some random young (or old) wannabe player who just wants a quick #%$&. Kind of like what she has right now. Someone who wants to have 'wild sex' and discard her. Guys like that will line up for her, sure. Still want to trade places?

By washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:24

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