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My life has been going downhill

Posted by Brent at November 10, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 November

Hi im 17 years old and ever since i was in year 10 at high school my life went very downhill. It all started with this kid who repeated year 10 used 2 piss me off BAD but my friends and everyone at school stayed out of it cause they were all affraid of him even teachers were scared of him till one day on the bus he puched me hard in the side of my face soo i got up and kicked his face into the window cracking the window i got introuble off the driver cause no-one saw him punch me then i got off the bus and 8 others did with him he chased me 2 my house beat my head in over 10 times b4 i could punch him in the nose which i broke doing soo after that he left school i changed schools i was kinda a nerdy kid but i didnt take no shit from anyone when i changed schools i lost contact with all my friends even my best friend who had been my friend since we were 10 i started at a new school with no friends i eventually gained about 9 friends within a few months soo i wasnt a loner but it wasnt long after i had started at the school did i realise that i had bad memory loss BAD memorly loss idk if it was from when he beat my head in or not and i went from being a smart kid 2 being in all the low classes i managed 2 get my school certificate but i didnt bother 2 go on any further with school cause of my memory loss so now in 2010 1 year after leaving school i aquired a job at the local dollar discount shop few blocks away from me and im having even worse memory loss i have 2 take a notepad and pencil 2 work soo i can write it down before i forget and the boss there he hates me i know it he is nice and smiles at everyone except me and the other day i was setting something up and he came over and kicked it all down and said "IF U CANT DO THE FUCKING JOB I MIGHT ASWELL FIRE U" so i reproted the fat prick and i found out he has had sexual harrasement claims made against him i live with my mum i havent seen my dad since i was 5 he wont see me until he is taken off child support and when that happens im gonna tell him 2 get the fuck out of my life u fucking prick cause he was never there 4 me when i needed him i love my mum and she has allways been good 2 me even though we fight now and then we get on very well i got picked on alot during primary school but then my best friend showed me how 2 fight so i dont take shit from anyone i really want 2 move 2 london thats why im saving my money from work but im ready 2 quit the job and die! and my friends they dont understand only my bestfriend did and he doesnt want anything 2 do with me soo i have no-one 2 talk 2 plz anyone who reads this email me at plz i need someone 2 talk 2


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New Comment

By at 22,Nov,10 01:09

Dear Brent,

I am saddened by the fact that you had to go through so many difficulties so early on in life. Please rememeber that whatever happens don't lose hope and courage.

Life goes in cycles, the bad years will be followed by the good ones, provided you keep up the spirit and your chin up and tide over the bad moments in life, if you believe in God pray to Him/Her every day to give you courage and strength.

I also have to tell you that please please you got to finsih your education, else you will be stuck in low paying jobs. You got to take the effort to go to school and atleast get an undergradaute degree, only then will you be qualified for jobs which pay you well. Or atleast take up training in some vocation or profession which will give you enough money to have a comfortable life.

Also you need to go and get your head checked with a doctor because you had sustained an injury sometime ago which has caused this memory loss.

You need to do it immediately because the injury might have caused a concussion and if not treated immediately it might lead to profound memeory loss and may even cause paralysis and slurring of speech if it progresses. Then your life will become too difficult to handle and you might never be able to hold a job. Please, you need to get checked by a doctor immediately for the reason for the memory loss.


A concerned stranger

By anonymous at 23,Nov,10 01:34

What the fuck is wrong with your people. It's called punctuation, use it. How can you expect someone to read that bullshit? I suppose we can thank the public school system.
By anonymous at 29,Nov,10 00:41

"Your people" Good job grammer Nazi, you can't even say you people.

By B-Don at 23,Nov,10 19:40

This guy above my comment is a troll he said the same shit about punctionation. Motherfucka suck my ki$$!!!!! byotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous at 16,Apr,11 10:06

I know who you and really think you should talk to your mother about this she can help you or even get you counciling you need to talk to someone! and i know its all bulding up. you need help
By anonymous at 16,Apr,11 10:07

Are* my bad bro

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