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Posted by Another Suck-ee at November 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 November  Religion  Society

Mormons are the biggest hypocrites I know. I know, because I am one. Do I believe in my faith? Yes, but the people in my church are the biggest damn hypocrites you will ever meet. I have moved around a lot and I've never lived anywhere the people in my ward didn't treat me or my kids badly. It SUCKS having to go to church every Sunday with a big fat fake smile on your face and do what your supposed to do--while you are ignored or ostrasized because you don't have cool kids. Yes, even at church, life has taught me, bullies and mean girls rule just like in middle and high school. Great huh?

There are so many lonely struggling souls on this planet--just look at this pathetic, sad website. Don't think for one minute that the suburban soccer moms driving around in their shiny minivans with Jesus Saves stickers on the windshield have some kind of wonderful thing going on. Everyone's life sucks.

Mine sucks today because once again, dealing with issues like ADHD and Aspergers has gotten one of my kids in trouble with another at church. It was nice of them to be so Christian and understanding and call the police. I think I am going to throw up and I'm pretty sure my kid is scarred for life. Let's hope he doesn't end up with a record.

Mean people suck. Mean Mormon hypocrites bite. Ugh.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Nov,10 13:54

Yeah, you're pretty accurate here on all counts. Look at the bright side though - you could have been brought up Catholic. Had a priest threaten to sic his two bulldogs on my mother and I for talking back in school. What a holy man...had shit coming out all of em.
By anonymous at 21,Dec,10 19:32

If you are Catholic, don't base your faith in God on one priest or on one unfortunate event. Certainly, there are other Catholic Churches in your neighborhood. The central figure in the Catholic Mass is Jesus Christ, truly present in the Holy Eucherist. Your bond to Jesus should never be broken even though many things may get in the way. Life is hard, it is challenging, but the light of Christ will always illuminate the correct path to take. Pray for the strength to always live in a state of grace, and return to Mass. Renew yourself in the love of the Christ Child this Christmas.

By anonymous at 29,Nov,10 21:36

It's your own fault because you keep going to church. Why would you participate in that cult? Stop brainwashing yourself and your family.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,10 14:52


By anonymous at 30,Nov,10 16:44

Just leave.

By anonymous at 30,Nov,10 23:08

Well... it is hard to try to have faith in a religion that has such followers, but I totally agree with what everyone else is saying. If you donīt like going to church and people there are harming your children, then you should stop going. Your children are more important than whatever everyone else thinks.

By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 18:43

I know what you mean! I hate people who judge you like they know you! But not all christians are hypocrites...only fake ones. Real christians won't judge you just like that... Believe in God and keep holding on! You'll make it through=)Also helps to have very close friends to help you through the tough times
By anonymous at 01,Dec,10 19:17

Don't listen to this brainwashed moron.

By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 08:54

When I attended summer camp with the Boy Scouts, the Mormon Church sponsored troops all were nice to each other, but treated non-Mormons like dog shit.
There was no reason for this behavior.
Mormons can be real assholes at times.

By anonymous at 21,Dec,10 19:17

What is important is your belief in God. How unfortunate to be part of a congregation that is unwelcoming to you and your family. I think that all of us are hypocrites at one time or another, after all, we are human. I do not mean to denigrate the Mormon Church in any way, but perhaps, God is calling you to worship His Son in a different venue. If you are tied socially to your church, it may be a problem to worship at another denomination. Search your heart to see where God is leading you. You sound very sincere, and although it will be unfortunate for you congregation if you leave, it may be very fulfilling to try another Christian Church.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 18:36

Mormonism is a cult. Get out of it now.
By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 00:34

Non-Muslims interested to learn about Islam can now dial toll-free


By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 13:12

I would have written a letter with an attached article explaining the condition of your child and to next time call you regarding any behavior issues with your child instead of the police. The police are a whole other issue. Once you get them involved anything can happen. There is no consistency. I would write a letter and try to forgive them. I have been ostrasized in my church too and don't even know why. They wrote me a letter to leave and they will call the police if I come on their property. They refuse to even talk about it. It is following me to whatever church I go to because the other churches plan activities together with it. I have written it down and plan on speaking to a minister at my present church.
We will see if anyone wants to get involved and call a meeting with this other church. But we personally are called to forgive but bring out the truth in love.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 06:06

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