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untitled story

Posted by shaaarp at November 19, 2010
Tags: General  2010 November

My life is like this...

i have no friends
i never go out
i am just a joke
my mum hates me and blames me for all her relationships issues
i have to mind my 3 year old brother all the time
i have got a couple of gcse's which are sh*t
i left school in july and i have not spoken to anyone since then except my parents
i hang round with my parents because i have no friends
everyone avoids me
i have never had a boyfriend
i have not bought my any clothes since last december
i don't do anything all i do is sit on the computer
i don't go college
i don't have anything going for me at all!
my mum wants me to move out and she's having some nervous brake down, which is really depressing.
I found out my dad wasn't my dad when i was 11
my mums boyfriend used to attack me and she allowed it now she expects everything to ok when it's not.
my whole sense of humor has gone
i have put about 2 stone on


New Comment

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 15:53

I don't have any friends either. I don't have anything positive to say, apart from the fact that I can relate to you, sorry.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 19:01

I'm really sorry that you feel so badly. I can hear your pain in the words that you write.

Can I tell you something? You are wonderful just because you are YOU...when you get older, you'll realize that the only who can make you feel badly about yourself is YOU.. don't allow others to knock you down. They have their problems... and it has nothing to do with you...

You have to decide what do you want to do with your life? How do I want to be 1 year from now? What changes would I like to see... and then take one step at a time.

I would also suggest getting some help from a therapist. when I was 18 I did that.. and I felt pretty much like you do. My mom was horrible.. my dad didn't care.. I was fat, and stuck.. I realized that I can make some small changes to make myself feel better about my situation.. You can too.. good luck :)

By anonymous at 06,Dec,10 05:25

U don't suck alone. I have absolutely no friends except...(you guessed it- my parents) and it sucks!!! Sorry i couldn't be more helpful but i suck 2.

By at 07,Dec,10 13:04

i can relate jus got kicked out of college in my room all day my parents are the only people i talk to wer in the uk do u live my email

By anonymous at 07,Dec,10 14:04

lol - at least your parents are your friends.

My partents beat me, hate me, call me names und even put washing powder in my food - try to top this. :(

By anonymous at 10,Dec,10 22:45

Instead of dwelling on the negative things about your life, turn your negative into a positive.
You expressed your pain very well in this short article. Why not start today & open the bottle of your mind and write a short ebook.Start by daily writing down your thoughts & activities each day. For instance if your mom pissed you off, write it down. Tell what happened, but be honest. Do this on a daily basis. Once you have done this for a couple months or a few months, then you have a draft to a ebook. Then you edit & proofread your draft a couple of times and you have a ebook. There is a lot more to it, but you have to start somewhere right. The objectective, is to give you a purpose and goal in life and not to focus on the negative. I have left a few links about showing you how to write your own ebook! I am not a partner or an affiliate with the links provided to their website.May God Bless you!
By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 00:02

fuck you

By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 00:01

My wife sucks

By anonymous at 27,Dec,10 18:26

my life sucks

By anonymous at 11,Mar,11 20:40

I have never had a girlfriend, I have no friends, I'm considering suicide, my parents don't really pay enough attention to me, or even try to understand me, so THEY don't really count as friends,and some girls at school tried me to wear a bracelet because nobody likes me (it was one of those religious things, try to get the people with crappy lives)
That's how you know when life sucks, when people are specifically targeting YOU for some religious thing.

By at 12,Jun,11 20:29

Now I feel sptuid. That's cleared it up for me

By anonymous at 30,Jul,12 20:42

i am a single mom having the hardest time with life right now. I really hope things can get better. My "friends" lie to me, avoid me at all cost, think i have just changed so drastically and don't want to ha ng out with me. My ex cheated on me right before i gave birth, been trying to work it out with him but now he just sucks as a dad and cant even watch her for more than two hours.

By suba me at 15,Apr,19 13:37

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By suba me at 19,Apr,19 05:00

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