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suicidal, i really wish i were dead

Posted by anonymous at December 1, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 November

okay, My mom hates me, My dad hates me, My own blood brother hates me, and they have all agreed to kick me out of the house. Im on a deadline, i have 1 week to find a friend to take me under his wing (im only 14, no job, no way i could live on my own). Ive tried running away but my dad finds me and beats me up when he takes me back home. Ive thought of shooting myself (easiest way of suicide in my opinion)but i really dont think i have the guts to. Its huanted my mind for many years now and it just seems nicer each to to comit suicide. Everday adds a new reason for me not to live wether its how im depressed because im not even loved by my own family or the other fact that i just dont deserve to live and all i cause it trouble. Im the 2nd born child, my parents only care about the 1st (they practically worship him) im the mistake, my mom even told me.... Asshole. Im really thinking about doing it, dont know how, dont know when. It just seems like the easiest way out.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Dec,10 15:30

to you 14yr old with suicidal thoughts. suicide may seem the easiest way out but its not.Your story kinda reminds me of a story in the Bible.Read the story about Joseph and his brothers u will find it in the Bible Genesis-chapter's 37-45 they are several chapter's but,read them at one seating or however you may want.If u don't have a bible u can also google it online. I believe God has a purpose for you in this world but, committing suicide that's not it. Believe it or not there are people out there that really care about you.and, they don't have to be blood related.someday soon you are gona be a prayer or an angel for someone else.So please don't give in to the enemy(satan).Pray to god to help you and he will help you.and,pray for your family too. God answers prayers maybe not as fast as we would like but, he knows when its the right moment.Everything and anything you ask for from God ask in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen. please ask God to be your savior and protector ALWAYS.God bless you.REMEMBER BEFORE THEY HATED YOU OR ME THEY HATED JESUS CHRIST AND CRUCIFIED HIM.
By anonymous at 16,Dec,10 20:01

Read the part of the bible that tells you to think for yourself. OH WAIT...there isn't one
By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 01:04

By anonymous at 19,Dec,10 19:57

Yes, let's all be robots for Jesus! What a crock.
By anonymous at 03,May,12 11:15 Fold Up

btw...look at all the depictions of adam and did they get bellybuttons?

By anonymous at 16,Dec,10 19:32

You should contact social services. They will put your parents in their place.

By dave at 18,Dec,10 02:35

i agree.....

By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 09:03

bunch of whining asses, call social services? WTF? go ahead get them involved, they will laugh thier ass off when they leave your sorry ass sitting there with your parents (*which btw we have not heard this side of the story yet) get off your lazy ass get out, get a job, at 14 you have a brain use it
By anonymous at 20,Dec,10 02:45

You're a moron. His dad beats him, I'd say that's reason enough to involve social services. You say he's lazy at 14 because he has no job? He's not even allowed to work legally! I'd hate to have grown up in your family. Your dad probably butt fucked you daily and you just took it because you didn't want to be a "sorry ass."

By at 26,Dec,10 15:46

aperently you arrent running away far or fast enough

Go somewhere where they have a youth runaway center in some city in another state like southern california and start to build a new life.

By at 11,Apr,11 14:37

You shouldn't give up on essay writing services. You have a lot of time.

By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 22,Apr,12 21:34

I know exactly how you feel and I to am the same way except I'm not on a deadline I'm choosing to leave I think dying slowly by travling with no exact destination is the best way insead of gun shot

By washington dc cbd at 28,Sep,20 11:18

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