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my life sucks elephant díck

Posted by suzicide at December 14, 2010
Tags: Addictions  2010 December  Family  Poverty  Unemployment

My life suuuuuuucks. I mean jesus tap dancing christ. 7 months ago my husband became addicted to meth. 2 months ago I was layed off from my job. My husband was arrested 1 month ago on our sons birthday, mind you this is a few days after I had my kid look me in the face and asked does my daddy still love. I found a used needle in my sons bed, a used condom in our bedroom and bills hidden in the closet that were 2 months past due and no job to pay them. Now I have my husbands tweaker friends stopping by my house wanting sex since my husband is in jail. I have no money for rent since my unemployment is phucked up, I'm rationing my food. I know I'm not going to be able even buy my son a christmas present this year. So yeah my life phucking blows.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Jan,11 02:49

jesus tap dancing christ almost beats jesus christ monkey balls.

By anonymous at 02,Jan,11 07:43

What loyal friends your husband has, they wanted sex with you?! That really sucks. That sucks as bad as finding that used condom in your bedroom.
By anonymous at 03,Jan,11 14:44

i find your comment's such a good way to calm a person.. :)
By anonymous at 03,Jan,11 20:04

OK, maybe my comments may not have sounded very sympathetic or helpful, but when something sucks, it sucks.
When somebody mentions meth, all bets are off. Meth makes you totally psycho. Be advised.

I have times in my life that totally sucked, so I got myself away from the situation. I have been there. Suzicide must get out of her situation. If she does, next Christmas should be much better.
By anonymous at 04,Jan,11 06:07

:) well, i think that there's a solution to every problem. I am not so much into religion, but i once read that Jesus won't allow you to have so many problems none of which you can't take care of.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,11 21:32

At least you're not the tweaker jailbird. You'll come out of this and be the strongest motherfucker out there, and your kid will see it and want to be like you.

By Nike Air Max 95 360 at 22,Dec,14 09:01

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