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Why My Life Sucks

Posted by anonymous at November 24, 2009
Tags: Environment  November 2009  Philosophical

As long as I can remember my life has sucked. Growing up my family was poor, so we always lived in shitty neighborhoods. I was typically the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid in the entire school system, and had to fight daily just to get an education. I've been cut, stabbed, beaten by mobs, shot at, and almost killed on several ocassions. I'm a survivor though, and all it did was make me hard and cold inside and devoid of any feelings of joy.

By the time we finally moved out of the cesspools of innercity life, I was mentally a pretty fucked up individual. I hated myself and everyone around me. I would fight at the drop of a hat, and trusted no one aside my family. I longed for someone to end my suffering.

After the move, I tried my best to become a different person, but it was too late. You can't change a lifetime of hate, violence, and low self-esteem by geographical relocation. I was antisocial to the extreme, and it always seemed to shine through no matter how hard I tried to act like everyone else.

I finished high school, completed college, got a decent job, and married a really nice girl, but unfortunately none of these things made me feel better about myself. I still feel like a complete failure as a person despite these achievements. When things are going good for me, I always seem to screw them up. I guess being happy and successful is a frightening concept to me subconsciously. I've known nothing but misery most of my life, and I don't have the courage to live otherwise now.

No, I'm not homeless, starving, or incarcerated. So I guess I should be grateful, but I'm not. Nothing makes me happy anymore, and I truly wish I were dead. Material things mean nothing if you hate yourself and everything around you. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.


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By anonymous at 25,Nov,09 07:42

You finished college.. got a goddamn degree.. you has a job.. and is also married to a nice girl.. what else do you need you retard? wtf is wrong with you? if you dont have kids right then dont have kids because u will fuck their lives up..

and if you do have kids now your life is all about them .. make them happy..

and if u dont have kids... kill yourself you miserable piece of shit.. others would love to be in your place.. i guess you wanted to hear this thas why u posted here.. do you feel happy now? do u feel great that others' lives sucks compared to yours? TO hell with you motherfucker
By anonymous at 25,Nov,09 11:37

Your reply isn't exactly what I was looking for, but hey! you're entitled to your opinion like everyone else. As they say: :The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence".. and you obviously think material possessions trump peace of mind. I used to think that too, but after acquiring all those things I coveted, I realized that things won't make you happy.

You really should try not to judge another man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. They may be nice shoes, but it doesn't mean they're a good fit or comfortable. A person's past baggage can make even the most idealistic life untenable.

The purpose of my post was simply to ventilate my feeling like everyone else, not to inspire envy. There are people that live in mansions that are unhappy and others that live in boxes that are ecstatic about their lives. It's a matter of perception.
By anonymous at 26,Nov,09 15:52

Don't bother with him, obviously he's a poor envious bastard who does not understand that happiness is not defined by what you have. You did not understand that either, but now you do. Happiness is a state of your mind.
By anonymous at 26,Nov,09 17:14

"poor envious bastard"

wtf whats wrong with being poor you son of a bitch.. if you cannot enjoy life with money give it to the poor who will much happier using that money you retards..
By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 18:39

Why you swearing cant you be decent enough for Ones and give an honest advice
By anonymous at 16,Jun,11 20:15 Fold Up

lol nice reply "mother fucker" lol

coudnt of said it better myself

and for all those retards replying why the hell are u searching these thing up?( yes i know im one to because i searched it.....)
By anonymous at 28,Dec,11 16:03 Fold Up

Hey man, you need to take that dick out your ass.
By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 14:03 Fold Up

you're just an ass. he's going through alot and youre just being a dick making it worst. you asshole
By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 09:02 Fold Up

That was very rude. Lol
By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 19:06 Fold Up

kinda of harsh man

By anonymous at 27,Nov,09 16:31

DUDE I totally feel 4 u go an meditate get some self esteem
get a new religion and god will help u
turn to islam im happy bcz im muslim
By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 09:38

That dud is mentally it has nothing to do with being muslim which is actually depressing too. religion does not make you happy. find happiness in your self. you dont need something to tell you how to be happy.

By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 09:33

I feel as if the world is coming to an end. 4 years ago I lost my parents and a big brother. this year my younger brother is terminally ill. my immigration status seem never to

By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 09:35

I think after taking into consideration of what I have read here, being an orphan is not so bad compared to people who live in the western world. getting paid whilst unemployed, given houses, try sleeping under the hot 45 degree sun and -3 degree in winter on a pave ment.

By anonymous at 26,Jul,11 19:30

I understand that everyone is entitle to their opinion, however, we need to be understandable and sensitive to everyone. I usually don't express my feelings to other because of retarded statements like the ones above but once in a while it's good to express how we feel to others. Perhaps I should busy a counselor to help me with my issues and just a bit of understanding and hole to one another would not hurt anyone!!!!

By anonymous at 04,Nov,11 14:47

I can understand your childhood ordeal. I pretty much learn that past experience and life mould you into who you are today. Some things, you cant replace it by material things like you mentioned, not even being rich can help to replace your past bad life experience. ( It already wired the way you think, your pespective, your characters etc.)

We can only see that its our life path and I find comparing my life with other 'more' fortunate peoples' is unnecessary.

If you think you had a really bad life, and since you had experience all the worst things, use those experience and help someone,etc your kid or any people. Help them by giving advices and supporting them so they dont have to go through a similar ordeal.

Trust me, you will gain happiness from it.
You may contact me privately at contactme(@)

By anonymous at 06,Jan,12 00:24

Well, do you have Jesus? Its your decision though.

By anonymous at 23,Jan,12 03:02

post your sucked up life stories and incidences on

By anonymous at 23,Jan,12 03:17

hey, you can read and post many more such stories on why my life sucks -

By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 17:05

I would seriously consider some type of counseling. It may help you get over your past. It would be for the best if you wish yourself dead. Other than that I think you should enjoy life a whole lot. It's what your wife probably wants for you.

By Alexander at 12,Mar,12 14:09

You've had it tough, not at all easy, but at least your successful now, maybe get some counselling but for now congrats, I understand you being hostile and cold I am as well so we have some things in common.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 14:03

i feel you are some kind of happy because you are married. you just dont know how to keep the happy feeling when it comes to you because you're scared. instead of writing on this tell your wife shes in this with you and may be able to help you achieve that peace of mind. or if you ever just wanna talk email me.. i'd be glad to help.

By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 12:06

my life also sucks,
I was born in a loving family with great parents.
My parents are old fashioned and wouldn't let me
go out or even socialise with friends and year went by where my friends lost interest, My gf thinks am gay because I don't ever go out or even have time to see her now am working in a restaurant which I go early and come back home at midnight. I can't find another job as it is so hard to find.

I have no freedom or even the will to enjoy my best friend is a computer which I play the same game over and over again.

if I had spent time out befor I think my mind would be alot fresher
I think I am falling towards depression.
I Haven't talked to anybody and don't think I will.

By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 09:05

Is Jesus in your life? I promise he can change it. He's changed mine.
By anonymous at 30,May,12 01:18

really god is there hahahah? It is joke for me now when i hear people say GOD(mind you i prayed my 30 years) nothing is working for me.

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