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Just an other person among nobody !

Posted by anonymous at January 7, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 January  Loneliness

Hi everyone.

My life sucks cause I got the feeling that no one loves me, no one thinks I am interesting, no one wants to befriend me. Maybe I'm just being paranoiac but I don't think so. I do my best to go toward people, to try to talk to them, but it seems that I'm nobody's type. I'm definately born to suffer,to stay alone for the rest of my life, to keep yelling to the unfairness of this world, with no one to hear me, no one to care.

I don't know what else to say.

Thank you for your time.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 27,Jan,11 16:56

I feel the same way.

This world is unfair.

People are starving,animals are suffering, people are being bullied and abused, so many people are lonely,...

So much suffering everywhere.

This world is so fucked up, I sometimes don't know what I'm here for.

No one likes me, I'm nice to everyone, but, I guess I'm just some ugly nerdy bitch to them.

It's all about being popular.
If you're not part of the 'cool gang', you can forget it.

And you know whose fault it is?

Society, the media, ...

The media gives us this image that we all have to be 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous'. If you don't follow a certain style, you're out.

Other people form other groups, like goths and punks.
But I don't belong with them either.

I don't know where I belong.

Sometimes I really believe I'll be lonely forever.

And to be honest, it scares me.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 01:10

I too felt this way many many times in my life.But its the little things in life that makes a true differnce.I never seem to fit in or belong.Always on the outside looking in!!But there is good.The friends that have come and gone in my life were true friends.I thought I would never fine friends.But now I look back on my life God was there and my true friends also.I just never saw it!!!I was to much in my own little loney world that I had created for myself.Life still is hard and still times I feel that I don't belong just looking in on something better!!But I'am thankful for what I do have now and thank God that I had not killed myself back when I was young.I tried it and all I could think of as I laid ther was I don't want to close my eyes,for I would never wake up!!Life has its ups and downs,mostly down,yet the little things in my life does help to make me feel better!!The most important and the greaest,my son Aaron!!!He is doing great moving up in life good job,beatiful childern and a women that loves him.If I had Killed myself I would of missed out on knowing my son.He is a great person and the world would have never know him,if I had killed myself.The world is a better place with people like him in it and his childern.So maybe I never have fitted in but,he or his childern will make a good difference in this world!!It would not of happened had I killed myself back then.So I have made a difference,you'll never know if you don't stay around to see!!!

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 01:44

You were born alone and you will die alone.
Who ever doesn't want to be around you guys,doesn't deserve your time.There is other things in life to look forward. Family??.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 16:19

I feel the same way sometimes.
Recently a cute woman at work started being very nice to me for some reason. She is not really my type, but I will give her a chance, she might turn out to be a very nice friend.

By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 08:13

Dont try and be friends with people. Just do what you like to do and be whoever you are. But remember you cant meet people if you shut yourself in. Just meet lots of kind of people. Find thing in the community to do that your like. odds are you'll meet someone with similar interests.
By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 10:59

You could be surprised about how many people share your interests, if you do not ask. Occasionally, I ask advice on keeping pets, I keep reptiles and sometimes need advice on feeding and breeding. I was surprised on how many people keep the same species of reptiles that I like.
My reptile's scientific name: Crotalus viridis oreganus

By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 14:27

Dear, the world does not tolerate weak people. Now get your ass out there and show everyone that you're not that person that everyone think you are! You don't need other people to make you happy, with the time everything will come, just gotta be more patient. Good luck !

By ME at 01,Feb,11 18:36

Hi everyone.

Let me thank you for your answers.

So, don't worry guys. You see ? No way, I won't renounce to who I am to please to people. I won't never try to change or do any thing in this kind...

Now, talking about groups..I don't belong to any group neither. I always thought that maybe because all the poeple I know are normal, and since I am not, then that explains why I am feeling alone. But then, I met abnormal people, they seem to make their own group as well, which group I wasn't able to belong to. So, I guess my life is going to be, as I always was in fact, an eternal loneliness, frsutration, insecurity, unhappiness...

And trust me, you couldn't know how I'm trying to get outta this..But it still did'nt work..

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 05:35

i dnt no who ru.even i feel say.iam alone at prsent.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 20:41

No friends
No family
Kids hate me
Husband doesnt want to be around me

All alone in such a big world

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